Langbiang Mountain In Dalat Vietnam

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Langbiang Mountain Introduction

Langbiang Mountain in Dalat is one of the oldest tourist attractions besides Valley Of Love Dalat in Da Lat City. Not only that, this mountain is known as the “roof of Da Lat”. Standing on the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the foggy city in the distance with beautiful, very poetic, and romantic scenery.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Langbiang Mountain – Dalat is also associated with legends of undying love. Especially it is the legend of the K’ho ethnic people associated with a faithful love of a talented couple. That is the guy K’lang and the girl H’Biang.

Where is Langbiang?

Langbiang Da Lat is one of the highest mountains in the City of Fog. This place is a tourist destination imbued with the wild and majestic ethnic culture of the Central Highlands.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Langbiang Mountain is about 12km from the center of Da Lat City to the North. The address of Dalat Langbiang mountain tourist area is No. 305 Langbiang Street, Lac Duong town, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

It is quite easy to get to Langbiang Mountain from Dalat market. From Dalat city center, you take Phan Dinh Phung street. Then cross Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and go straight, you will reach Langbiang mountain.

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Langbiang Da Lat Legendary Love Story

This legend was told by the ancients. Once upon a time, there were two different tribes, who lived at the foot of the mountain. One group is the Lat, the other is the Chil. In these two tribes, there is a beautiful girl named H’Biang who is from Chil. And a strong man named K’lang is from Lat.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

One day they went to the mountain to pick fruits. Unfortunately, H’Biang was attacked by wolves so K’Lang saved her from the wolves. From that fateful meeting, the two fell in love with each other.

But due to a legend in this mountain a long time ago. These two tribes hated each other because of a curse. So both sides forbade the two to come together. Because the couple loves each other so deeply. So the K’Lang and the H’biang girl passed all the rituals of both religions and came together. Both of them left together on the top of the mountain to live.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Life is not as it should be. After a while, H’biang fell seriously ill. The K’Lang had tried everything to cure her but failed. He had no choice but to return to the village to ask for some help. But the villagers did not help and attacked him.

The H’biang lost her life when she saved an arrow for K’lang from the villagers. K’Lang was deeply saddened and cried all his tears. K’lang’s tears flowed into a large stream that is now called Da Nhim means the “crying stream”.

When both passed away, H’biang’s father realized his mistake and regretted it. He decided to stand out and unify the two tribes. Together they share our difficulties, love, and support each other.

When these two tribes united together, they agreed to take the name K’ho as the present. Since then, couples who love each other in this ethnic group freely love each other without being banned as before.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

To commemorate the love of K’lang and H’biang, the people here have named this mountain peak “Langbiang”. Nowadays, on top of this Langbiang Dalat, there are statues of the young couple.

Langbiang Highland

Langbiang highland tourist area is surrounded by many different high mountains. The three highest peaks here are Radar Peak with an altitude of 1929m, the Mount Ba at 2167m. The other peak is Ong Mountain, 2124m high.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

No matter where you stand in Da Lat city, you can see this imposing mountain. Mountain Langbiang is not only a highlight in Da Lat but it is associated with many memories of love attached to the old legend in this place.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel
Langbiang Mountain Map

Langbiang tourist area voted as one of the top 5 places in Dalat that cannot be missed when coming to this eternal spring city.

What makes Langbiang Vietnam attractive?

In Langbiang, there are many beautiful and unique places to visit. Not only that but there are also many games for those who like thrills to choose from.

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In addition, when you reach the top of this mountain, you can also immerse yourself in the mountain nature with the blue sky, the clouds and even enjoy the panoramic views of Da Lat.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel
Nightlife activities on Langbiang

Along with useful services for visitors. There is a separate area for you to camp and stay overnight. At the top of this mountain at night, you will take part in the nightlife activities with the ethnic minorities, enjoy their culture, cuisine as well as festivals.

Lang Biang Dalat where mother nature favors is such an ideal location for relaxing after hard-working days.

Things to do at Langbiang Mountain

At Langbiang Dalat tourist area, you can freely choose from many different games and activities. Visitors to Langbiang often come to admire the scenery and take beautiful pictures for themselves.

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And the young often choose adventure games like climbing, paragliding, conquering the top of Langbiang mountain.


This is an adventure game loved by many young tourists. This game has been available here since 2014. To join this game you have to take a short training process to use paragliding correctly and safely for yourself.

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The starting point for paragliding is at the peak of Radar and ends at Dan lake. The price of this game for one flight is 600,000 VND (roughly 30$).

Trekking Langbiang Mountain

This is a game for travelers who want to challenge themselves. To play well, visitors must have good physical condition to be able to conquer this mountain with their own strength.

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But if you go on a tour, it’s a lot more fun. You can contact Culture Pham Travel to book a Langbiang tour. If you join the tour here, you can trek a trail about 2km long to reach the top of the mountain.

Ride a jeep

This is an interesting tour Langbiang Dalat option for you. The perfect choice for travelers who like to admire the nature of the mountains.

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Visitors can enjoy the scenery of Langbiang Mountain in Dalat Vietnam along the way and still have enough energy to participate in other activities when reaching the top of the mountain. The rental price for a jeep is 300,000 VND/car. It is possible to go from 5 to 6 people per jeep to the top of the mountain and back.

Drinking coffee, watching clouds

On the peak of Langbiang Mountain Vietnam, there are full facilities as a luxury 5-star resort. This place is full of eateries, restaurants, tourist areas, and souvenir shops.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

You can drink coffee while watching the fabulous clouds streams of Da Lat city. Plus, from above, you can see the golden stream and the silver stream.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat Travel Guide

Langbiang Dalat Entrance Fee

According to our update in 2022, the Dalat entrance fee to Langbiang is quite cheap. It is just 30,000 VND/ person, you will have a ticket to visit the Langbiang mountain.

Langbiang Mountain Dalat- Culture Pham Travel
Langbiang Dalat Entrance tickets

The parking fee here is 5,000 VND/car, it is cheap, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and go!

Other interesting activities

In Langbiang town, there are other activities that are very popular with tourists such as enjoying typical dishes with bold flavors of the Central Highlands. Take photos, save beautiful memories with clouds, mountains, heaven, earth, etc. Then you can also visit and explore a few more places. like Centennial Valley, Langbiang alliance church, Langbiang mountain gallery, Langbiang farm, or Mimosa Beach.

The best time to visit Langbiang mountain

If you want to have the most beautiful and wonderful memories with this mountain. Then choosing to climb the mountain is one of the best and most impressive experiences for you.

You should choose the time when Dalat starts to spring. This is the best time for hiking Lang Biang Peak, Dalat, Vietnam. At this time the nature of Dalat become more beautiful and poetic than ever.

However, if you choose to climb Langbiang mountain. Then it’s best to find yourself an experienced person to lead the group. Choose sunny, less foggy days to climb the mountain!

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