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Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train - Culture Pham Travel


Visitors to Vietnam, particularly its central region, are treated to a brand-new travel experience with the Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train. Those who get fed up with conventional ways of touring Hue and Da Nang can turn to this unique ride. It offers stunning views of the top landscapes in two localities and distinct insight into the native culture.

Hue Da Nang Tourist Train - Culture Pham Travel

As an experienced local travel agency, Culture Pham Travel will give you a detailed handbook of the scenic ride by Hue to Da Nang train.

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What Is Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train?

The tourist train Hue to Da Nang is a substantial enterprise introduced by the authorities and Vietnam Railway Corporation. This project’s name, Central Heritage Connection, evokes its aim to bridge the two heritage cities of Hue and Da Nang via a gorgeous railway route. Indeed, it features a pleasant rail ride, breathtaking panoramic scenes, and on-board cultural activities.

After months of preparations, the tourist train line goes into operation on March 26th, 2024, on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of Hue Liberation Day.

Tourist Train Hue To Da Nang - Culture Pham Travel

In fact, this tourist train route was run in 2016. However, its operation neither deployed its full potential nor brought visitors the best experience. In 2024, the serious collaboration of transportation and tourism entities targets a whole new operation with sheer customer centricity.

Most importantly, they have implemented a far-reaching renovation and refurbishment of the carriage and station systems. Therefore, its comeback promises to give travelers a different tourism adventure.

Hue Da Nang Tourist Train Schedule

The Hue to Danang tourist train service provides daily runs of 2 pairs of tourist trains—HD1-2 and HD3-4. There are two round-trip rides in the morning and afternoon between the two locales. Its travel time ranges from 3 to 3.5 hours, but you should spare 30 minutes or more for the boarding process.

See the Hue to Da Nang train times, as follows:

Section Train Starting Station Departure Time Terminal Station Arrival Time Duration
Morning HD1 Hue Station 07:45 Da Nang Station 10:35 2 hours 50 minutes
HD2 Da Nang Station 07:50 Hue Station 11:05 3 hours 15 minutes
Afternoon HD3 Hue Station 14:25 Da Nang Station 17:40 3 hours 15 minutes
HD4 Da Nang Station 15:00 Hue Station 17:45 2 hours 45 minutes

Moreover, there will be a 10-minute pause at Lang Co Station for visitors to enjoy Lang Co Bay.

Hue Da Nang Tourist Train Ticket Price

The Hue Da Nang tourist train price is 150,000 VND per ticket (around 6 USD). It’s applied in the first month of operation (late March to April 2024).

Besides buying directly at the stations, tourists can get Hue Da Nang tourist train tickets online via official or authorized websites. Vietnam Railway Station’s official website is and its hotline is 1900575725.

Hue Railway Station - Culture Pham Travel
Hue Railway Station – Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, monthly tickets are in stock at 900,000 VND (36 USD). Also, policy beneficiaries can buy tickets at a discount of 10–50%.

Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train Facilities

To foster great pleasure for passengers, train and station infrastructure have been upgraded to a large extent. Each of the four trains boasts 7 carriages, including one for power generation, five for passengers, and one for community living.

Passenger carriages accommodate a total of 280 seats, or 56 seats each. They are all equipped with sufficient amenities, such as soft seats, air conditioners, phone charging stations, Wi-Fi networks, and lighting systems. Besides those interiors, restrooms, which have been complained about most, have improved significantly.

Hue To Da Nang Train - Culture Pham Travel

In addition, they focus on the community living carriage, which serves as a space for various tourism activities. Travelers can relish Vietnamese coffee and specialties in this space. Plus, several activities related to culture, local arts, and cuisine will take place here. Souvenir shops displaying signature products of Hue and its vicinity are also available.

Furthermore, railway stations in Hue and Da Nang have seen great enhancements. There have been larger lounges with new waiting seats and more amenities. Security and check-in procedures are also enhanced.

Why Should You Go On Hue-Da Nang Tourist Train?

There are several vehicles for the Hue-Da Nang route. With a longer duration of 3 hours, traveling by train seems not as efficient as others. So, is the train from Da Nang to Hue worth it? You can consider the advantages below:

Firstly, it offers an original rail route with magnificent sights that traveling by bus does not have. Hue to Da Nang tourist trains will come across Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay, Tam Giang Lagoon System, and other untouched countryside views. Thanks to this, the Hue-Da Nang railway line was listed among the six most beautiful routes in Vietnam, according to Lonely Planet.

Hue To Da Nang By Train - Culture Pham Travel

Secondly, the Hue-Da Nang tourist train is evaluated as experiential travel with high cultural values. It’s not simply a route for sightseeing but also a “heritage connection.” Tourists can embrace a part of Vietnam’s beauty at its purest from a different angle. Besides, cultural activities onboard will give passengers a new perception of Hue, Da Nang, and Vietnam’s features.

Additionally, this railway tour is safe, friendly, and suitable for any type of traveler. They might go with their families, groups of friends, partners, or even alone. The tourist train from Hue to Da Nang has something to offer.

Vietnam Tourist Train - Culture Pham Travel

Last but not least, Hue and Da Nang railway stations are located downtown. Thus, travelers, especially foreigners, can get access to this rail ride easily.

