Phong Nha Cave Tours Introduction

Phong Nha Cave tours are the best options for you to discover the inside beauty of Vietnam through natural caves with picturesque scenery, green gardens, and marble rivers. Plus, this is an ideal tour for adventurers to explore the cave systems and develop tourism services.

The Phong Nha cave system is a well-known tourist attraction in Vietnam. It has a vast reputation for gorgeous natural creatures and rivers. When traveling to Vietnam, Phong Nha Caves Tour are must-booking tours to experience the magical world in real life.

Moreover, every year, this spot attracts thousands of visitors who come and discover the unique beauty of mysterious caves. Today, Culture Pham Travel would like to introduce to you our cave tour Phong Nha. By booking our tour, the tourists can experience and save the most beautiful moments in life.

Besides, in 1997, it was nominated by the British Royal Cave Association with 7 highlights global criteria: the longest wet cave, the highest and largest entrance of the cave, and the most beautiful sandy banks and reefs.

Next, this spot was also the most beautiful underground lake, the most magnificent and miraculous stalactites, the most gorgeous underground river and the cave has a high and large dry cave.

Let’s refer to the below contents to get more information about Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Tours!

Why Should We Choose Phong Nha To Travel?

Phong Nha Caves is located inside Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. In 2003, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are numerous natural creatures such as dense jungles, valleys, and green mountains.

Moreover, the system of Phong Nha Caves is surrounded by serene rivers and jungles. This is incredible for you to immerse yourself in nature, breathe the fresh air and get away from your busy daily life.

Besides, the ecosystem is extremely diverse with different wild species and valuable floras. Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has hundreds of valuable animals. Also, a lot of endangered species listed in the red book are on the verge of extinction here.

Most importantly, the Phong Nha Cave systems are very famous for possessing the most stunning and biggest caves in the world. For example, you can find out the world’s biggest cave – Hang Son Doong in Phong Nha. Moreover, Hang Son Doong is well-known for being the most glorious cave.

Finally, the culture and local lifestyle are very unique. When visiting here, you can experience and learn more about not only the culture by joining the traditional festivities but also the long-standing history of the Vietnam War here. Besides, the locals are absolutely hospitable, so they are willing to share and interact with you about various interesting things with positive vibes.

The Itinerary of Phong Nha Cave Tours

Culture Pham Travel majorly offers professional tours with international tour guides who have abundant knowledge about the Phong Nha cave system. Moreover, all of them have enough ability to protect and solve unexpected problems during the journey of discovering caves tour Phong Nha.

When finishing our booking form, we will follow the provided destination and requested time to pick you up and bring you to Phong Nha to discover Phong Nha Caves. Because this is a high-quality private tour, so do not hesitate to tell us your needs!

How to reach Phong Nha?

However, do you know how to get to Phong Nha? There are different ways for you to get to Phong Nha. According to your start, you can select the most suitable one for you. For example, if you are in Hue and want to commute to Phong Nha, it is good to get one of these ways: Hue to Phong Nha bus, Hue to Phong Nha by Limousine, Hue to Phong Nha by car, Hue to Phong Nha motorbike, etc.

However, we highly recommend booking Hue to Phong Nha private car transfer because you can enjoy the journey. Tourists can ask the driver to stop by some nice spots to relax and take a picture when booking a private car. The Hue to Phong Nha distance is quite long, about 210 km, so it is smart when booking the best transfer to not feel uncomfortable and tired before getting to Phong Nha.

What To Do In Our Phong Nha Ke Bang cave tour?

Known as the Kingdom of Caves, Phong Nha – Ke Bang has a total of over 300 caves and breathtaking underground rivers. These mother creature has existed for a long time, especially in the oldest Asian limestone mountains more than 400 million-year-old. 

With a huge resource of caves and rivers like this, it is possible for us to discover all in only Phong Nha Caves 1 Day Tours. Hence, we will try our best to give you an opportunity to discover as many caves as possible.

There are the top 10 caves in Phong Nha that will blow your mind away including Dark Cave, Paradise Cave, Hang En Cave, Hang Tien Cave, Hang Va Cave, Tu Lan Cave, Tra Ang Cave, Elephant Cave, Son Doong Cave, and Hang Pygmy Cave.

However, we will surely bring you to not only discover 7 out of 10 caves like the Dark Cave Phong Nha tour but gorgeous valleys and rivers as well when booking our best Phong Nha cave tour. Additionally, you can refer to the tour below and take consideration to book one or two or more of them to discover the cave Phong Nha tour:

  • Paradise Cave and Dark Cave Tour 1 Day
  • Phong Nha Cave And Paradise Cave Tour 1 Day
  • Hang En Adventure Cave Camp
  • Hang Tien Cave Tour 1 Day
  • Hang Va Expedition 2 Days
  • Phong Nha cycling with Dark Cave
  • Tu Lan Cave Encounter 2 days tour
  • Abandoned valley and E cave one-day trek
  • Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night
  • Tra Ang Cave and Paradise Cave tour

Phong Nha Travel Tips

Before beginning the cave tours Phong Nha Vietnam, the first tip we would like to share is to remember to bring a hat, travel towel, gloves, trekking pants/shorts, a swimsuit, and a small dry bag for your electronics.

Secondly, for some tours such as the Phong Nha Cave kayak tour, you will experience kayak. So, it is necessary to wear some trekking shoes. It suits to move inside the cave system filled with land and water.

Finally, to prepare for unexpected situations, tourist should protect their smartphone with a waterproof bag and recharge the battery with a backup charger.

After visiting all the destinations on our tour schedule, our English-speaking driver and international tour guides will transfer you back to your places. 

Tour ends!


We have just provided you with a complete guide to Phong Nha as well as Phong Nha travel tips. If you would like to find out about the detailed Phongnha Discovery Tours, please refer to the below tours! Also, do not forget to book our tours and experience the most amazing trips in Vietnam!

Abandoned Valley And E Cave One Day Trek

Discover the beauty of Hang E and the abandoned Valley today by booking Culture Pham Travel’s Abandoned Valley And E Cave One Day Trek tour.

$64*Per person


Conquer Phong Nha Cave Kayak Tour

Phong Nha Cave tour with 4.5 km by kayak is our new tour product. Join our Phong Nha kayak tour this tour, you will become explorers to challenge yourself to conquer the beauty of nature.

$73*Per person


Elephant Cave & Ma Da Valley Jungle Trek 1 Day

Elephant Cave & Ma Da Valley Jungle Trek 1 Day private tour is the perfect choice for travelers with little walking experience but still passionate about conquering nature and caves.

$71*Per person


Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night

Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night is a unique private tour for people who love movement and exploration like you. By booking this private tour, you will conquer the fourth-largest cave in the world.

$336*Per person


Hue to Phong Nha Cave 1 Day Tour

Hue to Phong Nha caves 1-day tour will be an ideal choice for your summer holiday. Booking our Phong Nha cave tour from Hue to admire the masterpiece of nature offered to Quang Binh province.

$45*Per person


Hung Thoong Exploration 3 Days 2 Nights

Hung Thoong Exploration 3 Days 2 Nights is the journey to explore Hung Thong – a unique and wild cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam.

$510*Per person


Kong Collapse Top Adventure 5 Days 4 Nights

Kong Collapse Top Adventure 5 Days 4 nights is a fantastic adventure tour for travelers, especially backpackers. And Culture Pham Travel also provides the best Kong Collapse top adventure tour.

$1.522*Per person


Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

Exploring the natural world and camping in the middle of the jungle do you dare to do it? If you are ready to have experiences that challenge yourself, then Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night.

$208*Per person

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