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Son Tra Mountain Da Nang is a hot spot in Danang with a lot of tourist attractions located here such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Thousands Year Banyan Tree, and Son Tra Radar Station.

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To get to know more about Son Tra Peninsula, Culture Pham Travel will give you a hand to explore Son Tra Peninsula – A scenic landscape in Danang, Vietnam! Let’s take a look at this article to know a complete guide to Son Tra Peninsula!

Son Tra Location

About 10 kilometers from the city center, Son Tra Mountain is located in the northeast of Danang city. It is known as the city’s valuable pearl in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District with three-opposite sides to the sea and one side to the urban area.

How To Get To Son Tra Mountain?

There are several ways for you to reach Son Tra Peninsula. The distance from Danang City to Monkey Mountain – or known as Son Tra Mountain is  22,3 kilometers. Hence, you can take a bus or a taxi and rent a motorbike to get there.

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Danang to Son Tra Mountain map:

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The History Of Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is a floating island with three mountains. Taking advantage of the coastal sea current, alluvium following the sea current built the land and we have Son Tra Mountain: A gorgeous natural tourist site in Da Nang these days.

In the war, the peninsula was referred to as “Mắt Thần Đông Dương” – “Indochina Miraculous Eyes”. Until now, Son Tra has still been the port with the deep sea level. It plays the most significant role in the center of Vietnam as well as the East-West Economic Corrido from Myanmar to Danang.

Son Tra Mountain - Culture Pham Travel

Son Tra Mountain has witnessed many historical milestones in the country and played a key role in scientific and economic development. Now, it is also one of the hot places to promote tourism in Vietnam.

Besides, Son Tra Mountain is also called by the name: Tien Sa because locals said that fairies used to visit the mountain to sing, dance, and play chess on Son Tra. And there is also Tien Sa Beach near the mountain.

Son Tra Mountain’s Highlights

Son Tra Mountain is bulletproof to protect Danang City from giant storms and cyclones from the huge sea. It belongs to one of Vietnam’s forests under national protected regulation and is considered a natural preservation area. The mountain has a huge diversity of plants and fauna and possesses picturesque sceneries.

Son Tra Mountain - Culture Pham Travel

With great preservation, the peninsula remains 30 square kilometers of natural forests. Plus, there are various ecosystems with about 300 kinds of plants and hundred types of fauna, including rare animals.

According to the report, the mountain has a huge source of 191 coral species including sea grass, seaweed, mollusks, Echinodermata (starfish, urchins, etc), and plankton species. Everything creates a perfectly natural system for Son Tra Peninsula.

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Especially, when standing on the mountain top, you can see the panoramic view of Danang City as also Marble Mountains, and Ba Na – Mount Chua. Plus, it is a deficiency if we do not mention Suoi Da (Stone Stream) – a beautiful stream located near mountain feet.

Top Things To Do In Son Tra Peninsula

Admire The Natural Beauty

The first thing you should do is admire the natural beauty and discover the natural world here. In the forest, it will be a good chance for you to see Macaca mulatta or Pygathrix Nemaeus – monkey kinds belonging to rare animals in the Red Book.

Son Tra Mountain - Culture Pham Travel

Plus, in the mountain peak, there is the Ban Co Peak Da Nang and a panoramic view for you to admire the true beauty of nature, mountains, forest, and the sea. Additionally, if you feel bored when staying in the forest, you can go to the beach and enjoy the vibe here.

Visit Linh Ung Pagoda

Son Tra Mountain - Culture Pham Travel

Danang has a total of 3 Ling Ung Pagodas, so sometimes it will make tourists confused a bit. However, there is only one pagoda having Vietnam’s highest Lady Buddha statue. It is Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Mountain. With its unique architecture and perfect view, the pagoda often attracts millions of people to visit and worship every year.

Explore Dong Dinh Museum

Located in Son Tra Monkey Mountain, about 15 kilometers East of Da Nang city center, Dong Dinh Museum is a good place to admire the dedication of artisans through exquisite pottery. Moreover, there is a traditional house for you to discover. Besides, the house is surrounded by a kind of tree called Dong Dinh. That may be the reason why this museum has the name: Dong Dinh Museum.

Go To See Thousands Year Banyan Tree

Son Tra Mountain - Culture Pham Travel

The thousands year banyan tree is situated 700 meters in height. The tree has large foliage showing its marvelous scale and old age. The Son Tra banyan tree belongs to the Mulberry family with over 800 years old.

Son Tra View Tower And Army Radar Station

If you want to see the beautiful panoramic view, you can go to Son Tra View Tower. This is a perfect location to enjoy the vibe from 580 meters in height when compared to the sea level. Here, you can admire the scenery of Danang City, Marble Mountain Da Nang, and the blue sea.

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Besides, there is an Army Radar Station (Son Tra Radar Station) called by the name “Indochina Miraculous Eyes”. When visiting here, you will have an opportunity to see a broad view through the microscope in the station’s top head-quarter.

Enjoy Son Tra’s Specialties

Last but not least, visitors will have a complete journey when enjoying the delicious food here. You can find a lot of restaurants near Son Tra serving so many delectable and flavorful dishes. Most importantly, don’t forget to try seafood here! We ensure that you will not regret it.

Travel Tips

Here are some tips for you before getting to Son Tra Mountain – Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang:

  • The best time to visit is between March and September. This is the summertime. The weather is dry and sunny, so it will be not dangerous when moving, discovering, and hiking Son Tra Mountain. 
  • Remember to bring hats or sun cream to protect you from UV!
  • The signal is not available or weak in some mountain locations. So, you should bring a map to make sure you are not lost.


Culture Pham Travel has just shared a guide to Son Tra Mountain aka Monkey Mountain Vietnam with you – or known as Monkey Mountain. If you have a chance to make a Da Nang City Tour, you should not miss this place. We hope our article can give you efficient information for your trip.

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