An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts Hue, Vietnam

An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts- Culture Pham Travel

The An Bang Cemetery Introduction

An Bang Cemetery is also called the City of Ghost Vietnam, a wonderful local tourist attraction you must see and visit in Hue after the Heavenly Lady pagoda, Hue Imperial Citadel, Hue Royal Tombs, Thanh Toan Bridge, etc. It is a perfect stop on the way from Hue to Hoi An.

An Bang cemetery- City of ghosts- Culture Pham Travel

Where is it? Why it’s called the City of Ghosts?

Located in An Bang, a small quiet village at Thuan An beach. The City of ghosts Hue or An Bang Cemetery is a local cemetery, with its brilliantly colored structures built on the white sand; stretches along the side of the road for 3 kilometers. The locals gave a name for it “City of Ghost”.

An Bang Cemetery- City of Ghosts- Culture Pham Travel

As you know, about 90 percent of the villagers have overseas relatives. Family members who live in western countries or the USA have been sending money home, much of which is used to build graves. Especially, due to the competition in the construction of the villagers, there are a lot of luxury graves costing fifty thousand US dollars for their ancestors or even for family members who have not died yet. They even built-in advance to be ready for their death.

What to see there?

The An Bang Cemetery-  “City of Ghosts Vietnam” will make you overwhelmed by regal stone lions abound and glittering mosaic dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes that inlaid the roof ridges. It is such a great mixture of different architectures such as Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Vietnamese, Chinese and Western. Even in many graves, there are copies of the Nguyen dynasty Emperor’s tombs and the Citadel of Hue.

An Bang cemetery- City of ghosts- Culture Pham Travel

Because of the uniqueness in the system and architecture and thanks to the ideas of famous cultural researchers of Hue several years ago. These days, tourists are very curious about this special city so there are more and more people coming here to visit.

How to visit?

“City of Ghosts”- An Bang Cemetery is around 40 km from Hue city center. It is located in An Bang village, Vinh An commune, Phu Vang district. The best way to visit this special city is to book the Hue To Hoi An Motorbike Tour or Private Car From Hue to Hoi An. Book this tour, you can also visit Tam Giang lagoonHai Van pass, Thanh Toan BridgeMarble mountains, as well as Elephant springs. Please don’t hesitate to book tours with Culture Pham Travel to get great experiences!

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