Dragon Bridge Da Nang Vietnam

Dragon Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Danang is known as the city of the bridges because every few kilometers you can see a bridge in this city. They are not the only function as bridges that they have features and you could not find them anywhere in Vietnam. Dragon Bridge Da Nang is unique not only because of its shape but also it can sprit fire and water.

Dragon Bridge- The Pride of Da Nang People

The Dragon Bridge crosses the Han River, the bridge stands out in the city center; making any Da Nang people looking at it feel extremely proud. The bridge was built in the style of architecture in the shape of a Dragon in the Ly Dynasty as it reached out to the sea; a very meaningful idea expressing the growing aspirations of Da Nang city. It represents the new architectural art of Danang.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

The Architecture of Dragon Bridge Vietnam

This is the first single steel arch bridge in Southeast Asia, inaugurated right on the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Danang. Dragon Bridge was started construction in July 2009 with an investment of more than VND 1,700 billion.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

A special highlight of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is that there are 6 lanes with the width of the bridge is 37.5m and the length of up to 666m. In addition, the bridge was built quite elaborately when equipped with a lighting system with a total of 15,000 LED bulbs. It must be repeated that this bridge design is elaborate, extremely unique, and impressive.

Special Feature of Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Dragon Bridge Da Nang was sprayed with 5 layers of paint to resist corrosion; the attack of external influences, as well as creating colors for the dragon body. A distinctive feature of the bridge is the model of steel beam structure system in the form of a dragon flying over the Han River, facing the sea. This is arguably the most unique design in the world of load-bearing structure which is a combination of steel beams; steel arches, and concrete beams.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

In addition to the architectural impression; Da Nang Dragon Bridge is also designed with a function that makes visitors astonished: It can sprit fire and water. This is like a magnet to attract tourists to Danang.

Time the Dragon Bridge Da Nang sprit fire and water

To admire the Dragon Bridge Da Nang sprits fire and water, you should go to Da Nang on weekends. On Saturdays or Sundays at 21:00 there is an event of 18 flames and 3 water jets sprit out of the Dragon’s mouth.

Da Nang Special Bridge- Culure Pham Travel

Each time it will sprit fire first, water later. Fire will be spritted twice; each turn 9 times, water will be spritted 3 times; each turn once mixed with the wonderful melody. The time for Dragon Bridge to sprit fire and water is very convenient for residents and visitors to admire the beauty of the legendary bridge.

Da Nang Special Bridge- Culure Pham Travel

Where should you stand to enjoy it?

To enjoy the full beauty of the Dragon Bridge at the time it sprits fire and water. You should be on time and need to choose for yourself the most favorable position. Here are some places that are said to be golden locations for a great experience watching the magical beauty of the Dragon Bridge spriting fire and water.

Standing on the bridge

You can see the Dragon Bridge spitting fire, water right on the bridge because before turning the dance of fire and water; the means of transport are temporarily prohibited to cross the bridge. So you can go to the bridge to enjoy it. However, you should stand far from its mouth because you will get wet.

On Tran Hung Dao Street

Located in a prime location, at the foot of the Dragon Bridge. This is probably the way a lot of people “set foot” to see the full beauty of the bridge. Not too close to get wet, not too far, the position is right under the Dragon Bridge next to the Dragonhead is so convenient to be able to see the clearest beauty of the Dragon Bridge at spriting fire and water time.

On Bach Dang Street

Stretching on Bach Dang Street is a walking street so this is a good place to see the show. Here you can take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the Han River at night; stop to watch the whole scene of the Dragon Bridge from afar. Covering all the magic beauty when the Dragon spits fire and water.

From Top View Bar

Located on Nguyen Van Linh street, Top View Bar is on the 19th floor of Vanda hotel with a direct view of the Dragon Bridge. Therefore, on the weekends, this place is always crowded with people to enjoy the delicious food; sip a cocktail, then enjoy the moment the Dragon Bridge spriting fire and water.

How to get to Da Nang from Hue?

Well, there are many different ways to get to Da Nang from Hue. You can drive a scooter with helmets, take a train or book our Hue to Da Nang Private Car. It is not only a transfer with an English speaking driver but also a sightseeing tour. If you stay in Da Nang, you can book Da Nang City Tour Full Day to visit all highlights include Dragon Bridge Da Nang.

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