What to eat in Hue Vietnam


1. Hue Cuisine and What to eat in Hue city

Many people have the same question What to eat in Hue city while traveling to Hue city. As you know, traveling, in addition to visiting beautiful landscapes, enjoying food is also a pleasure not to be mentioned. Many people believe that food is also culture. Enjoying the food is experiencing the culture of the destination. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity when you travel.

Hue is an ancient land, but it is also a land in the Central region where is full of wind and sunshine, with many disadvantages in terms of location and natural conditions. Therefore, the cuisine here has its own characteristics, many dishes show ingenuity and sophistication in processing. But they use many types of available and simple materials to create flavors. fascinating hard to resist. Culture Pham Travel will recommend the delicious dishes in Hue that you definitely have to try when coming to Hue.

2. Some delicious dishes you must taste to answer the question ” What to eat in Hue city?”

2.1. Hue mixed noodles with mussels ( Bún Hến).

Referring to Hue, everyone must think of the first dish “Mixed noodles with mussels” (Bún or Cơm Hến). Because this dish is rustic, present everywhere from restaurants, small markets, alleys to luxury restaurants in Hue city as well.

The mussel rice with the main raw material is mussel but the additives are quite a lot like a fried pork rind, fish sauce, raw vegetables, banana flower, bean sprouts, chopped white taro, roasted peanuts… All mixed together to bring a flavor-rich and pungent taste very typical of Hue.

Bun-Hen-what-to-eat-in-Hue- Culture-Pham-Travel

This dish can be found everywhere and is very cheap. Usually, the restaurants selling mussel rice serve both mussels and porridge. If you have a lot of time you should try these dishes as well. Some suggestions on where to eat mussel rice:

– A shop in Hen islet, Vi Da

– A small shop in a small crossroads of Pham Hong Thai – Truong Dinh

– A shop at No. 2 Truong Dinh

– Quan Porridge – Vermicelli – Com clam in 98 Nguyen Hue

– Han Mac Tu street area.

2.2. Hue noodle soup with beef ( Bún Bò Huế).

It can be said that this dish is not only famous in Vietnam but also famous worldwide. Most foreign tourists know this dish because many articles in foreign newspapers and magazines or from famous travel bloggers refer to Bun Bo as a delicious dish in Hue irresistible.


In the morning, in Hue you can see beef noodle shops everywhere, the price is only 20-30k / bowl depending on the restaurant but the quality is really impeccable. This dish has a unique flavor and color comes from spices such as lemongrass, chili, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, fish sauce, etc. a piece of ham, sausage, pork blood, and a few slices of beef … and most importantly the vegetables must be very fresh.
Suggest a few places to enjoy this dish:

– 13 Ly Thuong Kiet, next to Cong Doan guesthouse

– “Acet Fall” shop near Dieu De pagoda

– Bun Le Dien Bien Phu street

– Ba Phung noodle restaurant on Nguyen Du street, Hue.

– Bun Ba My at 71 Nguyen Cong Tru Street.

2.3. Banh Canh

It can be said that Banh Canh is a famous dish in the Central region, but not always the same. In each province, this dish is slightly changed to suit the taste of the people or change the available materials of that area. Banh Canh in Hue brings the typical flavor of red broth from crab eggs and shrimp when mixed with cashew nuts to have a better color. The noodles are also very special, transparent, soft and not crushed. Referring to the Banh Canh in Hue, people often mention Nam Pho soup and Ba Doi soup.
What to eat in Hue
Why is it called Nam Pho soup? Because this is a typical dish of Nam Pho people, Phu Vang district, sold in the halls of the morning or late afternoon.

Some places to enjoy this delicacy in Hue:

– Banh Canh on Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue.

– Phan Boi Chau Slope, Truong An, Hue city.

– Banh Canh Ca Loc in Huong Thuy district, Hue province.

2.4. Hue Sweet Soup ( Chè Huế)

The Sweet Soup shops in Hue are often located in small alleys, so suddenly “Che Alley or Chè Hẻm” has become a famous brand. And when it comes to sweet soups, nowhere in Vietnam has many types of sweet soup as in Hue. Only the Royal sweet soup has more than 36 types, sophisticated from processing to the presentation. From green bean tea, lotus seed, pineapple green … to more exotic sounds like gold wax sweet soup, cau cotton soup, roasted meat powder soup… Then dozens of popular soups such as corn, millet, tea Potatoes, beans … Go to a sweet soup shop in Hue, you can eat up to dozens of types without feeling bored, but it is also impossible once to enjoy all types of sweet soup here.
The most famous sweet soup shop in Hue is the shop located deep in the alley 27 on Hung Vuong street of Mrs. Linh Lan. The sweet soup shop opened in 1985 and up to now, she is over 70 years old but she still has the hands to select each type of raw material to cook sweet soup.
Address: Alley 1, 29 Hùng Vương Street, Hue city.

