Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night

Over cave, Pygmy cave

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Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night is a unique private tour for people who love movement and exploration like you. Plus, when you experience our Pygmy cave exploration 2D1N private tour, you will explore the fourth-largest cave in the world.

Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night-Culture Pham Travel
Natural water flows in Pygmy cave

The British Cave Royal Association (BCRA) recognized the Pygmy cave in Quang Binh as the fourth largest cave on the planet. It belongs to the Tiger cave system (hang Ho). Hence, this tour is a beautiful trekking route for those who love to adventure and conquer the natural wonders of Vietnam.

explore hang pygmy cave-culture pham travel
Pygmy cave in Phong Nha, Vietnam
  • Duration: 2 Days and 1 Night
  • Adventure Level: Strenuous
  • Minimum age: 15 years old
  • Departure time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 
  • Group size: 2 to 14 persons
  • Tour start: 7:00 am from hotels in Dong Hoi & 8:00 am from hotels in Phong Nha
  • Tour end: 3:00 pm 
  • Tour price: 6,650,000 VND/person


Because of its high difficulty level, there are not many tourists who take the journey to explore the entire length of Tiger cave Phong Nhahang Over, and Pygmy Cave.

However, this cave system will not make it difficult for people with a passion for cave exploration to conquer challenges like you. Culture Pham Travel firmly believes you can conquer one of the world’s leading large caves.

Pygmy cave exploration 2 days 1 night tour-culture pham travel
Camping at Pygmy cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National park, Vietnam

The journey will start by trekking 20 km through difficult terrain through a 4.5 km thick jungle. Therefore, you must be physically strong enough to overcome many rocky terrains. Besides, you must swim through underground rivers, swing from a height of 100m, climb mountains, etc.

explore hang pygmy cave-culture pham travel
A giant liana in the primeval jungle

In this journey, you will conquer two consecutive caves: Over cave with a length of 3.2km and Pygmy cave. Additionally, you are accompanied by countless experiences, such as walking in the middle of the green forest, swinging in a cave, and camping in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Pygmy cave exploration 2 days 1 night tour-culture pham travel
Pygmy cave – Culture Pham Travel

Most importantly, this is a journey to discover the mysteries of the green forest, so ensuring safety is a top priority. Moreover, our guides, safety assistants, and service staff will accompany you throughout the journey of discovery.

Tour Highlights: Explore and camp overnight inside the 4th leading biggest cave on the earth.


Day 1: Phong Nha – Hang Over Cave – Pygmy Cave

In the morning

7:30 – 8:00 am: Our driver and tour guide will pick you up at your homestay/hotel in Phong Nha or Dong Hoi. Then, we will drive you to Jungle Boss Headquarter. After that, we start our hang Pygmy exploration 2 days and 1-night tour by private car.

hang pygmy exploration 2 days 1 night private tour-culture pham travel

8:30 am: Next, we depart by car along 20 Quyet Thang road to km24, starting point of trekking through the forest. During the trip, the guide will briefly introduce the schedule and some safety rules and regulations in Phong Nha Ke – Bang National Park.

explore hang pygmy cave-culture pham travel

10:00 am: We arrive at kilometer No.24 on Victory Road and begin your walk over challenging terrain with uphill and downhill sections. After that, we will stop for lunch and rest in the middle of the forest for about 1 hour.

In the afternoon

3:00 pm: After conquering the rugged terrain, we finally reach the doline of the hang Over cave in Phong Nha National Park. Located about 100m from Dai A cave, Over cave has a length of 3,244m and a depth of 104m. Plus, the cave entrance is about 30m in width and about 25m in height, and the widest point is 125m.

hang pygmy exploration 2 days 1 night private tour-culture pham travel

3:00 – 4:30 pm:  Next, we will explore through 3.2km of hang Over cave. Hang Over has a strange geological population formed for millions of years. Hence, it has dripping water stalactites and many dry limestone wells, including pearl cave (self-formed stones from the precipitation process of limestone).

Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night-Culture Pham Travel
The Over cave in Phong Nha

Furthermore, we will continue to conquer the Massive Attack passage before reaching the magnificent exit. Massive Attack’s space is up to 125m in width and 80m in height.

4:00 pm: Continue the journey to exit the Over cave and reach the sinkhole behind Pygmy cave. This sinkhole splits the Pygmy and Over caves. Moreover, this colossal sinkhole hides a vast primeval forest right inside.

explore hang pygmy cave-culture pham travel
The huge sinkhole is also called the Kong sinkhole or Kong collapse

4:30 pm: After that, we trek through the jungle deep inside the Pygmy cave to begin our next adventure of conquering the 4th largest cave on earth. In addition, the Pygmy cave abseil is involved during the hang Pygmy exploration 2 days 1-night private tour.

Hang Pygmy Exploration 2 Days 1 Night-Culture Pham Travel
The gorgeous stalactites of Hang Pygmy in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

5:30 pm: Last but not least, we will set up camp and enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our porter team. Afterward, we will play games and enjoy Vietnamese rice wine and a night view.

explore hang pygmy cave-culture pham travel

Day 2: Pygmy Cave – Phong Nha

Around 8:30 am: Enjoy the delicious breakfast before starting your trek. Then, we hike up & down through “Dốc Mây” and have a slight uphill trek toward the roadside. 

Besides, enjoy cold drinks at the roadside of km No. 25 of route 20 for a celebration when you finish your expedition. After all, we will return to Jungle Boss and take a shower.

Then, we will drive you back to your accommodation in Dong Hoi or Phong Nha. End of the Hang Pygmy exploration 2 days and 1-night tour.

hang pygmy exploration 2 days 1 night private tour-culture pham travel

On the whole, Culture Pham Travel wishes you a perfect and wonderful trip with us! You can refer to our Phong Nha cave tour if you want to explore and conquer more caves in Phong Nha, Vietnam.

Safety & Camping Types Of Equipment

  • The harness, ropes, lifeline, helmet, headlight, life jacket, and gloves.
  • Camping gears: Double shared or single tent, foam layer, air mattress, pillow.
  • Camping lights for the dining area.
  • Free borrow of shoe size 36 to 45 (You should bring your own in case our shoe pairs don’t fit). 
  • Free-to-use towels.
  • Mineral water (partially carried by your own and the porter team).

What Should You Bring For Hang Pygmy Exploration 2D1N?

  • A set of long, quick-drying clothes to wear when walking to avoid itchy plants and insects.
  • A set of pajamas to change into at the campsite.
  • Swimwear.
  • One pair of trekking boots/shoes.
  • Two pairs of turtleneck socks.
  • Medium-size backpack.
  • Sandals or flip-flops for camping.
  • Waterproof bag for your phone and camera.
  • Hat, glasses, sunscreen, bug spray, toothpaste.


  • English-speaking tour guide, safety assistant & porter support team.
  • Pick-up & drop-off by private car.
  • Local meals (2x lunch, 1x breakfast, 1x dinner).
  • Pick-up and drop-off at any accommodation in Phong Nha (Outside of Phong Nha, please pre-arrange with our tour operator).
  • Entrance and national park protection fees:(1,065,500 VND/person).
  • Tour price included government value-added tax.
  • 03 kg of baggage for the porter.
  • Travel insurance (up to 60,000,000 VND/case).


  • Other personal expenses
  • Gratuities 

Children’ policies

  • Only adolescents 15 years old and up are allowed to join this tour.


  • 6,650,000 VND/person for group size: 2 to 14 persons.



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