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Dalat city has a reputation for its dreamy lands like fairy stories. There are several well-known spots such as Langbiang Mountain. However, it will be a big mistake if we do not mention Crazy House Dalat Vietnam, also known as Hang Nga Villa. This spot can be considered one of the most famous guesthouses in the city of fog, Dalat.

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Crazy House Dalat Vietnam

Moreover, if you know nothing about it, Culture Pham Travel would like to give you a hand to discover Dalat Crazy House. Let’s take a look!

Crazy House Dalat Address

The Crazy House Dalat Vietnam is located at No. 03 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 4, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. It is a tourist attraction having thousand of people visiting every year. Plus, it is listed in the top 10 most exotic houses in the world by the Chinese Daily New Magazine.

How to get to Crazy House Dalat?

Dalat Market To Crazy House

If you are at Dalat Market and want to move to the Crazy House in Vietnam, you should go to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street first and then turn to Nguyen Van Cu Street. After that, let’s drive to Ba Trieu Street leading to Le Hong Phong Street! Then, you will see Huynh Thuc Khang Street. As a result, you can easily find Hang Nga Guesthouse Da Lat Vietnam at No. 03, Huynh Thuc Khang Street.

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Crazy House Dalat Vietnam map

Dalat City Center To Crazy House

Located in the middle of Dalat city, it is about 1,3 kilometers from the city center to the House, which means that it just takes nearly 18 minutes for walking. If you drive a car or a motorbike, it will take less time, just 5 minutes. Hence, it is not difficult for you to reach Hang Nga Guesthouse Vietnam when standing in the city center.

Opening Hours, Ticket Price, And Contact Information

Crazy House Dalat Opening Hours

Crazy House Dalat hours are between 8:30 am and 7 pm daily.

Ticket Price

Crazy House Dalat Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel
Crazy House Dalat ticket

According to Dalat Entrance Fee, the Crazy House Dalat entry fee for adults to visit the Villa is 50000 VND per one. The children whose heights from 1,2 meters to 1,4 meters is 20000 VND for each ticket. And children under 1,2 meters can visit the Crazy House in Dalat without paying the fee.

Contact Information

If you have any problems or would like to be consulted by the Villa, please contact with the phone number: 02633 822 070 or 02636 251 279.

Best Time To Visit The Villa

Dalat includes two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. If you would like to travel to Dalat or visit Hang Nga’s Guesthouse in Da Lat, you had better come in the dry season, between October and March.

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Crazy House Dalat Vietnam pictures

More specifically, it will be more convenient for you to explore the House from 8:30 am to 10 am. Or visiting it after 4 pm is also great. The weather is perfectly stable at that time.

  • Note: It will take about 2 hours to discover all corners and aspects of the Crazy House Vietnam, so remember to schedule your traveling time!

The Villa’s Owner

The Villa was designed and constructed by Dang Viet Nga. Dang Viet Nga is a renowned female architect. She completed her study at the Moscow University of Architecture.

Crazy House Dalat Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel
The owner of Crazy House Dalat Vietnam: Dang Viet Nga

Her father is Truong Chinh who used to take responsibility for being the General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party in the past. After she had achieved her own doctorate in Russia, she returned to Vietnam and settled down in Dalat in 1983.

After that, she built the villa and gave it the name called: Hang Nga Guesthouse. Nowadays, everyone often calls it the Crazy House Dalat because of its exotic features. Moreover, it has soon become a hot tourist attraction in Dalat.

The Story Of Dalat Crazy House

There is the story behind Vietnam’s ‘Crazy House’. In 1990, the Hang Nga Guesthouse was built by the well-known architect, Dang Viet Nga. Crazy House in Vietnam by Đặng Việt Nga imitated the design of natural factors such as trees or caves.

Crazy House Dalat Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel
The story of Dalat Crazy House

Moreover, when visiting the House, you can see several spider veins or the place looks like a campus. Unlike casual structures, with the ideology of breaking the limit and traditional practices, Mrs. Dang Viet Nga designed the Villa like a banyan tree following free curves and structures.

In 2010, the unique architecture of Hang Nga Crazy House Dalat Vietnam was completed. Moreover, it is not only a tourist attraction but also a mini-hotel with cozy Crazy House Dalat rooms for tourists to stay overnight now.

What To Explore At Dalat Crazy House?

