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Four Holy Animals in Vietnam, What they are?

As you know, in Vietnam, there are four holy animals (4 sacred animals), (Vietnamese: Tứ Linh or Tứ Thánh Thú) They include the Vietnamese dragon (Long) in the East, the Unicorn (Lân) in the West, the Turtle (Quy) in the North, and the Phoenix (Phụng) in the South.

Each of them has different powers and tobe different symbols.

  • Dragon is a symbol for the power of Emperors, the emperor was like the Son of Heaven.
  • Phoenix is a symbol of the richness and purification of females such as princesses, empresses, the emperor’s mother or grandmother.
  • Turtle is a symbol of longevity and education (long-life and wisdom). At Thien Mu pagoda in Hue city. There is a giant Turtle made by marble from 1675. Because of the symbol for Education. Some students, before taking examinations, they come to Linh Mu pagoda to touch the head of the giant turtle to get good luck.
In Vietnamese culture, the turtle bears a sacred symbol
In Vietnamese culture, the turtle bears a sacred symbol
  • The last one is Unicorn, I know in other countries, A unicorn is the horse with a horn on its head, and little girls love unicorns. But in Viet Nam, the unicorn (called Con Nghê) is a mixture of many different animals but basically between 2 animals: Dragon’ head, the body of a dog. The symbol of power and loyalty of Civil servants and military servants.
  • Chinese unicorn (called the Qilin (Lân)). A combination between the Dragon head but the body of a lion.
Unicorns - Symbol of longevity and happiness
Unicorns – Symbol of longevity and happiness

In the past, we were a colony and we have fought with Chinese around one thousand years so Chinese always have been trying to influence Viet Nam long time ago until now so we made many different things to differ from Viet Nam and China.

In addition, in the Hue imperial Citadel or Royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. Easily you can see a couple of Unicorns guarding and protecting in front of the entrances.

Video Treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty – 4 holy animals VietNam

(Source: HUE MONUMENTS CONSERVATION CENTRE – HMCC. You can choose HD mode to get the high-quality video)

During history time, four sacred animals still exist and use in the spiritual life of Vietnamese. It helps to show you that Viet Nam was and is ways an independent country with various and rich traditions.

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