Banh Nam – Nam Cake, The Best Hue Local Food

Banh Nam-Nam Cake- Culture Pham Travel

1. Nam Cake – Banh Nam, The Best Hue Local Food

Banh Nam- Culture Pham Travel
Banh Nam- Culture Pham Travel

Banh Nam – Nam Cake is one of the best Vietnamese Cakes in Hue city. The cake smells nice because of any type of ingredients including rice flour, shrimp, lean pork, and some other things. Everything creates a delicious taste that you will want to see again after the first meet.

2. Nam cake ingredients.

Banh Nam (Nam Cake)- Culture Pham Travel

To make the best Banh Nam (Nam Cake), we have to prepare fresh ingredients for it. so all-important ingredients are:

  • Rice flour: 250gr
  • Tapioca flour: 50gr
  • Water: 450 – 600ml
  • Earth shrimp: 100gr
  • Lean pork: 100gr
  • Cooking oil, salt, sugar, seasoning powder, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, red curry powder, and banana leaves.

3. How to make it?

Banh Nam, Nam Cake - Culture Pham Travel
Banh Nam, Nam Cake – Culture Pham Travel

Banh Nam recipe is very important to make this special local food. Today. Culture Pham Travel will go with you on the way to discover the best cake in Hue city. Nam cake – Banh Nam (steamed meat shrimp rice cake) is made of rice flour, shrimp, and lean meat, wrapped in leaves ( Phrynium leaves or banana leaves). It is also served with chili sauces. The cooking procedure looks simple but the cooker has to spend a lot of time preparing from choosing the shrimp to preparing the fish sauce. Fresh shrimp must be cleaned and soaked for several hours until soft and then make chopped

After that add salt, sugar, and fish sauce then it is dry, and once it has had a sweet and salty taste. The rice batter, made of rice flour, should be smooth and soft. Next, the fried shrimp is spread on top of the rice batter, and then wrapped in leaves shape and steamed for about 20 minutes. After which it is time to remove the cover and smell from these leaves. All after, take it away from the pot. to behave a good Nam Cake requires shrimp should be crispy, a little greasy, sweet, and salty. Nam cake will be better with sweet and spicy fish sauce.

4. How does Nam Cake taste like?

Bam Cake- the best local food in Hue
Nam Cake- the best local food in Hue

We will steam the cake under the heat so it tastes very nice and catches your mouth. The taste of shrimp and lean pork brings a sense of fat as well as aroma in the spiciness of the sauce for a great experience.

5. Where can we try the best Banh Nam in Hue’s old capital?

So good food always makes our trip memorable and wonderful. Understanding that, we always want to provide the best advice. Today, it is about Nam cake (Bánh Nậm) in Hue city.

Firstly, We recommend O Le restaurant at 104 Kim Long Street, Hue city. Secondly, Hanh restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh street, Hue city. Thirdly, Hue Xua at 1 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hue city. The last recommendation is Original Hang Me at 14 Vo Thi Sau, Hue city

The price for the dish/ 10 cakes is about 40,000VND roughly 1.8$. However, on the way to try Nam cake. You can book Hue street food tours at Culture Pham Travel to taste 5 more Best Hue Street Foods. We are always ready to provide excellent services to our customers.

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