Bao Dai Summer Palace – The Mansion Of Vietnam Last King

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Following the historical stream under Nguyen Dynasty, Bao Dai King built three palaces for living and working in Dalat. And, Bao Dai Summer Palace Da Lat has still existed now in the city of fog, Dalat City. Moreover, it also has another name: Bao Dai Palace III Dalat. The mansion is well-known for being one of the best tourist attractions in the list of Southern Tours of  Dalat, Vietnam.

Bao Dai Summer Palace - Culture Pham Travel
Bao Dai Summer Palace – The Last King’s Mansion of Vietnam

Plus, how much do you know about Bao Dai Summer Palace? If not much, Culture Pham Travel will help you get more information about this palace. Let’s take a look!

Bao Dai Palace locations

There are three Bao Dai Palaces in different destinations. King Bao Dai – the last emperor of Vietnam in Dalat, built Palace I, Palace II, and Bao Dai Palace III Dalat Vietnam. The first palace is the King place. The second one is for the governor-general. Finally, Palace III is called Bao Dai Summer Palace.

Palace I

If you would like to visit Palace I, let’s come to the address: 01 Tran Quang Dieu Street, Ward 10, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province.

Bao Dai Summer Palace - Culture Pham Travel
Bao Dai Palace I – Bao Dai Palace locations

Palace II

Palace II is situated at 12 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 10, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. 

Palace III

Additionally, you can find Bao Dai Summer Place (Bao Dai Palace III address) at  01 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. King Bao Dai used the mansion to live and work with his family when visiting Dalat. In the past, although the king had three palaces in this dreamland, he still loved and often lived in Palace III the most.

Bao Dai Summer Palace opening hours

Bao Dai Summer Palace’s opening hours are from 7:00 to 11:00 in the morning, and between 13:30  and 16:00. So, visitors can visit it whenever they want and be watch out your time for other activities.

Plus, if you have any problems, you can contact the palace staff via hotline 02633 831 581. The staff will help you deal with your issue as soon as possible.

Ticket fee for Bao Dai Palaces

Palace I

Bao Dai Summer Palace entrance fee for going sightseeing and taking pictures is 40.000 VND for adults and 20.000 for children. Moreover, there are also other ticket type. It is package tickets including taking photos with horses and carriages, playing golf, archery and so on. Tourists will pay 150.000 VND for Bao Dai Summer Palace ticket.
Bao Dai Summer Palace - Culture Pham Travel
Ticket fee for Bao Dai Palaces

Palace II

To visit Palace II, you have to pay 30.000 VND / person. However, please contact the palace management first (Hotline: 0263.3659.444) because Palace II is not always open to welcoming tourists. It is just allowed to open for conferences and VIP guests.

Palace III

According to the Dalat entrance fee 2022, adults will have to pay about 30.000 VND/person (roughly 1.5$) to discover Palace III. For children, the fee is free. Additionally, you are able to rent traditional clothes here, the cost is 20.000 VND per person.

  • Note: Pay attention when bringing your camera, the palace manager may ask for an extra fee when you come to the palace.

How to get to Bao Dai Palaces?

Dalat has a total of three Bao Dai Palaces, so tourists are often confused and wonder if these palaces are situated in the same location. However, they are not.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that, only two of the three palaces, Palace I and III are always open for tourists. So, let’s notice the direction below to reach the right location:

  • Bao Dai’s Summer Palace Dalat (Palace I): From Dalat Market, let’s move to Tran Hung Dao Street. Then, you need to drive to Hung Vuong street and turn to Trai Ham T-junction. Look at the right side! It is Tran Quang Dieu Street. From this street, please keep driving about 1 kilometer and tourists will reach Bao Dai Palace I. Please refer to Bao Dai Palace I map below:

  • Palace III: When you start your journey at Dalat Market, let’s follow Tran Phu Street to Le Hong Phong Street and come to Trieu Viet Vuong Street! Then keep going about 500 meters! You will see the direction board leading to Bao Dai Summer Palace. Please refer to Bao Dai Palace III map:

Although Bao Dai King often stayed at his palaces in Dalat, the imperial of the king is at Hue City. Do you want to discover more about the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue citadel, and Hue Royal tombs? Let’s book our Hue City Tour Full Day, Hue Royal Tombs Tour! Culture Pham Travel will bring you to explore the historical stream and Hue culture perfectly.

