Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

Phong Nha, Vietnam

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$ 208


Exploring the natural world and camping in the middle of the jungle do you dare to do it? If you are ready to have experiences that challenge yourself, then Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night from Culture Pham Travel will be a great choice.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys are famous not only because of their beauty but also because there are many attractive tourist activities. Such as trekking in the forest, kayaking, stream bathing, camping, and enjoying BBQ.

Although it is an exploration tour, the tour is still integrated with many utilities to support you during the move. We have a team to assist with your luggage, a chef, and a guide and, at the same time, provide a full range of tools for your experience.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys

Ha Ma Da valley is a destination in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. It is a relatively flat, large valley surrounded by majestic limestone mountains.

Officially put Ma Da Valley into tourist operation in August 2016; both locations quickly became attractive tourist destinations. Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys pass through part of the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. So on this trip, you will learn more about Vietnam War and listen to stories surrounding this road.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 days one night can also be said to be a trekking tour where you will have to walk for 20km continuously. On this trip, you will see the beauty of the vast primeval forest and witness the greatness of nature.

During this trip, you will discover three famous caves: Tra Ang Cave, Dark Cave, and E Cave. So this trip will be an amazing trip you can’t find anywhere else.

Overall Infomation

Activities: Walking a total distance of 20km, swimming in the crystal lake of Ma Da Valley, organizing outdoor BBQ, swimming in Tra Ang cave, exploring Dark Cave and Hang E Cave.

Level of adventure: Medium-High, requires high physical strength to overcome challenging terrain 20km climbing, can swim to explore Dark Cave and Tra Ang Cave. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age and people diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Equipment: We provide Vietnamese military standard boots, but you should bring your shoes if the boots don’t suit you. In addition, there are headlights, helmets, gloves, and life jackets to serve the trip.

What to bring: Long pants and a t-shirt, walking or hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent. Swimwear and travel towel or Sarong, dry cloth to change into at the campsite, accompanying clothes to change after swimming.

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The First Day

08:00 am: We will send a car and tour guide to come and pick you up at your hotel in Phong Nha. Then we will continue to move to Jungle Boss to carry out some procedures and disseminate regulations related to environmental protection.

08:30 am: After completing the procedures, we will hold a meeting to re-introduce the schedule and a few things to look out for. Remember, give priority to wearing waterproof shoes. Otherwise, it will damage your beloved shoes. In addition, socks and bandages are also necessary because your feet may blister from walking continuously for 6 hours.

Ma Da Valleys

08:45 am: Finished everything, Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour officially begins. The driver will take you to the forest’s edge to start walking towards the Abandoned Valleys.

09:15 am: After a short time, we successfully moved to the forest’s edge. Everyone got off the car and started walking. This is the starting point of the Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour and the first steps for you to explore the nature of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

You are on the glorious path of the past – the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This used to be an important route in the resistance war against the US and the liberation of the South Vietnamese people. There are many stories surrounding this trail, and our guide will tell you along the way.

Explore the Elephant Cave

11:00 am: After walking for 3 hours, we reached the first place of Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour, E Cave. The most prominent feature here is the water, a freshwater spring with blue color created from the stream deep inside the cave. You can swim 300m deep inside the cave and explore Hang E.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

Swim deep inside; when the light gradually darkens, the sounds outside also gradually disappear, and all that remains are the echoes of drops of water. When falling to the river’s surface, they all create a rhythm of nature like a symphony, and you will surely love it.

Enjoy the lunch and stay overnight at Dark Cave

1:00 pm: After exploring Elephant Cave, we will continue to move to Dark Cave and stop here to rest. After a long walk, everyone must be tired and hungry, so we will stop for a BBQ lunch.

3:00 pm: Recharged with total energy from lunch, you are ready to continue exploring Dark Cave. You can climb over large rocks and go deep inside the cave. Deep inside, you will see a natural mud bath, and you can relax after lunch. But this road will be pretty dangerous, so if you don’t want to go, you can stay at the cave gate to rest.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

5:00 pm: After exploring the Dark Cave, we will return to the shop to start. Set up camp and rest here before starting dinner. You don’t need to do anything as we will set up your dose and prepare dinner for you. 

The Second Day

07:00 am: Waking up in the middle of the majestic mountains is a rare experience again. And of course, we have prepared breakfast for you. After breakfast, we decamp off and continue the Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour.

09:00 am: We will return to the Ho Chi Minh Trail again, but this time to go to Ma Da Valley. This road will be relatively bumpy with many rocks, so choose a pair of sports shoes for easy movement. Also, bring a bottle of insect repellent and wear long sleeves because, on this stretch, there are many small rivers.

Swing in the cool water of Ma Da Lake

10:00 am: It only takes about an hour to walk to lake Ma Da and continue to swim in the beautiful crystal-colored lake.

11:00 am: A cave in Ma Da Valley is Tra Ang Cave, a cave that you cannot ignore here. The cave is nearly 700m long, about 40 – 50m wide, with a beautiful natural sand beach in front of the cave. Inside the cave is a system of pristine stalactites with diverse structures and shapes.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

12:00 pm: Walking here may drain the energy from breakfast, so they will use it to eat lunch. The dishes we serve for you all have the flavor of the mountains and are prepared simply but highly delicious. For example, grilled pork and fried tofu are served on bamboo leaves along with all the side dishes.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

1:00 pm: A delicious lunch must have given you enough energy to explore 600m into Tra Ang Cave. But you can also choose not to go, depending on your health conditions.

Visit Tra Ang Cave and get back to Phong Nha

3:30 pm: Tra Ang Cave is the final destination of the Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour. We will trek back to Ho Chi Minh road to return to Phong Nha.

4:30 pm: After reaching Ho Chi Minh Street and waiting for the car to pick you up, you will enjoy a cool drink. This will be a beautiful end of the Ma Da And Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night tour.

Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night

5:00 pm: When the car has arrived, we will also return to the hotel in Phong Nha and finish the journey. Thank you for trusting and choosing Culture Pham Travel, hope you have a great experience using our service.


  • Snacks on the trail and cold drinks by the end of the tour
  • Jungle BBQ, drink and bottled water
  • National Park Entrance fees and Park Ranger
  • Trekking and caving gear
  • Internationally qualified local tour guide speaking fluently English
  • Porter team
  • Transportation


  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses, Tips

Children’ policies

  • This tour is not suitable for kids under 15 years old.


4,800,000 VND/Pax= 208 USD/Pax

Group size from 2 to 14 people.



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