Tien Sa Beach- Da Nang’s Hidden Gem

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Tien Sa Beach Introduction

Da Nang is one of the most famous coastal cities in Vietnam with the most world-famous beaches, especially My Khe, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

In addition, coming to this livable city, visitors will discover another very beautiful beach that is Tien Sa Beach Da Nang. Let’s explore this hidden gem of Da Nang with Culture Pham Travel.

Tien Sa Beach Location

Converging fully two elements including mountains and sea, Tien Sa is like a muse, lovely and beautiful, easy to make tourists fall in love as soon as they arrive.

Culture Pham Travel

Tien Sa Beach is located at the end of Yet Kieu Street – Tho Quang Ward – Son Tra District – Da Nang city. This beach is quite far from the city center compared to other Da Nang Beaches with a distance of more than 9km moving in the northeast direction.

Culture Pham Travel

Tien Sa is located independently in the north of the Son Tra peninsula, bringing an extremely wild and quiet beauty. Therefore, this place gradually becomes one of the ideal picnic locations for all kinds of tourists.

How to get to Tien Sa Beach Danang?

From Da Nang city center, you go through the Song Han bridge to the Son Tra district. After that, you go all the way to the left, turn left to Ngo Quyen street – go straight to Yet Kieu street – keep going straight to the end of the road, and you will see the sign of Tien Sa Ecological Zone.

With a relatively short distance to travel and a wide and comfortable road, you can choose from many means to get to Tien Sa Beach:

Motorbike: Travel to Tien Sa beach by motorbike is the best option because you will experience a comfortable feeling and admire the beautiful scenery around.

Visitors can rent a cheap motorbike in Da Nang to go to Tien Sa beach, which is also very interesting. The price of motorbike rental is also very cheap, about 100k to 150k depending on the type of vehicle.

By private car: Da Nang private car with an English-speaking driver is an option for convenience and safety. This is one of the means many tourists choose to go with their families or groups of friends.

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang Legend

Since ancient times, the Tien Sa beach area is also one of the wild, sparse, and less populated beaches. What you are extremely surprised by is that the scenery here is very romantic and peaceful. So the ancients often told each other that this is where the fairies descended and bathed on this beach. At that time, on the Ban Co peak, there were two fairies playing chess together.

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Because he was engrossed in watching the fairies descend, one fairy lost the battle. When the winner flew back to heaven, the loser still stayed there to check why he lost. Since then, people have spread a lot about that story and named this beach as Tien Sa. On the other hand, it can be explained why tourists conquering Ban Co Peak only see a thinking fairy playing chess alone.

What to do at Tien Sa Beach?

Swimming at Tien Sa Beach

This is probably the most interesting activity that you will experience when coming to Tien Sa. This place owns cool, clear sea water with long stretches of golden sand.

Tien Sa Beach- Culture Pham Travel

Lost in the middle of the blue ocean, surrounded by cliffs and mountains, making the play space even more romantic and peaceful. Because the sea water here is clear, from above you can see everything below.

Organize picnics, team building

Thanks to the long sandy beach, Tien Sa beach is also famous as an ideal place to organize sea activities and team building. If you go in a large group, you can organize games right on the beach such as tug of war, beach volleyball, or countless other team-building games.

Tien Sa Beach- Culture Pham Travel

In addition, the Tien Sa tourist area is also famous for adventure games, attracting young people to participate such as diving to see corals, jet skis, and parachutes. Also do not miss the opportunity to experience the fun of fishing, and catching seafood with local fishermen.

Camping on the beach

When the sunset begins to fall, it is also the time when Tien Sa sea puts on a completely different appearance, quieter and more mellow. This is also an ideal time for you, your friends, and relatives to set up tents and camp right on the beach.

Tien Sa Beach Danang- Culture Pham Travel

What could be more wonderful than setting up a charcoal stove, organizing a barbecue to enjoy, singing and chatting all night, and feeling the peaceful space in your heart.

Other services

At the Tien Sa tourist area, there are many accompanying services to meet the diverse entertainment needs of visitors. Rent kites, swimsuits, swim floats, karaoke, etc. In particular, here you can contact to use services such as high-speed canoe to visit Da Nang Bay, cruise the Han River by cruise ship or watch fireworks on the Han River.

Travel Guide

Tien Sa Beach Da Nang Entrance Fee

Unlike tourist attractions on Son Tra Peninsula, the beach belongs to the Tien Sa eco-tourism area, so visitors will buy tickets to enter. It costs 10,000VND/ 1 person ( roughly a half dollar) including the freshwater bath and shampoo washing. In addition, at this beach, there are services such as restaurants, and rentals with different fees.

The best time to visit

Tien Sa beach tourist area is famous for beach activities and exploring the natural landscape. Therefore, in order to have very favorable and happy days, you should come here on sunny days.

Normally, the weather in Da Nang is divided into 2 seasons, a sunny season lasting from March to August, and a rainy season lasting from September to February next year.

What to eat at Tien Sa Beach?

Tien Sa area has a restaurant area specializing in serving fresh seafood dishes, with listed prices and dedicated and attentive service.

If you do not like to order food at the restaurant, you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes at the fish rafts on the sea. If you intend to camp, remember to bring barbecue tools for the evening to organize a BBQ party.

Tourist Attractions nearby Tien Sa

Because it is also located in the Son Tra peninsula, it is very convenient and easy for you to reach some of those very beautiful attractions such as Linh Ung pagoda, the thousand-year banyan tree, My Khe beach, etc.

To be able to enjoy your day without feeling rushed, you should visit the Son Tra peninsula in the morning, and return to Tien Sa in the afternoon to swim and enjoy seafood.

Some Important Notes

Although there are many routes to Tien Sa, with a distance of less than 10km, the asphalt road is widely invested, flat, and easy to go, but you need to drive very carefully. In particular, the Ngo Quyen route has many large trucks in circulation, especially in the area near Tien Sa port. You should pay attention, and move slowly and carefully to ensure safety.

Be well prepared with all items for beach activities and camping including clothing, common medicines, and insect repellent spray.

To preserve the beautiful landscape, and nature, you should pay attention not to litter indiscriminately, and clean up after the picnic is over.

Above is all the information for you to explore and enjoy the Tien Sa Beach Da Nang. If you need any other Da Nang Tours/ Da Nang Private Car Transfers, please feel free to contact us via email at phamvanhoa28@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +84349825119.

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