Thousands Year Banyan Tree On Son Tra Peak

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Son Tra Peninsula is a well-known spot in Danang City. When traveling to this place, tourists will have an opportunity to discover ancient pagodas like Linh Ung Pagoda as well as beautiful beaches such as Da Beach and Rang Beach. Especially, there is a thousand-year banyan tree known as the Son Tra Peninsula’s typical icon.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Culture Pham Travel

Culture Pham Travel would like to introduce you to the Thousands Year Banyan Tree on Son Tra Peak in this article. Let’s take footsteps walking towards the Thousand-Year-Old Banyan Tree in Son Tra ( Da Nang ).

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Maybe, it is not the largest banyan tree in the world, but you will have a chance to discover the most amazing thing ever when admiring a thousand-year Banyan tree on Son Tra Peak. If you want to discover the mysterious beauty of the banyan tree, you have to climb to the mountain peak in Son Tra Peninsula. It is situated on the peninsula’s eastern edge.

Located 700 meters in height, the banyan tree stands still with large foliage showing its attraction and magnificence. The Son Tra banyan tree has the typical features of the Mulberry family. It is more than 800 years old with 22 meters in height. Moreover, every part of the tree has a strong connection and supports each other very well.

How To Get To Son Tra Banyan Tree?

The distance between Son Tra Penninsula and Danang City is about 10 kilometers from the northeast. If you want to get to Son Tra and admire the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, there are so many means of transport for you to choose from.

You can take a taxi, rent a motorbike or take a bus to move. However, we sincerely recommend you book the Danang Private Car transfers. This is a good service providing you with a comfortable space, an English-speaking driver, and a reasonable price.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree’s Origins

When getting to the mountain peak and admiring a thousand-year Banyan tree on Son Tra Peak, you may be curious about its origins. The heritage banyan tree was discovered for the first time in 1771. Since then, it has been referred to as Vietnam’s most magnificent tree.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Culture Pham Travel

Although it is not the world’s largest banyan tree, the tree has witnessed so many important historic milestones, especially during the wars between Vietnam and French colonialists as well as the American empire. It was selected to be one of the hiding places for military and self-defense forces. Moreover, this spot is also used as an information exchange and classified information.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Culture Pham Travel

Significantly, the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environmental Protection decided to list the thousands year banyan tree in Vietnam’s heritage trees list. This was also the first time Danang City possessed one of the historic banyan trees in the country.

Best Time To Visit Danang’s Heritage Tree

We highly recommend you to get to Son Tra Penninsula and see the famous banyan tree from March to September. The weather is dry, sunny, and hardy rainy this time. It is very convenient for you to explore nature and go sightseeing.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Culture Pham Travel

Plus, you should avoid other times from October to February next year. It is not good for you if you meet rain and storm, which is very dangerous.

What To See At Thousands Year Banyan Trees?

Admire The Grandiose Appearance Of Son Tra Banyan Tree

Most tourists are always overwhelmed when seeing the unbelievable size of the thousands year banyan tree on Son Tra mountain peak. With a height of up to 20 meters, the tree foliage is extremely luxuriant and grows to interlace.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree - Culture Pham Travel

Plus, the thousands year banyan tree’s circumference is 85 meters with 10 meters in length. It has a total of 26 groomsmen (roughly 25 meters in height). Each root strikes into the ground, which creates a masterpiece scenery with a mystical vibe. Its life span can be counted until now over 800 years old.

When reaching the banyan tree, you will see a stone plate dividing the road into two lanes to climb to the top. You can see each step covered by green moss and there are also stone benches for you to take a break.

Breathe The Fresh And Green Atmosphere

Located inside the forest and mountain, the atmosphere here is extremely quiet and breeze. You will feel the wind from the blue sea with truly green space with leaves, trees, and branches. From here, you also can admire the beauty of the blue sea.

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Explore The Jungle World

No one can deny the diversity of the ecosystem in Son Tra forest. Especially, when this place has a strong connection with the sea, which makes the natural world here more varied in the patterns of vegetation and animals.

Son Tra Forest is known for possessing a large biodiversity with over 1000 species of floras. Plus, the fauna includes 380 species. Most importantly, Douc Langur is considered the primate queen of Son Tra as well as the symbol of this incredible spot.

Travel Tips

  • The best time to visit heritage trees is between March and September;
  • Remember to wear sports shoes to move more quickly, and avoid high heels because you are going to discover Son Tra jungle;
  • You can use suncream before starting the journey; or bring hats following you;
  • Take notice of your scheduled time. You should visit the banyan tree in the daytime, and avoid nighttime to guarantee your safety.


We have just introduced to you the Thousands Banyan Tree in Son Tra Penninsula. Culture Pham Travel ensures that this article can give you efficient information for your trip. We wish you the best Da Nang city tour ever.

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