Architecture And Construction

At first, when you see the Hang Nga Villa, you will think that the Villa was inspired by an expressionist work under the view of Crazy House Dalat architects. Many architects believe that weird construction like the Crazy House is affected by the fairy tales of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Nevertheless, Mrs. Nga authenticates that her Crazy House was inspired by the greatest Spanish architect called Antoni Gaudí.

The major material to build the Villa is cement, which is great to use for fluid and nonlinear construction. Although it was carved and crafted in the hands of humans, it still looks so natural and real. Except for some incompleted rooms, you can see the root of the construction.

Crazy House Dalat Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel
Architecture and construction of Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam

Besides, Mrs. Nga had no orientation or blueprint for decorating and building the Villa. She just worked and dedicated her creativity as well as her talent to local craftsmen to fulfill the Villa’s appearance today. She created her own conception.

Moreover, The Villa provides guests with a unique vibe because of its mysterious look. There are several rooms with 3D paintings. So, it can take you from the sea to the mountain and fly in the sky. It also creates a unique vibe because of its mysterious look.

The owner wants to inspire a deep love for nature in people. She hopes that people will know how to protect the environment and decrease deforestation, not only in Vietnam but also around the world.

Crazy House Hotel Dalat

With an area of up to 2,000 square meters, Crazy House Hotel Dalat Vietnam includes 10 rooms. Each room has its own feature associated with a specific animal. For example, there is a Kangaroo Rom, the Eagle Room, etc.

In addition, there is also the Bear Rom bringing an American vibe to people. Most especially, most rooms are decorated with spiders and many mirrors hanging on the wall.

Crazy House Dalat Vietnam - Culture Pham Travel
Crazy House Hotel Dalat

Crazy House Dalat price will range from 1.040.000 VND (nearly 45 USD) to 2.670.000 VND (nearly 116 USD ) per night.

Should We Travel To The Crazy House?

We can ensure that you will be surprised when visiting the Villa. At first sight, you will see a giant steel spider web. Then, you can feel excited and strange because of the small staircases with a spiral style.

Coming inside, two big tree trunks, or Tree hotels, will open your mind due to the ancient image. Moreover, everyone coming here is crazy about the “animals room” such as the Ant Room, the Bear Room, and the Tiger Room.

Furthermore, if you would like to discover more famous places in Dalat, it will be the best idea to book our Dalat City Tour Full Day! Plus, it will not be a big deal to move around because we have Dalat Car Rental for you. Hence, you will have an opportunity to explore all the corners of the city of fog. Do not hesitate to book our wonderful tour and service!

Others Tourist Destinations

For more experienced, you can move to other tourist destinations to discover Dalat City. There are several places for you to explore. For example, you can visit Bao Dai Palace because it just takes 5 minutes to the Palace.

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Dalat Crazy House

Besides, Thien Vien Truc Lam temple is also a hot spot you should see because this is the biggest Buddhist point in Dalat. And it just takes 15 minutes from Hang Nga Villa.

Furthermore, if you want to explore another dreamy land of Dalat, the Bao Dai Summer Palace will be the best choice. Or you can visit Prenn Waterfall Dalat after that and back to the city to eat specialties such as Ba Toa beef hot pot.

Next, Xuan Huong Lake is known as the most romantic and beautiful river in Dalat. It is located in the city center, near Hang Nga Guesthouse Dalat Vietnam. This is a large lake with a cool breeze and a wonderful atmosphere for people to wander around;

Finally, Lam Vien Square Dalat is considered a typical city icon. The architecture represents artichokes and the beauty of the flower city;

Restaurants Nearby The House

When staying at the house, you do not need to worry about the food, there are a lot of restaurants near the house. The tourists can refer to the below list to choose the most suitable one:

  • Smile Restaurant –  8 Nguyen Viet Xuan Street, District  4, Dalat City, Lam Dong;
  • Nha Toi Restaurant – 18 Nguyen Viet Xuan Street, District  4, Dalat City, Lam Dong;
  • Phuc Long Coffee & Tea – 24 Tran Phu Street, District 4, Dalat City, Lam Dong.

Travel tips

  • You need to pay attention to some rooms and parts of the Villa because a part of the Villa has not been totally completed. There are a couple of rooms under construction.
  • Moreover, the staircase is quite hard to move due to its special spiral design. Be careful, especially children, when moving since it is quite slippery!
  • Keep an eye on children when taking photos, which ensures your children are safe!

To sum up, Crazy House Dalat, the strangest guest house Vietnam, is a wonderful spot for you to visit when traveling to Dalat City. Do not miss it because it is worth experiencing! Culture Pham Travel hopes that you will have the best trip to Dalat ever.

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