Hue Cooking Class Tour- Thanh Toan Eco Tours

Hue city, Vietnam

from/per person

$ 30


Hue cooking class tour in the beautiful countryside of Thanh Toan Village is a great Hue food tour. If you are a true explorer who loves cycling and cooking, this tour is the best option for you. By booking the Hue cooking class, you will have a great chance to experience life in the countryside of Vietnam, as well as visit the most famous covered bridge in Vietnam.

Hue Cooking class- Culture Pham Travel
Hue Cooking Class Tour

We are happy to accompany you on the trip to explore the peaceful village of Thanh Toan through a number of interesting activities such as biking, farming, fishing, and cooking class.


At 8h30: our bikes and tour guide will be ready to pick you up at your hotel and we start the Hue Cooking class. We will bike to the beautiful countryside of Thanh Thuy Chanh village through the duck farms, canals, local family temples as well as vast rice fields.

Hue Cooking class- Culture Pham Travel
Thanh Toan Eco Tour

This is not only the Hue cooking class tour but also a sightseeing trip with fabulous attractions such as “Thanh Toan Tiled Roof Bridge”. On the way, you will enjoy the local market and the daily life of local people crossing the zigzag riding path of the village.

Hue Cooking class- Culture Pham Travel
Thanh Toan Eco Tours

At around 10h00: We Arrive at Thanh Toan Bridge – a truly unique ancient bridge in central Vietnam. To understand more about the farming works, we will visit Thanh Toan Museum with a wide variety of agricultural tools exhibited to explain the details of Vietnamese farming life and local culture.

Hue Cooking class- Culture Pham Travel
Cooking Class at Thanh Toan Village

10h15: We will experience rowing the local fishing boat with the villager on the Nhu Y River to enjoy spectacular views and experience how they use very simple tools to catch fish such as fishing traps, casting nets, etc. If you like, you can try to catch some fish by yourself under the guidance of the locals.

Hue Cooking class- Culture Pham Travel
Thanh Toan Eco Tours- Culture Pham Travel

Get back to our local farmer’s house where you can walk around the vegetable garden with many kinds of vegetables and fruit trees grown by local farmers such as Malabar spinach, gourd, fiber melon, winter melon, fig, etc.

12h00: Join a cooking class to learn the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Hue specials such as fig salad with shrimp and meat, pancake, or spring roll. After the lesson, you will enjoy what you have just cooked as your lunch and some other local specialties.

Around 14h00: We ride back to your hotel and we finish the Hue Cooking Class Tour. Culture Pham Travel wishes you a great day trip with us.

Hue Cooking Class Menu:

  1. Fig / Young Jackfruit / Banana flower salad with shrimp and pork (cooking class).
  2. Hue Spring rolls / Hue rice pancakes / Beo cake / Loc cake (cooking class).
  3. White steamed rice.
  4. Vegetable soup.
  5. Morning glory fried with garlic.
  6. Braised fish /braised chicken with lemon grass and chili.
  7. Dessert (Fruit for season/yogurt/sugar soup).

About Hue Thanh Toan Eco Tour

With our passion for tourism to show you the best feature of our homeland. We strive to bring the real and authentic images of life in the countryside of Hue locals through a number of daily activities including farming, fishing, gardening, and cooking that surely make your trip so outstanding and fill it with lots of fun and excitement.

Culture Pham Travel’s local products not only focus on the potential of Thanh Toan Village and the countryside surroundings, but we also develop products in other areas of Hue in the orientation of “Ecotourism”.

By joining Thanh Toan Eco Tours- Hue Cooking Class Tour, you have a chance to experience “The daily life of locals – be a real local – and contribute to the community as a truly local” in terms of preserving the local culture and protecting the green environment.


  • Normal bicycle
  • Boat for fishing, entrance fee
  • Bottled water, welcome drink
  • Cold towel, ingredients for cooking class
  • Lunch at a local farmer.


  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips.
  • Children’ policies

    • From and under 4 years old: free
    • From 5 to 7 years old: 50% of Adult
    • From 8 years old and up: as Adult


Option 1: We will do the tour by biking, fishing, visiting Agricultural Museum, local market, vegetable garden and cooking.

From 60 USD/ Person and 50 USD from 2 people and up.

Option 2: We will go to Thanh Toan by motorbike and this option is similar to option 1, but does not have fishing.

45 USD/pax; 32 USD/pax (for group from 2-5 pax); 30 USD/pax (for group from 6 pax and over).






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