Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat Vietnam – Dalat City’s Soul

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Dalat is the land of dreams associated with many romantic stories such as Langbiang Mountain Love Story or Than Tho Lake’s Sad Story. Moreover, most tourists travel to Dalat to discover beautiful natural landscapes and listen to the truth untold about each place. And Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat Vietnam is one of the hottest spots that tourists choose to explore in the city of flowers, Dalat city.

Cam Ly Waterfall - Culture Pham Travel
Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat Vietnam – Dalat City’s Soul

Before making a trip to the waterfall, it is necessary for you to gain more information about the place you want to go. If you know nothing about Dalat Cam Ly Waterfall, Culture Pham Travel will provide you with all the useful information. Let’s refer to our article to have the best Cam Ly Waterfall travel guide ever!

Cam Ly Waterfall location

Cam Ly Waterfall is located near the center of Dalat city, about 2 kilometers far away. You can easily find it at the end of Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. It always stands at one of the best waterfalls in the city.

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How to get to Dalat Cam Ly Waterfall?

Located in a crowded area of residents – about 2 kilometers from the west, it is not difficult for you to reach Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat Vietnam. There are several ways to go to this destination. For instance, you can drive a car, a motorbike or take a taxi.

From the center of Dalat city, tourists just need to drive and follow highway 20 leading to Tran Hung Dao Street, then, turn to Tran Phu Street. After that, let’s go to Hoang Van Thu Street and continue your way about 1,2 kilometers. In the end, you will see Cam Ly Falls in your eyes. Besides, you should pay attention to the instruction board on your way.

If you start your journey at Dalat market, you should come to the Hoa Binh area and drive to February 3rd Street. Then, come to Hoang Van Thu Street and you will reach Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat!

  • The map of Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam:

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Cam Ly Waterfall opening hours and ticket price

Cam Ly Waterfalls is open from 9:00 to 19:00 every day. According to the Dalat entrance ticket fee, to be allowed to come inside, you have to pay about 30000 VND (roughly 1.5$) for adults and it will be cheaper for children from 0.8 – 1.2m, only 20000 VND (roughly 0.87$).

Best time to visit

It is amazing when you visit the legendary Cam Ly Waterfall during the rainy season. You will have a chance to see the greatest moment of the waterfall. However, it will be a danger for you because the water level will be pretty deep. If you are not careful enough, bad things will happen.

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Best time to visit Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat Vietnam

Hence, you had better travel to the waterfall during the dry season, from November to April every year. It is the best time for you to enjoy the whole marvelous scenery of the waterfall when the water level is low and safe.

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The legend story of Cam Ly Waterfall

Associated with the flow of Cam Ly stream, two legend stories about the waterfall spread over the years.

The first story was about Dam M’ly (or Mon M’ly) who was the son of the village chief of Lach minority people – or Koho people, Mr. Yagut Hamon. Under the colonialism of the French, Dam M’ly was arrested by the French for some reasons. They tortured and tied him cruelly with ants and bees’ nests and asked for his statements in the forest.

However, no matter how tired, hungry, and thirsty he was, he said nothing. After suffering time, he had gone forever due to French colonialism’s hard torture. Then, because the father loved his son too much, Dam M’ly’s father also died under the gun of French colonialism.

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The legend story of Cam Ly Waterfall

At first, the waterfall was called Liang Sra. After the death of Dam M’ly and his father, the people changed the name to Liang Mon M’ly. Following the time, originating from Mon M’ly, the name Cam Ly appeared and people have used that name until now.

Another story was about Mr. Dagut K’Mloi. One day, K’Mloi met the French colonialism and they asked him about the name of the waterfall. However, because of the language barrier, K’Mloi thought that they were asking for his name. He answered: “K’Mloi”. Then, the French pronounced it: “Cam Ly”. From that, Camly was considered the name of the waterfall and stream.

Why is Cam Ly Waterfall unique?

There are many people who believe that the name “Cam Ly” originates from the Chinese – Vietnamese language. The meaning of Cam Ly is “the sweet stream which can flow into everyone’s heart.” No matter what its name means, it is still referred to as Dalat’s soul.

Cam Ly Waterfall - Culture Pham Travel
Why is Cam Ly Waterfall unique?

The Waterfall is created from the Cam Ly stream originated from the confluence of Lang Biang Plateau’s small streams. When the cascade Cam Ly Waterfall in Dalat follows the stream passing Xuan Huong Lake and Than Tho Lake, it met the blocks of granite, which made the water flow stronger and faster. After that, Cam Ly Waterfall was created with a high up to 10 meters. Although it is not as marvelous as other waterfalls in Dalat, it still possesses the typical beauty of its own.

What to explore?

The first thing we should mention first is the spectacular views surrounding the Waterfall. There is a bridge crossing the stream above the waterfall. When standing on the bridge, tourists can enjoy the whole view of this spot. Moreover, under the waterfall foot, thousand of colorful flowers show their beauty with the blue sky and Cam Ly Waterfall in Vietnam. I

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What to explore?

In addition, many architectural works are located around the waterfall. Most of them have long historical and cultural values. Plus, you can easily see mini-scenes expressing unique features of the Highlands. In the rainy season, the view is covered by a layer of white fog, which is the reason why this Waterfall is often considered a valuable inspiration for poetries of poets.

Travel tips

There are some notes that you should keep an eye on:

  • Because the Waterfall is a tourist attraction supported and constructed by a tourism company, it has so many mini-scenes. Hence, do not touch any object here to ensure that you will not make it break!
  • The waterfall has prepared resting areas such as tents for tourists, so you can carry some foods and water to recharge your energy during the traveling time.
  • If you would like to take good photos, you should visit the waterfall in the early morning.
  • Notice to children to guarantee their safety!
  • You should not wear high heels to protect your feet when climbing high places in order to enjoy the spectacular views or take photos.

In conclusion, Cam Ly Waterfall is an incredible place for you to dip yourself into magnificent nature. Moreover, it plays an important role to promote Dalat tourism. Besides, Cam Ly Waterfall view Dalat has a reputation for being an ideal destination for couples to have the best photoshoots on special days such as wedding days.

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