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Ban Co Peak-Culture Pham Travel


Son Tra Peninsula (known as Son Tra Mountain or Monkey mountain) is likened to the green lung of Da Nang city. It is a place where many famous tourist attractions gather. For example, Ban Co Peak, Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, Tien Sa Beach, etc. If you travel to Da Nang, do not forget to explore these great attractions!

Ban Co Peak Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

The Chessboard Peak is a great destination you cannot miss when traveling to Da Nang. In addition to possessing many beautiful scenes like a fairyland, this place also preserves interesting legends from the past. Let Culture Pham Travel learn about Ban Co peak’s details and what to do in this place!

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Where Is Ban Co Peak Da Nang?

Ban Co Peak is located in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district – Da Nang, about 9km from the city center to the northwest. This place is endowed by nature with a harmonious beauty between the immense mountains and the sea.

If Fansipan is known as the roof of Indochina, it can be compared to the top of Ban Co as the roof of Da Nang. Although not as high as Fansipan peak, with only a “modest” height of about 630m above sea level, this is still considered the highest place in the city.

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This place rapidly turns into a fantastic site to see everything of Da Nang because of its stunning setting. Plus, it is also the place to watch the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in the coastal city.

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Standing from the top of Ban Co, you can see the whole city of Da Nang, with high-rise buildings and fishermen’s boats floating in the middle of the sea. Hence, everything here has stirred the souls of many travelers. You may be interested in our Jeep Tour To Monkey Mountain. Hue to Da Nang Private car, Hue city tour from Da Nang

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How To Get To Ban Co Peak Da Nang?

With the impressive beauty of the Ban Co’s peak in Da Nang, many people everywhere gather in the city to conquer this masterpiece. There are two types of vehicles to get to this Da Nang tourist attraction: motorbikes and private cars.

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By Motorbike: This means of transportation is very popular with young people who love speed and dust. When you travel by motorbike, you can freely film and take pictures. Moreover, it is also more active in stops and check-ins. However, the road to the top by motorbike is quite steep and difficult to drive. Therefore, you should not rent a scooter! Instead, rent new and powerful motorbikes to get to the peak.

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By Private Car: This means of transport is very suitable for weak drivers, the elderly and families with many small children. Most importantly, the price of the car includes 2 ways up and down! Besides, you will enjoy the scenery along the way when traveling by car.

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Furthermore, you can customize the itinerary and stop at your desired place. Significantly, you can depart at any time. So don’t hesitate to book our Da Nang To Monkey Mountain Private Car or Hoi An To Monkey Mountain By Car now. You may be interested in our Danang To Than Tai Hot Springs Park By Car.

Best Time To Visit Ban Co Peak

Da Nang has most of the area close to the sea, so the weather is influenced by the sea. A year here is divided into 2 seasons: rainy and dry seasons. If going on rainy days, it will be challenging to move to the top.

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Therefore, you should consider and arrange a trip in the dry season, which will be more suitable. February to September is ideal because it is dry and sunny, the roads are convenient, and the scenery is more stunning and attractive.

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The road to Ban Co Peak Da Nang – Culture Pham Travel

Regulations At The Chessboard Peak

From the end of 2019, the Son Tra Eco – Tourism seas Board has some regulations when traveling to the Ban Co peak as below. This aims to ensure traffic safety and national security.

Visitors’ sightseeing and picnic activities will be limited daily to 7:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Chessboard Peak Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

People will be issued cards on and off Son Tra peninsula at the guard station. Meanwhile, the management will grant yellow cards to households with afforestation activities. Plus, graduate students, photographers, and scientific researchers in the long term. For tourists, the management will issue a green card with an expiry date and return it to the control staff within the same day.

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Scooters and cars with over 24 seats are prohibited from traveling up and down in Son Tra peninsula. If tourists want to travel and visit, they can travel by transfer car or digital car.

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In addition, when traveling the Son Tra peninsula by motorbike, city agencies also recommend tourists pay attention and reduce speed to ensure safety when circulating.

Chessboard Peak Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

The Chessboard Peak’s Legend

Derived from the story in the legend of two good chess fairy men of the heavens “playing chess”. Thus, it has attracted the curiosity of tourists who want to try to conquer and neutralize that chess. Let’s learn about that legend today with Culture Pham Travel & Transport!