2.5. Hue grilled lean pork in the lemongrass stick (Nem Lụi).

Many people say “Nem Lui is one of the very local Hue’s food”. In addition to the main ingredient of spring rolls skewered on a charcoal grill, the delicacy of this dish is in the accompanying vegetables and sauces made from dozens of different ingredients.
The accompanying raw vegetables must include aromatic herbs, starfruit, beansprouts, sliced ​​green bananas …The sauce is also very particular, made from hashed lean pork, natural oil, sugar, soy sauce, fish sauce, cinnamon, sesame, peanuts…
If you eat Nem Lui once and then you will want to eat the 2nd, 3rd … Then every time to Hue, you also want to enjoy this dish, even come home you will still want to look for Nem Lui shop somehow taste just like Hue.
Some famous restaurants in Hue that you can enjoy Nem Lui:
– Hanh Local Restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue city.
– Madam Thu at 45 Vo Thi Sau street, Hue city.
– Lac Thien restaurant at Thuong Tu gate, Hue citadel, Hue city.

2.6. The Hades Rice (Cơm Âm Phủ).

What to eat in Hue is not a hard question but not easy to answer at all. A delicious dish in Hue that has a strange name, makes many tourists curious. With the famous saying “Want to eat lyrical rice dish, there is the Hades rice with haunted ghosts behind”. But it can be said that this dish is attractive from form to taste. The origin of this dish originates from a rice restaurant named Hades on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, near Hue Stadium. The shop has been open for nearly a hundred years. Before it opened only at night, using a kerosene lamp to make a special atmosphere.

A plate of Hade’s rice will bring you to enjoy first-hand because the rice plate has all 7 colors, and it is presented in a very artistic and very brilliant way. White rice is cooked by An Cuu rice in the middle, surrounded by bacon, Hue rolls, shrimp, baked rolls, omelets, herbs, cucumbers … When eating, remember to sprinkle some fish sauce on it. mix well and enjoy. Hades Rice is now served from popular diner shops to fine restaurants.
Am Phu Rice Restaurant in Hue city:
– Restaurant 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc
– Restaurant 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc

2.7. Vegetarian dishes in Hue ( Cơm Chay).

Hue city is peaceful, beautiful, really suitable for enjoying a vegetarian meal. And vegetarian rice in Hue has been raised into an art. Raw materials are also only from vegetables, tubers, mushrooms, tofu, green beans…But the tray of vegetarian rice is served to express all the heart and effort of the person who made it.
Enjoying vegetarian rice in the pagodas is probably the best. As you can ask for vegetarian rice at any pagodas but in the inner city of Hue, there is Tu Dam Pagoda. The nuns cook delicious vegetarian rice. On the full moon day and the first day of the lunar calendar, at the pagodas, there are vegetarian meals to invite Buddhists to the pilgrimage.

If not you can enjoy vegetarian dishes at some famous restaurants:

– Lien Hoa restaurant: 3 Le Quy Don street, Hue city.

– Thanh Lieu vegetarian restaurant at 50 Nguyen Cong Tru street, Hue city.

– Sân Mây vegetarian restaurant at 08 Thanh Tinh street, Vi Da ward, Hue city.

– Thien Tam vegetarian restaurant at 110A, Le Ngo Cat road, Hue city.

2.8. Mixed noodles with BBQ pork ( Bún Thịt Nướng).

Mixed noodles with grilled meat have the main ingredient is barbecue. As you know, this dish is quite famous in the Central and the South. So the meat is carefully and meticulously marinated got grilled to soft, not dry, slightly sweet characteristic. Whether mixed with vermicelli or rolled with wet rice paper, the two indispensable things that make up the special feature of this dish are raw vegetables and dipping sauce.
The delicious barbecue noodle restaurants are in the area:
– Hanh Local Restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue city.
– Madam Thu at 45 Vo Thi Sau street, Hue city.
– Lac Thien restaurant at Thuong Tu gate, Hue citadel, Hue city.

2.9. Vietnamese rice pancakes (Bánh Khoái).

After enjoying this dish, I think you can answer for yourself the question of what to eat in Hue city. This is a very typical dish in Hue imperial city. The ingredients are rice flowers, turmeric, chicken eggs, spring onions, lean meat pork, shrimps, natural oil, and bean sprouts. Well, to enjoy this dish, you should enjoy the pancake with raw vegetables, salad, and mixed peanut, sesame sauce. 


The best restaurant to enjoy the number one pancake is Lac Thien restaurant at 06 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hue city or Hanh Local food restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue.

Traveling to Hue, you should try to taste these delicious dishes and the best way to enjoy, save your time is to book a Hue street food Tour at Culture Pham Travel. With this tour, we will help you answer the question ” What to eat in Hue city!”

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