Chuon Lagoon – An Ideal Place To Admire Sunrise & Sunset

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When traveling to Hue city, a lot of people think about the Emperor mausoleums, Hue Imperial Citadel, ancient pagodas, the Perfume River, and Ngu Mountain. However, few people know that there is a fascinatingly beautiful eco-tourism attraction not far from Hue city center, Chuon Lagoon.

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel

The lyrical and poetic landscape imbued with the characteristics of Hue makes this place a new and attractive destination. Let’s unveil its special features with Culture Pham Travel.

How To Get To Chuon Lagoon?

Chuon Lagoon is 12 kilometers away from Hue City Center. With this distance, you can rent a Hue motorbike or book a Hue private car to move to the lagoon.

If you want to get there by yourself, you can hire a motorcycle or scooter at local rental shops. Its price ranges from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day (4-6 USD). Yet, those not good at navigation or riding a motorcycle should be careful with this option.

In that case, you can book a private car with experienced drivers and high flexibility. Its price is not as cheap as motorcycle rentals, but you get fewer worries and more comfort. Check out the following on-request car rental options for more:

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel

To reach the lagoon, start in the city center, take Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, follow this road to the end, and then go straight to National Highway 49B. Going through the Dien Truong intersection about 700m, you will see the vast Chuon lagoon on your right. Just go along this road, and you will reach Chuon Village.

The Best Time To Visit Chuon Lagoon

The most beautiful season of the year: Chuon Lagoon is always beautiful, and each season has a different beauty. From spring to winter, Chuon Lagoon is always crowded with tourists from all over the world.

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However, April to August is considered the best time to admire nature. At this time, Hue is in the dry season, which is very suitable for photography, fishing activities, and excursions. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the Chuon Village Festival. Besides, Chuon Lagoon is also in the harvest season, so enjoying the freshest seafood is easy.

Best time of day: The best time is definitely early morning and late afternoon. The weather at this time is quite cool and pleasant. You can sit on a boat or stand on the shore to watch the sunrise and sunset and admire the majestic mountains and clouds. Otherwise, you can also wade into the clear blue lagoon at low tide to clearly feel the magic of nature.

Things To Do At Chuon Lagoon

Explore The Wild Beauty Of Chuon Village

Chuon Village, or An Truyen Village, is a small rural fishing village located next to Chuon Lagoon. Chuon Village is known for its rich cultural heritage, with An Truyen communal house being a National Architectural Monument.

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel

After many generations, this village still retains its ancient, picturesque beauty, and the locals maintain a simple and honest lifestyle. You can see typical but original corners of a Vietnamese village: old gates, temples, local households, stalls, etc. Wandering around the village might be an amazing experience for travelers keen on local life in Vietnam.

Admire The Enchanting Sunrise And Sunset

Dawn is always the most beautiful moment of the day, and sunrise at Chuon Lagoon is even more beautiful and mesmerizing. The space is large and airy without anything obstructing the view. Standing from there, visitors can admire the sunrise more clearly than ever.

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel

The clear, cloudless sky was dyed a bright and eye-catching orange-red color. The sun gradually rose high, and the surface of the lagoon also reflected golden sunlight. There is no more smoke and dust in the city, no more noise, and no more worries about daily life. What a perfect place for relaxation.

With only fresh air and peace around here, you will truly feel a lighthearted soul. Someone has said: There is no regret in traveling hundreds of kilometers to Chuon Lagoon just to capture a moment of sunrise and sunset.

Participate In The Traditional Chuon Village Festival

If visitors have the chance to visit Chuon village in the 7th lunar month, they could participate in the village ancestors’ procession. This traditional beauty is preserved and passed down nationwide, but the Chuon Village ancestral procession has many different and more elaborate features.

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel

The festival takes place regularly every year. On the festival, people organize it sincerely and solemnly, with palanquins, flags, and traditional costumes. Each year, they change a different object of worship. Watching this local ceremony will give tourists an insight into native festivities that reflect their customs and beliefs.

Learn More About The Local Daily Life

Due to Chuon Village’s geographical location adjacent to the lagoon, life here is closely linked to Chuon Lagoon, mainly relying on plant aquaculture, such as shrimp and fish fishing. Additionally, the locals develop their livelihoods into a form of eco-tourism based on the lagoon. It offers visitors authentic experiences of living like a local.

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Certainly, visitors to Chuon Lagoon can easily see small boats moored on the shore or moving on the smooth water surface. Amidst it, they can watch hardwired fishermen casting nets to catch fish. Not only local adults, but even children, are very familiar with boats like this. For all of the locals here, those boats are not only the means of transportation but also the main working tool.

And especially, you can join the Sunrise on the Tam Giang Lagoon Tour or Sunset on Tam Giang Lagoon Tour to experience the fishing activities with the locals.

Enjoy The Fresh Seafood At Chuon Lagoon

Chuon Lagoon is a large water area with rich seafood resources, from brackish water fish and freshwater fish to saltwater fish. When you come to Chuon Lagoon, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood just caught right on the boat.

Otherwise, you can also enjoy delicious seafood at nearby restaurants. Shrimp, squid, clams, bee fish, goby fish, grouper, etc. Dishes are prepared from simple to elaborate, mainly grilled, steamed, stir-fried with garlic and chili, etc.

With the combo of scenic views and flavorful dishes, there is no doubt that Chuon Lagoon is wonderful for a day trip.

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Visit The Lagoon Market

Dam Chuon Market has the style of a traditional countryside market. Day by day, the hard-working people display the fair early with all kinds of items. However, most visitors pay special attention to the fresh seafood and rich culinary repertoire in this rustic market.

Chuon Lagoon- Culture Pham Travel


Chuon Lagoon in Hue is truly an ideal destination for dreamy souls looking for a peaceful place to “reset” their spirit. The simple and rustic beauty of both the landscapes and local life here will capture your heart. What are you waiting for? Let’s admire one of the most beautiful countryside in Hue with Culture Pham Travel.

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