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1. Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Introduction

If you come to Hue City and you want to find a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge is your target destination. Awarded the national relic site in 1990, this rustic place not only offers shade on sunny days but also shows a unique architectural style. According to Louis Bazacier, a famous researcher, Thanh Toan Bridge is the most aesthetically cultural one in Vietnam.

2. Its location

Thanh Toan Bridge is over an irrigation channel running from the beginning to the end of the Thanh Thuy Chanh village; Thuy Thanh commune. It is about 8 km the Eastward of Hue city. Therefore, tourists can rent a motorbike or ride a bike to enjoy the fresh air and template the beauty of this peaceful site.

Thanh Thuy Chanh Village-Culture-Pham-Travel
Thanh Thuy Chanh Village

Before reaching this destination, travelers have the chance to travel along the green paddy fields and enjoy the scene where the farmers plow with the buffalo. These images allow tourists to temporarily forget all their pressure in life and totally immerse themselves in the peacefulness of rural life.

Traveling to Thanh Toan village, you must join our Hue Cycling Tour to Thanh Toan Bridge or Hue Cooking class at Thanh Toan Village to admire the real rural Vietnam and learn more about Hue’s local culture, and daily life.

3. Thanh Toan Bridge 360 View Google Map

4. Interesting Story Related To Thanh Toan Bridge

It is told that, in 1776, there was a childless woman named Tran Thi Dao, who got married to a high-rank mandarin for many years. Because of her thirst for having kids, she spent her fortune on building the bridge. Her main purpose is to offer the villagers the chance to cross the cannel easily and avoid using boats.

Furthermore, she desires the passengers to have a place to take a rest. Having that idea, she employed skillful workers to erect the bridge. To show a grateful attitude, Le Hen Tong king made a decree to honor and worship her. That is the reason why there is a solemn altar in the middle of the bridge.

The Ms. Dao altar in Thanh Toan bridge

5. Its Structure

According to the locals, Thanh Toan Bridge was totally made of ironwood and followed the “ Thuong Gia Ha Kieu “ style. This means that the top structure is a house, and the under architecture is a bridge. To be specific, it is 18.75m in length and 5.82m in width. Alongside this wonderful bridge, there are two rows of wooden platforms and numerous parapets for people to have an ideal place to lean their backs. The bridge is supported by 18 ironwood pillars.

The bridge architecture-Culture-Pham-Travel
Thanh Toan Bridge Hue

There are altogether 7 parts, which helps the Thanh Toan bridge look like a house with two rows of wooden platforms. Apart from the bridge, paying a visit here, tourists might see a small local market selling everything from tasteful specialties like rice noodles; Hue beef noodles; Hen fish, etc. In addition, Tourists can explore the Thanh Toan agriculture museum displaying agricultural tools such as rice mills; harrows; sickles; plows, and scoops.

Coming here, tourists will understand deeply the way to measure rice production and how rice plants are grown. Thanks to the pictures, many scenes of mothers lulling their children, and fishermen going fishing appear vividly. Regardless of the severe climate like storms or wars, the bridge was still intact despite a lot of reconstruction. This is due to the fact that local people always treasure and try to preserve it.

6. Festivals at Thanh Toan Bridge

Thanh Toan festivals
Thanh Toan festivals

It was the simplicity, and sincerity of the bridge and the locals that a number of festivals have been celebrated showing the rural markets vividly. Specifically, local women in beautiful long dresses, display and introduce products, artifacts, and handicrafts at the traditional markets.

In the afternoon, there are a variety of conventional games like going to the monkey bridge, singing, and dancing. Additionally, tourists stand the opportunity to take part in the hands-on experience like rowing in the river. Being a farmer and riding buffalo, which is so much fun.

In conclusion, Thanh Toan Bridge has high artistic value and it promises to bring tourists a lot of valuable memories, so you should not miss it. Booking tours at Culture Pham Travel is the best way to explore this fantastic bridge.

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