What To See On The Tourist Train From Hue To Da Nang?

As a part of the tourist train Vietnam system, Hue to Da Nang train brings to the table a perfect landscape combination. Winding sections, great mountains, extensive seas, lagoons, and elegant coastlines characterize the train trip, stirring the best excitement for all trippers.

Apart from small but unique rural sites scattered along the way, tourists will pass by the top 3 attractions in Hue and Da Nang: Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay, and Tam Giang Lagoon System.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass has boasted a couple of recognitions from renowned travel entities around the world. Indeed, it was featured in Top Gear as “one of the best coast roads in the world.” More recently, Travel+Leisure magazine described it as one of “the most beautiful drives you can take around the world.”

Tourist Train Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel

Such titles have given Hai Van Pass Vietnam a decent position on the world’s travel map. Situated on the gigantic Annamite Range, this pass shows up as a meandering road with lots of nice bends. And especially, each bend offers a majestic sight for passengers on the Hue to Da Nang tourism train.

More interestingly, travelers will come across the Don Ca Arched Bridge at a point in this pass. It’s a railway viaduct over a shallow stream, giving a heavenly scene.

Don Ca Arched Bridge - Culture Pham Travel

Lang Co Bay

Thanks to its indescribable beauty, Lang Co Bay gives its name to one of the most beautiful bays in the world (voted by WorldBays). It’s characterized by turquoise sea water, layers of mountain forests, an unlimited skyspace, and an attractive strip of sand. These features paint a calm but majestic picture of nature.

Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train via Lang Co Bay - Culture Pham Travel
Hue To Da Nang Tourist Train via Lang Co Bay – Culture Pham Travel

A day trip from Hue to Da Nang by train will give vacationers an exotic opportunity to seize the charms of this world-known bay. Besides running along Lang Co Bay, the train will stop here for 10 minutes for sightseeing. Don’t forget to take lots of souvenir photos.

Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon

The immense lagoon system of Tam Giang–Cau Hai is the largest in Southeast Asia. The train from Hue to Da Nang will pass by this colossal body of brackish water. Indeed, Tam Giang–Cau Hai Lagoon is among the must-sees on the way from Hue to Da Nang.

Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon - Culture Pham Travel
Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon – Culture Pham Travel

Its beauty reflects through the relaxing water surface spreading to the horizon and the peaceful rural scenery. Moreover, travelers can savor the rustic local life shown by sampan boats floating here and there on the lagoon.

Tourist Train And Other Vehicles Comparison

Holidaymakers might wonder: Should I travel from Hue to Da Nang by train or by bus? Besides buses, there are private cars and motorcycles for them to consider. We would like to point out some pros and cons of traveling in those vehicles to give you a better comparison with the Hue to Da Nang tourist train.

Firstly, a trip by bus or coach is the favorite of many thanks to its affordable costs and convenience. Because it focuses on efficiency, bus drivers prioritize speed and a large number of passengers. Also, they will choose the quickest route via Hai Van Tunnel, which has no sight to watch. Therefore, travelers will have a fast transfer at a reasonable price (4–8 USD/pax), but they might deal with packed spaces, careless drivers, and a boring route.

Hue To Da Nang By Bus - Culture Pham Travel

Next, a transfer by private car is more flexible, as travelers can request what itinerary they want to do, a sightseeing route, or the shortest route. Thus, the drivers, customer care, flexibility, and trip quality are higher, but the price is a bit more expensive (60 USD/sedan).

You can get a high-quality private car trip via Culture Pham Travel:

Hue To Da Nang By Private Car - Culture Pham Travel

Otherwise, trippers who love adventures and the best flexibility will want to travel by motorcycle. The motorcycle rental price is cheap (6 USD/day), and travelers can ride it on their own via any route they want. Yet, riding 100 kilometers from Hue to Da Nang isn’t easy, especially for those without good fitness.

Hue To Da Nang By Motorcycle via Hai Van Pass - Culture Pham Travel
Hue To Da Nang By Motorcycle via Hai Van Pass – Culture Pham Travel

In comparison, the tourist train Hue to Da Nang is prominent due to its unique sightseeing route, comfort, and reasonable price (6 USD/pax). However, travelers might encounter some delays, inconvenient schedules, and a longer travel duration.

Good-To-Know Travel Tips

  • It’s a good idea to book train tickets in advance, especially during Tet or holidays. This will secure you a slot in a vantage position.
  • Normally, the train luggage limit is 20 kilograms, with a maximum width of 0.5 meters, a length of 0.8 meters, and a volume of 0.16 cube meters.
  • Travelers with train motion sickness should take medicines (at least 30 minutes beforehand) and bring them along.
  • The train might be delayed for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Hue to Da Nang tourist train appears to be a fresh way to travel for holidaymakers to Hue and Da Nang. Touring around the most picturesque scenery in central Vietnam promises to carve a memorable trip in many hearts. On top of all, with upgraded amenities and tourist-centricity, this railway service will do its best as a bridge to connect two heritage destinations, as well as connect tourists and Vietnamese culture.

Culture Pham Travel hopes that our travel blog arms you with helpful information. Thanks for reading.

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