Marble Mountains Da Nang Travel Guide

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1. Marble Mountains History

Located on the route of Da Nang- Hoi An, Marble Mountains Vietnam, or Ngu Hanh Son is a complex of 5 limestone mountains rising on the coastal sand: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, and Tho Son. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain has majestic landscapes with ancient mossy rocks and many unique cultural and historical architectural works.

Marble Mountains History- Culture Pham Travel

2. The ideal time to visit the Marble Mountains in Vietnam

Marble Mountains Weather

With fresh, cool weather and beautiful 4-season scenery, Ngu Hanh Son is one of the attractive Da Nang tourist destinations that you can visit at any time of the year. If traveling in the summer, besides Ngu Hanh Son, you can also combine vacations at the beaches in the area.

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3. How to visit the Marble Mountains Danang?

Marble Mountains Map

The distance from the center of Da Nang city to Ngu Hanh Son is only about 7km so you can choose to travel by motorbike, bus, or taxi.

Motorbike: You can follow 2 roads to Ngu Hanh Son: Vo Nguyen Giap – Truong Sa – Non-Nuoc. Or Le Van Hien – Non-Nuoc. Travel time by motorbike is about 15 minutes.

Bus: You can choose the number 1 route from Da Nang to Hoi An, depart from Da Nang City Central Bus Station and get off at Marble Mountains Da Nang. The time between trips is 20 minutes. Taxi: Some of the taxis in Da Nang are the Han River Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, and Huong Lua Taxi.

Marble Mountains Trail Map

Marble Mountains map- Culture Pham Travel

4. What to visit at the Mable Mountains Da Nang?

4.1. Mable of Water

Marble of Water-Culture Pham Travel

Thuy Son or Marble of Water is also called Tam Thai mountain because there are 3 peaks located on three floors like the three stars of Tam Thai. In the 5 mountains, Thuy Son is the most beautiful and largest mountain that many tourists choose to visit and explore. To reach the top of the mountain, you can choose to climb over a hundred steps. Another way is to take an elevator with a transparent glass chamber with a two-way ticket of 40,000 VND.

Come here not only to admire the beautiful panoramic city of Da Nang from above but also you can visit many beautiful temples and caves.

4.2. Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung pagoda- Marble Mountains- Culture Pham Travel

When coming to Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam, Linh Ung Pagoda cannot be overlooked on Thuy Son mountain. Placed in a solemn position in the middle of the temple is a 10m high Buddha statue with two sides worshiping Lady Buddha Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva Dia Tang. This place does not only attracts many tourists who love spiritual tourism. But also where you can immerse yourself in a peaceful place at Buddha’s door and away from the bustling city.

4.3. Tam Thai Pagoda

Tam Thai Pagoda-Marble mountains- Culture Pham Travel

Tam Thai pagoda is also a large pagoda that many tourists choose to visit. The pagoda has a 3 door gate and according to Buddhist culture, the main gate is only for the monks while the right gate is for women and the left is for men. Over time and in war, the pagoda has been renovated many times but still retains many ancient Buddhist architectural features.

4.4. Huyen Khong Cave

Huyen Khong Cave- Marble mountains- Culture Pham Travel

Huyen Khong Cave is the most beautiful scenery among the caves in Ngu Hanh Son. The cave is open-air and has an extremely unique structure with circular arches to the outside, so it is always filled with light. Not only come to visit, but visitors also come here often to immerse themselves in the sacred space to feel calm and relaxed.

4.5. Tang Chon Cave

Tang Chon Cave is one of the most beautiful Marble mountain caves that you must visit on Mable of Water. Inside the cave, there are a lot of smaller caves where you will admire the masterpieces of nature such as The big Buddha statue doing meditation; The standing Buddha statue teaching and blessing people. The Holy chess table and as well as the place where the Champa Kingdom worships the God Shiva in Hinduism.

4.5. Hades Cave

Hades cave- Culture-Pham-Travel

Am Phu Cave or Hades Cave is one of the major caves in the Ngu Hanh Son cluster. This is a natural cave with mysterious dark features and many nooks deep into the ground that seems to be going to the gates of hell. Therefore, people here have long recreated many punishments under the underworld in caves with the purpose of reminding and waking up people to live better.

4.6. Non-Nuoc Mable carving village

The Carving Village- Culture Pham Travel

Non-Nuoc stone carving village is a destination many tourists visit when visiting Ngu Hanh Son. Coming here, you will admire the stone sculptures made by extremely talented hands of Non-Nuoc artisans. You will feel a bit of the love of the craftsmen here when you witness the process of “transformation” from lifeless stones, through each drill, meticulous strokes to become a finished product.

Come here, you can buy some pretty figurines as gifts for relatives and friends. Remember to bargain to buy it at a cheaper price!

4.7. Non-Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach- Culture Pham Travel

Located near the Marble Mountains, Non-Nuoc beach attracts visitors with its pristine beauty, tranquility, and freshness. With fine white sand stretching along the clear blue beach and green casuarina groves in the wind, you are immersed in the clear, cool water, dispelling all the troubles of everyday life. Not far from the Marble Mountains Vietnam, you can combine your relaxation at Non-Nuoc Beach with a fascinating visit to the Marble Mountains!

5. Marble Mountains entrance fee and opening hours

To visit the Marble Mountains of Vietnam, you have to buy entrance tickets. The Marble Mountain price costs 40,000 VND roughly 2 USD for a person. If you would like to take the elevator to go up, it costs 15,000 VND/per person. Children under 10 years old are free. The Marble Mountain opening hours are from 7 am to 6 pm every day of the year and even on New Year as well.

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