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Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is famous for being the most energetic and active city in Vietnam. However, when you plan a trip to the South of Vietnam, it will be a huge regret if you do not make a Saigon Street food tour here.

Moreover, Ho Chi Minh City can be considered “a salad bowl” with multi-culture from different Vietnamese regions such as the North, the Central, and the South of Vietnam. Hence, this place possesses a diverse source of cuisine from traditional dishes to the newest and strangest foods.

Culture Pham Travel
Ho Chi Minh City – Culture Pham Travel

As the largest metropolis of Vietnam, by booking our Ho Chi Minh City food tours, tourists can experience all delectable tastes and unique cultural aspects here. So, why you should book our Saigon food tours?

First of all, this is not only a normal food tour but we can also call it by the name: Saigon Street Food & Sightseeing Tour. Besides eating tasty foods, you will have a chance to explore the nightlight in Saigon. It gives you a hand to get to know more about the noisy and crowded vibe in the city that never sleeps in Vietnam. This is truly the best Saigon Street Food by Night Experience.

Saigon Food Tour - Culture Pham Travel
Saigon Food Tour – Culture Pham Travel

Secondly, you do not need to worry about losing orientation or having no idea about where to eat flavorful dishes at a reasonable price. Because our Vietnam food tour Saigon provides you with an expert international foodie guide who can speak English fluently. Plus, the foodie guide is willing to share with you various things about Saigon cuisine and culture.

Most importantly, we always put the customers’ health and needs first, so if you have any problems with your eating diet such as allergic products or you are vegetarian or vegan, please tell us immediately!

Furthermore, in case you cannot eat anything due to your religion, do not mind sharing with us! We will respect you and your belief. Our tour schedule can be redesigned to suit you completely.


In this Saigon Food Tour, we offer you two options for moving. First, you can book a taxi or a private car to transfer from this spot to another spot and enjoy the food with our tour guide. You can book this tour as well as book a Saigon private car or contact us via Whatapps at +84349825119 to get one.

Moreover, if you have just departed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, We also offer you a Ho Chi Minh airport transfer. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for the best transfer service in Saigon!

Culture Pham Travel
Saigon Food Tour – Culture Pham Travel

Secondly, you can drive your motorbike or sit behind our foodie guide who will drive for you and bring you to discover an amazing Saigon. With this option, you will have an opportunity and feel the noisy atmosphere and admire the scenery here in Ho Chi Minh. So, you will experience the most amazing night Saigon food tour by motorbike (private).

Because this is a private tour, so please provide us with your location like your hotel address! After that, the tour guide will come to your destination. So, let’s get ready for Ho Chi Minh Food ToursThe Best Culinary Trips in Saigon.

Vietnamese Noodle 

The first dish we should mention on our tour will be Phở – a very famous Vietnamese dish. The foodie guide will introduce to you the old place with more than 35-year experience in serving Phở. Moreover, when coming here, you can also sip a cup of Vietnamese coffee here.

Culture Pham Travel
Phở – Culture Pham Travel

Besides Phở, it is possible for you to taste Bún Bò Huế (Hue beef noodle), Quang noodle, Bún Mắm (Vietnamese fermented fish noodle soup), etc. Plus, you are able to eat many typical Vietnamese foods prolonging from the North to the South in Saigon because Saigon is the integration point of a different culture.

Banh Trang Nuong

Saigon Food Tour - Culture Pham Travel
Banh Trang Nuong – Culture Pham Travel

Next, known as the best Saigon-style pizza, Banh Trang Nuong is very famous and beloved by many foodies. Everyone loves the brittle level and flavor of eggs with different toppings on the surface. Also, you can try Crispy Banana Cracker. This dish is tasty.

Banh Mi 

Culture Pham Travel
Banh Mi – Culture Pham Travel

Saigon Banh Mi has enough ability to take you to heaven because of its incredible flavors. If you are one who loves street food, this is a must-try food for you. Banh Mi is worthy of its reputation: the best Vietnamese national street food. With only a bite, you will feel the unbelievable taste of meat, pate, vegetables, and sauce as well as its brittle crust.

Cơm Tấm (Broken Rice)

Saigon Food Tour - Culture Pham Travel
Cơm tấm – Culture Pham Travel

Additionally, Cơm tấm (Broken rice) is referred to as a must-try food in Saigon. This is a good dish close to the local meals of Vietnamese. So, it is an ideal option for you to try to be a true Vietnamese when eating Cơm tấm. 

Seafood And Local Beer for Saigon food tour

Another specialty you should try in Saigon is seafood, especially snails, mussels, or scallops. There are so many ways to cook them. For example, we can fry, steam, and boil dishes. All of them are tasty and flavorful. What a high-quality Saigon food tour and tasting!

Saigon Food Tour - Culture Pham Travel
Saigon local beer- Culture Pham Travel

Besides, you will be overwhelmed and feel over the moon when drinking local beer associated with seafood. It is the best feeling ever to be a true Vietnamese with our Saigon food tour and drink.

Flan Cakes

Finally, flan cakes are a must-eat dessert when traveling to Ho Chi Minh City. When eating it, you will feel moist of it and try a lot of flavors and kinds. We will bring you to a dessert place where you can eat flan cakes and many other desserts.

Saigon Food Tour - Culture Pham Travel
Flan cakes – Culture Pham Travel

Flan cakes are also the final dish in our Vietnam food tour Saigon! Tour ends! The foodie guide will bring you back to your accommodation in Saigon. Do not hesitate to book this Saigon street eats to get the best experience and save the most beautiful moments in Vietnam!

Why Should You Book Our Street Food Tour In Saigon Food Tour?

  • Experienced English-speaking foodie guide;
  • Affordable clear listed price with no hidden cost;
  • Always be punctured;
  • No scam when you can book first and pay later;
  • Support 24/7 via Whatsapp at +84349825119.

When completing the Saigon street food tour, if you have time you can book our Best of Vietnam Tours 15 days to discover all the corners of Vietnam, especially the South of Vietnam, and Saigon is a good place to explore. Plus, Ho Chi Minh City Tour Full Day is highly recommended for you as a good choice to figure out the best Southern Tours.


  • All street food mentioned
  • A drink: water, coffee, or beer
  • Motorbike
  • English-speaking local guide


  • Other personal expenses
  • Tips

Children’ policies

  • Kids under 5 years: free of charge
  • Kids from 5 years: as adults


  • From 50 USD/ Person

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  1. Eric Tseng

    Excellent Ho Chi Minh food tour. We enjoyed the best street food here and our guide Bao was very knowledgable. He explained all the questions we have and guided us how to make some of the dishes as well. We highly recommend this food tour for all when traveling to Saigon.

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