Han River- A Gorgeous Girl In Da Nang City

Han River- Culture Pham Travel

1. Introduction about Han River Da Nang

Han River has long been the pride of the people of Da Nang. This river has poetic beauty, bringing many benefits, especially for tourism here. Tourists who have visited Da nang once will probably never forget the poetic Han River in the heart of the coastal city.

Han River-Culture Pham Travel

Not full of alluvium like the Red River and the Mekong River, not as loving and gentle as the Perfume River of Hue. But the Han River is both dynamic, energetic, and at the same time youthful; peaceful, embellishing the beauty of A livable city is growing day by day. This is also the place where many special activities take place, especially the International Fireworks Festival.

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2. Geographical location

Han River, also known as Han Giang, is a large tributary from upstream flowing into the sea. The river originates from the confluence of the river between Cam Le, Ngu Hanh Son, and Hai Chau districts to Danang Bay, the bay bordering Hai Chau and Son Tra districts.

Han river-Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

This river flows from south to north and empties into the Eastern sea. Han Giang has a width of about 900-1200 m, a length of about 7.2 km, and an average depth of 4-5 m.

3. The historical river

It is said that the river flowing through will never return, but this river still contains many heroic historical sediments. Han River originated from the story of the old days, when the vicious enemy crossed the sea, and followed the river to occupy the city, the generation of Da Nang’s ancestors locked the estuary with iron chains to prevent the enemy ships from entering.

Han River-Culture Pham Travel

Deep in the bottom of the river are stories about history, about a land that has struggled hard, about those who fell in the war to protect the river, but many layers of the Han River could not be covered. And every time the invaders occupied the border, the Han River swelled and surged; sweeping away the invading troops, then returning to the calm and peaceful as the beginning.

4. Han River – A river of beautiful and unique bridges

Han River is associated with 9 bridges across the river, especially the four great bridges. Each “she” has a unique beauty, not the same at all.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge-Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Thuan Phuoc Bridge: This is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam, looking at every angle. Thuan Phuoc Bridge has a luxurious, splendid, and charming appearance.

Han Bridge-Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

Han River Bridge: It is the first spinning bridge in Vietnam, marking the development milestone of the city, and also the pride of the people of Danang.

Dragon Bridge-Danang-Culture Pham Travel

Dragon Bridge: A modern bridge shaped like a dragon across the Han River. Fire and water spray bridges on Saturday and Sunday nights to serve tourists.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge-Culture Pham Travel

Tran Thi Ly Bridge: Bridge is shaped like a sail stretching the wind to the sea, symbolizing the aspiration of the people. This is also the most unique tilt pillar cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam.

In addition to the four great beauties, there are Nguyen Van Troi; Tien Son, Hoa Xuan, Nguyen Tri Phuong, and Cam Le bridges.

5. Han River – A river of beauty to be proud of

The river flows gently across the heart of the city, like a thin strip of silk squeezing on the inclined shoulder of the blue-spring young woman. It makes tourists come to this place to hang on and walk, the heart wishes to see it again.

In the early morning, the river is soft and gentle, just like the young woman wakes up in the white mist and the sunlight shines. At noon, the river is vibrant and healthy, and in harmony with the vibrant beat of the city. Late in the afternoon, the river draped in the purple cloak of the sunset sky, becoming sadder, more taciturn. The evening is the most brilliant, gorgeous and beautiful time. The lights from the streets, billboards, as well as buildings on the river, shine brightly into the water; making the river become extraordinarily shimmering and luxurious.

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