Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Culture Pham Travel

Royal Antiquities Museum Hue Introduction

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities is a museum under the management of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre. The main building of the Museum made of timber, and there are 128 precious timber pillars. On columns with a siding of the 4 sacred Spirits: Dragon- Turtle- Phoenix- Unicorn and more than 1000 poems in kanji. This building was the Long An palace built-in 1845 under the reign of Thieu Tri emperor. Currently, the museum exhibits more than 300 artefacts in gold, connoisseurs, porcelain; Phap Lam Hue, Royal costume and Royal Stuff giving visitors an overall view of the Royal life of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Culture Pham Travel

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum History

Located in Hue Imperial Citadel, it is the earliest established museum in Hue, in 1923. The first name the museum was Musee’ Khai Dinh. After that, it was five times changed name: Hue Museum of Ancient Art (from 1947, under the Central Mortgage Council). On Sept. 29, 1958, pursuant to the Decree 1479-DG/ND; The museum renamed as the Hue Museum of the Archaeological Institute, the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Vietnam.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Culture Pham Travel

At the same time, the ancient Cham room was merged into Hue Museum. Then the name was the Antiques Showroom (from 1979), the Museum of Ancient Treasures (from 1992) of the Hue Museum of Fine Arts (from 1995). Finally the Museum Of Royal Antiquities Hue.

What is inside the Royal Antiquities Museum Hue?

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum is storing 700 artefacts: ceramics, glazed ceramics from the Ly dynasty to the Nguyen dynasty. There are also Chinese ceramics, Japanese, French… It can be said that the museum is a collection of ceramics of the Nguyễn dynasty and countries.

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum- Culture Pham Travel

In addition to artefacts on display, the museum also stores thousands of other artefacts. The most here is the blue-glazed porcelain, often called the “Bleu de Hue ” – also known as the antiques “Phap Lam Hue”. This is the “map type” which is highly technical, by the Nguyen Dynasty, which is made from the famous ceramic production furnace in the Chinese, according to the preference, model, size that the Emperors of Vietnam raised in “orders “. As such, Phap Lam antiques are the works without duplicates and are “unique” because of works made by orders. In ceramic stock, There are also some items made in France, Japan, UK, USA… About 100 sets of clothes from the Kings, queens, princes, officers, and men are also kept in the cloth store. There is also a lot of artefacts made by handmade quite nicely considered invaluable.

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum- Culture Pham Travel

On the grounds of Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities, there is another storehouse of over 80 Champa sculptures collected in the old town of O, Ri provinces, and brought from Tra Kieu in the archaeological excavations there in the year 1927. In particular, Champa sculptures have been reviewed by researchers as a rare cultural heritage.


In the museum, textiles play a very important role, reflecting the life and activities of the people of the dynasty and a testimony to a historical period. It reflects a golden era of the dynasty and is one of the living standard examples of the society. That shows the Vietnamese traditional weaving in a historical period.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Culture Pham Travel

Games of the Royalties.

Hue was the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty, the residence and working place of the emperor and is the place where the games are created. The games of the emperor, mandarins and the upper world are rich. Bao Dai emperor appears to have a lot of Western-style games. In that, Bao Dai and Tu Duc emperor had a very special game called Dau Ho. In the Museum Of Royal Antiquities Hue, it currently exhibits three types of games Dau Ho.

Nguyen Dynasty Costumes

The costumes of the emperors of Nguyễn dynasty also have many types and each has its own name, individual colour and only wear on specific occasions. They can be categorized as groups: The imperial costumes; the usual costumes, ceremonial costumes; and daily costumes.

Royal Clothes- Culture Pham Travel

Each group consists of: clothes, hats, belts, pants, shoes, boots… are sewn in a separate way; have their own name and have different pattern colours. Currently in the Hue Museum of Fine Arts is also quite full on the costumes of the emperors of the Nguyen dynasty.

Royal Crown of the Nguyen dynasty- Culture Pham Travel

Ceramic Collection

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities is a ceramic collection from different countries in the World.

ancient ceramics under the Nguyen dyansty- Culture Pham Travel

Ceramic glaze and ceramic-bare brown flowers (century 11th-14th),
Ceramic Flower Lam in the Le dynasty (Century 14th -17th)
The 16th-century pottery of the desert,
Decorative ceramics of the Nguyen Dynasty (19th century – early 20th century).
Ming- Qing Chinese Ceramics (14th century – early 20th century).
Chinese porcelain: The white glazed porcelain of Minh-Thanh (late 14th – early 20th century).

Ancient Coin Collection

It is possible to say Hue Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of antique coins arranged in the sole thematic of Vietnam. Thematic “Currency circulating in Vietnam from the time of the north to the reign of Nguyen ” helps visitors and researchers have a newer perspective on the collection of antique money as well as reflect the lives of the Vietnamese people at that time.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Culture Pham Travel

How to visit Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities?

Hue Museum of Royal antiquities opens every day from 7 am to 5 pm so you can ride a bike, take a cyclo, taxi or drive a scooter with helmets to get there. Moreover, if you would like to visit the Museum Of Royal Antiquities as well as all the must-see places such as Hue Imperial Citadel; Thien Mu pagoda; Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb. You should book Hue City Tour 1 Day, Hue Luxury Group Tour or Hue City Tour By Private Car with English speaking diver. Culture Pham Travel makes sure you will have a great trip in Hue city.

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