Love Lock Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel


Although Love Lock Bridge Da Nang does not have a long history or unique architecture like other bridges in Da Nang, each padlock hung on this bridge is a romantic love story, attracting a lot of visitors.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Located in the heart of the city, Da Nang Love Bridge is a favorite check-in place for many young couples. Not only that, the fun and entertainment activities near the bridge are also what make every visitor want to experience at least once in their lives.

Da Nang Love Lock Bridge Location

Da Nang Love Bridge is located on the East side of the Han River, on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. The bridge has an arc shape, has been in operation since 2015. The Love Bridge is located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing from here, you can see a lot of beautiful and famous landscapes of the city.

Love Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Love Bridge in Da Nang is inspired by famous love bridges in the world such as the Pont des Arts France, Milvio bridge in Italy, Hohenzollern in Germany, and the Russian Tretyakovsky. This is a place to prove and promise to couples, the meaning of love locks represents a strong, eternal love. Therefore, the bridge is a suitable tourist destination in Da Nang for couples.

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Exploring the Love Lock Bridge Danang

The Unique Design

With an arc design, the 68m-long love bridge is likened to a soft silk strip crossing the Han River. Although the bridge is not too long, with its special position and meaning, the Love Lock Bridge Da Nang still receives many visitors’ love, becoming the love symbol of the city.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

The Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is a highlight project of Yacht Wharf and Water Sports Club funded by the DHC Marina JSC for construction. The different couple would like to prove their eternal love and loyalty by putting the lock with their lovely names on the pier of the bridge.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Day by day, time by time, this bridge has become a major attraction to young couples all over the world. This Love Bridge is among the great options of inspiration for photographers, wedding couples, and lovers to hunt romantic and unique love photos.

The Love Lock Bridge Da Nang Beauty By Night

Explore the Love Bridge Da Nang right away to have fabulous photos. By night, the bridge of love also blends with the splendor of the city. The shimmering lights reflect the light on the river’s surface to create a romantic and fanciful scene.

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Love Bridge Da Nang by night

In particular, next to Da Nang Love Bridge, there is the “Happiness Cruise” – a yacht inspired by the Titanic movie, so you can enjoy meticulously prepared drinks and admire the beauty of Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, and Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

The Love Lock Bridge Da Nang with 6 meters wide, and 68 meters long in the middle of the river allowing the visitors to walk and watch the beauty of the Han river, and catch some cool breeze.

Where to buy the love locks?

Love locks originated in Italy or France a decade ago, then were imported to many countries, including Vietnam. Visitors can bring their own locks or buy them at nearby shops.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

The price of Da Nang Love Bridge locks is about 70,000 – 250,000 VND/lock. Each padlock is molded into a heart shape with the names of two people engraved, symbolizing lasting and eternal love. Usually, people will throw away the key so that no one can open it.

The Love-Shaped Lanterns on the bridge

As if to increase the romance and meaning of love stories on the bridge, each lantern pole forms a heart shape. Many restaurants and eateries in the city have also taken this image of a lantern as proof of love and fidelity.

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The statue of a carp turning into a dragon

The image of a carp turning into a dragon is a spiritual symbol of Vietnamese people, representing luck and success. Moreover, it is the symbol for those who have the qualities of resilience, perseverance, and desire to rise in life.

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Visitors look at the image of carp becoming dragons as a reminder to always try and consistently overcome challenges in life. Not only that, but this is also a symbol for the Da Nang people to always aim for civilized and modern life, but without losing the unique features of the national culture.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang is one of the highlight tourist attractions of the city. This place has witnessed many romantic love stories of couples. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang city, do not forget to check in at this special place.

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