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If you are an adventure lover and you are looking for a place to challenge yourself. Hai Van Pass route is a perfect choice for you. Honored by the Guardian of England in the “Top 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world” and Hai Van pass Da Nang Vietnam top gear, it always fascinates those who love to conquer the harsh roads.

The Ocean and Clouds pass Vietnam
The Ocean and Clouds pass Vietnam

1. Where Hai Van Pass is

As you know, the Pass is about 20 km from Da Nang city as well as approximately 80km from Hue city. Furthermore, the pass lies on a mountain branch that pales into the sea of the Bach Ma mountain range, connecting Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. To be specific, the pass is 500m high above sea level and about 21 km long. 

Hai Van Pass in a sunny day
The beautiful Pass on a sunny day

2. Why do we call Hai Van Pass?

Hai means the Ocean, Van means White Clouds and the explanation for it is it has beautiful scenery, surrounded by white clouds all year round at the top of the pass. Besides, at the foot of the pass, tourists can see the vast sea scene stretching to the horizon.

In addition, it is called May Pass (the word “Van” means “May”) or Ai Van Pass since there is a gate at the top of the pass. so Its English name is “Ocean and Clouds Pass


3. Why Ocean and Clouds Pass attracts so many travelers

3.1 Hai Van pass Map 360 View

3.2 The spectacular views

To be honest, the road to this beautiful pass is winding and challenging. However, the wonderful result will make travelers forget every difficulty no matter how hard the road is. Amazingly, the other side is a majestic mountain, and the upper one is a cool blue sea to create a magnificent natural picture. Therefore, King Le Thanh Tong gave it as “De Nhat Hung Quan “which means “most marvelous wonder”. Interestingly, the road bends along the mountain, when it turns much-unexpected curves.

Ocean and Clouds pass

From the top of the pass, looking to the South, the modern city of Da Nang is smaller and travelers can enjoy the picturesque ocean scenery of Cu Lao Cham and Son Tra Peninsula as well. Meanwhile, going back to the North, they will admire both Lang Co Bay and peaceful green Lap An lagoon. As a result, all these beauties have created a natural picture that captivates people’s hearts. When the sunset falls, the sky changing from blue to bright orange is the ideal time for visitors to enjoy the view of Danang City or Lang Co Bay in the wild afternoon.

3.3 Experiencing many feelings in the same journey

Ocean and Clouds Pass
Ocean and Clouds Pass

The Ocean and Clouds pass definitely offers tourists the feelings that nowhere else can bring for them. At the start of the pass, they are extremely excited. After that, when they go slowly, they may be a bit nervous, especially when they step into the sudden curves and blind corners.

In addition, the feeling of falling down is great. Once again, they will be thrilled because of the danger of the downhill but excited for the sense of freedom. In fact, that feeling has imprinted on the beautiful coastal roads. After that, the backpackers will be very excited when they go to the top of the pass; we will see the natural scenery that makes everyone surprised. All will be unforgettable marks for passionate enthusiasts to explore and aspire to conquer new things.


4. How to get there?

You can go over the Hai Van Pass by Hue to Hoi An Private Car transfer, motorbike or bicycle. However, traveling by motorbike is still the most amazing experience because this is a way to help them fully understand the feeling of conquering the Ocean and Clouds Pass. Additionally, you can stop at any place on the way to capture the photos.
In addition, many students also take the risk of conquering the mountain pass by bicycle. However, they must be in good physical strength to dare to do this. As an explorer, as a genuine hunter, visitors will not be able to ignore the beautiful Ocean and Clouds pass.

Hai Van pass in Hue, Da Nang

5. When should you visit Hai Van Pass?

The weather in this pass is very complicated. If you travel and go on Hai Van pass in the sunny season, it would be great to see the great panoramic views on the top of the pass. The North of the pass is Lang Co beach, Lap An lagoon, Thua Thien Hue province. The South of the pass is Da Nang city.

If you travel to Hai Van pass in the rainy season normally from September to March. It will be very dangerous because of the rains, the road will be very wet, slippery, and foggy. It will be very hard to see things and traffic 3 meters ahead. Moreover, early in the morning and in the late afternoon, It is very cloudy and foggy. Obviously, the weather on the Southern side (Da Nang city) is always better than on the Northern side.

It is not advisable to start early like 5 a.m or 6 a.m since, at that time, the pass is normally covered with fog. Hence, going between 8-9 a.m seems the perfect time to conquer the pass. Noticeably, backpackers ought to bring a beverage, snacks, basic tools to avoid bad cases.

So, what are you waiting for? Let book Hai Van pass Vietnam tour in the Central Tours, or Private Transfers via Culture Pham Travel to be fully satisfied.

Some frequently asked questions:

How long is Hai Van Pass?

The pass is about 21 km long, it starts from Lap An lagoon, Lang Co beach in Thua Thien Hue province in the North to Da Nang city in the South.

How long does it take to go over Hai Van Pass?

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to go over the pass. It depends on how well you drive and the weather there.

How to do Hai Van pass?

To go over the pass, you can go by bus, by car, drive a scooter, ride a bike or take a private car at Culture Pham Travel.

How to see Hai Van Pass?

To see this wonderful pass, you have to go up to the pass. On the pass-sides, there are some good locations to stop by to take photos. Moreover, you should go to the pass top, on the pass top, you will see the panoramic views of Hue city in the North and Da Nang city in the South of the pass.

How high is Hai Van pass?

The Ocean and Clouds pass is pretty high, it is about 500-meter high compared with the sea level.

How to do Hai Van pass from Hoi An?

Normally, to go to Hue city from Hoi An or Hoi An to Hue, we will choose to go over the Hai Van pass because of the beautiful views. You should book the transfer from Hoi An to Hue by private car via Culture Pham Travel. On the way to Hue from Hoi An, we will stop by at some highlight places for you to take fabulous photos.

What is Hai Van pass Vietnam?

Ocean and Clouds pass is a mountain pass on national route 1A. It traverses a spur of the larger Truong Son range. Nowadays, It is the border between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city.

Where to stop Hai Van pass?

On the way going over Hai Van pass, Normally, we can stop by at any place to take beautiful photos depends on your transportation. If you travel to this wonderful pass by scooters or motorbikes, you can stop by at any place you like. If you travel by car, bus, normally you will stop at the pass foot of Thua Thien Hue province to see the beautiful Lang Co beach, Lap An lagoon.

The peak of Hai Van pass is a great spot to take photos and to see the bordering gate between 2 countries, Dai Nam in the North and Champa Kingdon in the South of the pass in 1306. On the top of Hai Van pass, there are many bunkers from the French and American Vietnam wars.  Going down the Hai Van pass, there are some places you can stop by to take wonderful photos of Da Nang city as well.

Where is Hai Van Pass?

This is the mountain pass on the national route 1A starts from Thua Thien Hue province to Da Nang city. It is a part of Bach Ma mountain. It traverses a spur of the larger Truong Son range.

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