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Love Valley Dalat Introduction

The city of fog, Da Lat city, has a huge reputation for being one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam because of its picturesque landscapes. And it will be a big regret when traveling to Dalat but not visiting the dreamiest spot, the Valley of Love Da Lat called “Thung Lung Tinh Yeu ” in Vietnamese.

Valley of Love Da Lat- Culture Pham Travel
Valley of Love in Da Lat

Valley of Love History

In the 30s of the past century, when Indochina controlled all the power of the dreamland, the Valley of Love Dalat Vietnam used to be called Valley D’Amour. It was a French name because many French couples often came here for sightseeing, walking, and playing on weekends. The French loved being and considered it a place of interest because the scenery was dreamlike.

Moreover, it brought a romantic vibe to people. After that, the valley’s name changed to the Peace Valley under the regime of Bao Dai Emperor. In 1953, when Mr. Nguyen Vy received the position as Chairman of Da Lat Council, he recommended translating the name Valley D’Amour into Vietnamese. Then, the Valley of Love (Thung Lung Tinh Yeu) has been used until now.

Valey Of Love Dalat Address

Da Lat Valley Of Love is situated at 7 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, about 5km from Da Lat City Center. The Valley Of Love Dalat opening hours is from 8:30 to 17:00.

Dalat Love Valley- Culture Pham Travel
Valley of love Dalat map

Valley of love Dalat tickets cost 12 dollars, about 250,000 Vietnam dongs for adults. Moreover, Valley Of Love Dalat entrance fee is 110,000 Vietnam dongs for children. Couples often choose this spot to enjoy their honeymoon and plan a trip for the holidays.

Dalat Entrance Fee- Dalat Entrance Ticket In 2022

How to get to Da Lat Valley of Love?

You will not face many difficulties to reach the valley because it is quite near the city center (only 5 kilometers). You can take a taxi, a Valley Of Love Dalat bus, or drive a scooter to Mai Anh Dao street. If not, booking the Dalat Private Car with an English-speaking driver is the best option to explore all Dalat highlight attractions.

Valley of Love Da Lat - Culture Pham Travel
How to get to Valley of Love Da Lat

Then you can walk to the Valley of Love Dalat and enjoy the gorgeous scenery on the road. Especially in summer, cherry trees will bloom garishly, which turns the road into the beautiful gate leading to heaven. 

The best time to visit the Valley of love

You should make a trip to Da Lat in the dry season, which means the time between November and March because this is the most incredible time of the year. Plus, if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Himalayan cherry blossoms, you had better come in January and February. Moreover, purple lavenders will bloom most beautifully in April. If you are in love with Lavenders, let’s visit the valley in April!

Where to go in Da Lat Valley of Love?

The Valley has 246 hectares of area. It includes two main theme parts: love and peace. When coming to the valley for the first time, you will see a pair of hand-gold statues. It illustrates the sacred image of exchanging rings at weddings or on proposal days for couples. This image not only stands for eternal love but the typical icon of the valley as well. 

Furthermore, when walking around the love land, visitors can easily realize the stunning sight of colorful diverse flower species. Other statues of global celebrities, as well as copies of natural wonders, are shown there. 

Besides, Da Thien Lake, with an area of the lake up to 13-hectare, is located at the valley center. The river can be known as one of the Valley’s quintessence. By dipping your soul into the river’s scenery, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city and give you a piece of peace in your mind after thick and thin in life. 

Valley of Love Da Lat - Culture Pham Travel
Da Thien River in Valley of Love Da Lat

Vong Canh Hill is also another famous attraction spot in the Valley of Love. However, the way to reach the peak hill will be quite tiring for you because there are hundreds of staircases requiring you to climb step by step around the valley.

The hill is surrounded by thousands of beautiful pine trees, which provides you with the freshest space ever. When standing at Vong Canh Hill, you can appreciate the magnificent views of Da Lat with its green forest and clear blue sky. A painting of love and peace appears right in front of your eyes and it can blow your mind.  

What to do in the Valley of Love?

In the Valley of Love, there are so many interesting activities that you can take part in. 

Swan Boat

The first activity you should try is the swan-shaped paddleboat. You can try to sit in the boat and admire several immense sights from the river’s vision. Enjoying the breath of wind and sunshine waves on the river will be the most beautiful scenery. Even if you do not have a loved one, this is a must-try experience in the valley.

Taking photos

It will be a big mistake if you forget to take beautiful photos, saving happy and memorable memories of your journey. We can say that you can take photos wherever and whenever you want in the Valley of Love because any space in the valley can be used to have exquisite pictures. In addition, the celebrities’ statues are the most popular place for visitors to take photos. 

Couples’ activities

Valley of Love Da Lat - Culture Pham Travel
The Valley of Love’s wish tree

There is a wishing tree for couples to write down their wishes in a ribbon and then throw or hang it on. The tree hangs thousands of wishes and hopes of couples.  Everyone believes that their wish will come true soon. Moreover, the valley also has a love bridge for couples. They will write their name on the locks and leave them on the bridge. It presents the love lasting forever between two people. 

Experience diverse customs

There is a group of minorities living in Da Lat and some other Asian countries. You can try to experience their various cultures as well as customs. When visiting them, wearing their traditional costumes such as the Sari of India or the Japanese Kimono is an interesting thing that you can try on. 

Where to eat well near the Valley?

One of the most amazing things when traveling is eating traditional and local cuisines. Most food in Da Lat has fresh and clean ingredients and originates from local farms. In the Valley of Love, the restaurant serves all day with several delectable dishes for you to choose from. Moreover, buffets are available all day with a wide selection of specialties that can make you mouth-watering. 

However, if you want to try another food in the city center, you can go back to the city and eat there because the Valley of Love Vietnam is quite close to the center. We would like to recommend some must-eat foods such as chicken hotpot or Ba Toa beef hotpot. Besides, other grilled dishes such as grilled chicken sold at Da Lat night market are incredible. All of those dishes can fill your taste. 

Moreover, if you would like to discover more spectacular landscapes in Da Lat city, let’s book our Da Lat City Tour 1 Day! Hurry up! And you will get to know more about the city of fog, Da Lat!

Travel tips

Culture Pham Travel
Travel Tips

There are some notices for you before coming to the Valley of Love:

  • You should remember to wear comfortable shoes, such as sandals or sneakers, which is convenient for walking in a large area like the Love Valley Dalat. Especially for women, you should not wear high heels because your leg can be hurt.
  • You should obey and pay attention to the instruction, especially when playing swan boat on Da Thien Lake.
  • Keep hygiene and protect the natural environment of the valley!

In summary, this spot is truly a valuable destination to travel to. If you have an opportunity to visit Dalat city, do not ignore this location!

The above necessary content is what we would like to share with you about the Valley of Love Da Lat. Besides the Valley of Love, LangBiang Mountain is also another hot pot there. If you have enough time, let’s go to this beautiful mountain to explore Da Lat city. Or you also can take a chance to experience Dalat Cable Car here.

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