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Legend has it that a fairy man came to the earth to travel to Son Tra mountain. While resting, he was fascinated by the charming landscape here. Therefore, he conjured a chess board, then another fairy, De Thich, accidentally saw it and immediately asked to play chess with him. However, they were equally talented and could not distinguish victory or defeat for many days.

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Suddenly on a beautiful day, many beautiful fairies came down to play and swim at the nearby beach (now called Tien Sa beach). This distracted a fairy man, making the wrong move leading to defeat.

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Because he was so upset, he kicked the chessboard into the sea and flew to the sky. Later, to prove this legend, the people here built a chessboard. Plus, the fairy older man De Thich statue sits alone on a rock with an unfinished playing chessboard. Since then, this mountain peak has been named Ban Co Peak.

Fascinating Experiences In Ban Co Peak

Away from the hustle and bustle in the city, many tourists come to Ban Co peak because they want to enjoy Da Nang in their own way. So what does the chessboard peak in Da Nang have?

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The road to the top of Ban Co has a small cafe and a few barbecue stalls, such as geese, geese, and rabbits, at affordable prices. That will surely excite you while admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoying delicious food.

Admire The Sunset And Sunrise

Son Tra Peninsula is most beautiful in the early morning and late afternoon. If you come to the top of Ban Co early in the morning, you will be able to see firsthand the dew drops on the leaves. Each red sunshine shining through the forest creates a beautiful setting.

Ban Co Peak-Culture Pham Travel

Additionally, the sunrise on the top of the mountain is likened to an ecstatic painting with a shimmering blue sea on one side and grass and flowers on the other. The orange and yellow color of the sun in the distance and the movement of sunlight. It will surely be a fantastic scene for you to enjoy the transitional moments of the day.

Ban Co Peak Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

However, if you do not have time to catch the dawn, you can still admire Son Tra at sunset. It would be best if you started departing at 3:00-4:00 pm to catch the scenery. Here you can breathe fresh air and admire the charming scenery with the fishing boats of fishermen at Da Nang beach.

Take Photos With The Statue Of De Thich

It will be a big omission if you don’t stop by and take a picture with the statue of De Thich when you get to the top of Ban Co. Because this is a famous statue in legend and is a check-in point that international tourists are most interested in it.

Ban Co Peak-Culture Pham Travel

If you have reached the top of Ban Co, you cannot help but drop a few poses to take photos with the statue of De Thich. It could not be more interesting if, after a long way to reach the highest coordinates of the city, you stop to play chess and enjoy the fresh air of this place.

Hunting Clouds On Ban Co Peak

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Ban Co peak on the Son Tra peninsula has the most beautiful time of the day in the early morning when the fog is still covering the middle of the mountain. If you want to conquer a romantic Son Tra in the cloudy seasons, try coming here early in the year.

Chessboard Peak-Culture Pham Travel

A small note for you when hunting clouds in the Son Tra peninsula is that you should go from January to February. You will feel the early morning clouds over the old forest more. The other side is the calm sea surface and beautiful silence.

Watch The Panoramic View of Da Nang City

The road to conquer Ban Co peak of the Son Tra peninsula is very beautiful, although the higher you get to the top, the steeper the road will be. Instead, the scenery will be even more impressive.

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From the top of Ban Co, you can see a miniature Da Nang right in front of your eyes. These are skyscrapers, bridges crossing the Han River, boats floating in the sea to catch fish, etc.

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When the city is at night, the bright lights can make you “fall” before the picturesque scenery here. In addition, each time is different, and you will enjoy a separate scene.


All in all, Ban Co Peak (Chessboard Peak) is one of the exciting attractions in Da Nang. Come with your relatives and friends to the coastal city of Da Nang. And record memorable moments in the city’s highest place to make a memorable mark during your trip! 

Chessboard Peak Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

Culture Pham Travel wishes you a complete journey to conquer the top of the chessboard. Plus, have unforgettable experiences in this most livable city in Vietnam! Thanks for reading the post via our website’s travel blog!

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