Hue Temple of Literature Of The Nguyen Dynasty

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Hue Temple of Literature of the Nguyen Dynasty is also called “Van Thanh Hue“, a relic that is more than 200 years old with unique architecture and historical significance. This place has become a favorite sightseeing destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Most tourists know about the Hanoi Temple of Literature, but not many people know that, in Hue, there is another Temple of literature under the Nguyen Dynasty that still exists. It is known as the first university built on the land of the ancient capital.

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Hue Temple of Literature Location

The Temple of Literature in Hue is a majestic building complex, located on a low hill. It faces in the South direction and overlooks the poetic Perfume River. It is standing on Van Thanh Road, Huong Ho Commune, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue province. It is just 1km away from Thien Mu Pagoda.

Temple Of Literature Hue History

According to the legend of the Hue Temple of Literature, during the period when the Nguyen kings expanded, built their territory, and explored the South, the first Temple of Literature was built in Trieu Son village. In 1770 (Nguyen Phuc Khoat reign), the Temple of Literature was moved to Long Ho commune and was known as the Temple of Literature of Dang Trong.

Hue Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

In 1802, when the Nguyen Dynasty was first established, the Temple of Literature Hue was officially built on Van Thanh Street as the present. The old Temple of Literature in Long Ho commune is still kept to worship Khai Thanh Tu (Confucius’ parents).

Hue Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

In addition to being built as a place to worship Confucius, the Temple of Literature in Hue is also a place to worship Manh Tu, Nhan Tu, Tang Tu, TuTu, and other sages who have contributed to the construction and development of Confucianism.

Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

Since its establishment until now, Van Thanh Hue has undergone many repairs and construction of additional works… in 1818, 1822, 1895, and 1903. In 1947, when the French colonialists invaded Vietnam, they devastated this place, causing many buildings to be heavily damaged.

Hue Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

After that, the Temple of Literature in Hue was “forgotten” for a long time. In the past few years, many tourists have visited this place and contributed to making the Temple of Literature Hue become a destination not to be missed on the Hue tourist map.

What to see there?

Compared to the first time its establishment, the Temple of Literature in Hue is now heavily damaged, with only a few typical architectural works remaining. However, perhaps the mysterious beauty has turned the work into one of the most beautiful photography locations in Hue that attract a lot of tourists.

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The 32 Doctoral Tablets on Turtle’s Backs

Similar to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, visiting the Temple of Literature in Hue, visitors will admire the steles of the doctor on the back of a turtle.

Hue Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

These steles were built during the reign of Emperor Minh Mang. The 32 stone steles are clearly engraved with the names and hometowns of 293 doctors. As you know, following the oriental philosophy, the Turtle is one of the four Sacred animals so it is the symbol of longevity and education. So it was a great honor to be written your name on the stele on the back of the turtle.

Linh Tinh Mon Gate

Tinh Linh Gate overlooks the romantic Perfume River in Hue. This place is designed with 4 pillars built of bricks. The top is decorated with sophisticated and delicate Phap Lam. In the middle of the front of Tinh Linh Gate are the words “Dao Tai Luong Gian” and the back side has the words “Trac Viet Thien Co”.

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The Great Gate “Dai Thanh Mon”

Dai Thanh Mon is a typical monument that still retains the outstanding features of the ancient Hue imperial architecture. The gate was built majestically, showing the ingenuity of the ancient court craftsmen. Despite going through many up-and-down events, Dai Thanh Mon still stands proudly as if showing the will of a talented gentleman.

Hue Temple Of Literature- Culture Pham Travel

From Dai Thanh Mon, looking inside is Dai Thanh Dien (Confucius Temple). This place is built on a high foundation, with a length x width is 32 x 25m. The temple was designed according to the traditional architecture of Hue.

Hue Temple of Literature Travel Guide

  • Opening Hours: This ancient attraction is open all day so it is very convenient for you to plan the Hue Day Tour. It is just 1km from Thien Mu Pagoda so you should explore it after admiring the sacred pagoda.
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entrance ticket for this relic so you can comfortably visit the Temple of Literature.
  • Please do not touch, draw, or sit down on the relics, statues as well as litter in the relics area.
  • You should wear hats, sunglasses, suncream, and water when visiting this temple.
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What is the importance of the Hue Temple of Literature?

It is a great symbol of Vietnam’s educational system under the Nguyen Dynasty. It shows that the emperors cared very much about education as well as developing the quality of the education system at that time.

What is the biggest architectural work in the Hue Temple of Literature?

The largest monument in the complex of the Temple of Literature Hue is the worshiping hall of Confucius but it was destroyed in the War.

What does the Temple of Literature look like?

It is a huge complex of beautiful and grand gates, worshiping area as well as the doctoral tablets on the back of the turtles.

Why was the Temple of Literature built?

The Temple of Literature was built to worship and honor Confucius as well as encourage the talents who help to the emperor develop the country. Nowadays, the Temple of Literature is a unique symbol of Vietnam’s educational system during the feudal times.

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