The history of Bao Dai Summer Palace

The Bao Dai Palace III is one of the beautiful mansions of King Bao Dai. It was built in 1933 and the construction was completed in 1937. The mansion was designed and constructed by Huynh Tan Phat architect and two French architects, Paul Veysseyre and Arthur Kruze.

Culture Pham Travel
The history of Bao Dai Summer Palace

After the French regime gave power back to King Bao Dai in 1948. In 1950, King Bao Dai founded “Hoang Trieu Cuong Tho”, or  “Biet Dien Quoc Truong” (Residences of heads of states) here. 

Located in Ai An forest with a lot of green pine trees surrounding it, everything is strongly associated with beautiful nature and fresh landscapes, which bring a peaceful vibe to people. Maybe, this is the reason why Bao Dai and his family liked Palace III a lot.

The Bao Dai Summer Palace’s architecture

Divided into two floors, the ground floor is the place for working and reception. On the first floor, this is a personal space for the royal family and the mansion has a total of 25 rooms.

Ground floor

The ground floor is the office of King Bao Dai at the Palace III. It contains the office room, the room for guests, and the reception room. When coming inside, you will catch the reception room nested on the left of the meeting room. On the right, there is the king’s office, and the entertainment room for the King as well as the library are nearby.

Culture Pham Travel
The Bao Dai Summer Palace’s architecture

First floor

The first floor is the living space for the king and his royal family. It includes the bedrooms for Bao Dai King, Nam Phuong Queen – Bao Dai wife, Bao Long prince, and other princes and princesses. All the bedrooms are so precious and elegant.

Furthermore, a lot of valuable items such as the royal family sculptures or the Angkor Wat picture, and royal family member portraits are inside the mansion. All of these items have been preserved pretty well until now.

Bao Dai Summer Palace - Culture Pham Travel
Lau Vong Nguyet

Especially, the king and Bao Dai’s spouse – Nam Phuong Queen, have a unique balcony to watch the moon and stars. This balcony is called “Lau Vong Nguyet”. Each room is decorated following the status and unique features of each person. For example, Bao Long’s room is in yellow color to show his honor status as the heir of the Nguyen Dynasty at that time.

What to do at Bao Dai Summer Palace?

Tourists not only enjoy the view and special architecture of the palace but can get to know more about the culture, and history of the Bao Dai King, and the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam as well.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to try being the King and royal family members by renting royal costumes and dressing up like the person you like. And, there are some eagles and horses, so you can take beautiful pictures with them. Additionally, you can see some restaurants near the mansion when going for a walk. Hence, if you are hungry, you can walk around and grab some food to eat.

Tourist attractions near Bao Dai Summer Palace

Bao Dai Summer Palace - Culture Pham Travel
Tourist attractions near Bao Dai Summer Palace – Cable Car Dalat

Unless you want to spend the whole day at Palace III, you can move to other Dalat destinations nearby. For example, please refer to some famous places below:

To get more experience in Dalat City, it is great to book our Dalat City Tour. We ensure that our customers will get the best trip ever with our enthusiastic, thoughtful, and energetic team.

To sum up, after the collapse of the Bao Dai Emperor – the Nguyen Dynasty, Bao Dai Palace Dalat has still conversed its unique features until now. Hence, do not forget to visit Bao Dai Summer Palace Dalat Vietnam when you have a chance to travel to the city of flowers, Dalat. This is truly the special spot of the last dynasty in Vietnam in this dreamy land.

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