Bach Ma National Park Hue, Vietnam

Bach Ma National Park Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel

Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Bach Ma National Park Hue is located in central Vietnam. It is a famous attractive eco-tourism destination for tourists, because of its magnificent natural landscape and diverse experiences.

Bach Ma National Park Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel

It is about 40km to the South of Hue city. This is the only strip of primeval forest in Vietnam connecting the country from the East Sea to the Vietnam-Laos border.

Bach Ma National Park Entrance Fee

To get in and explore Bach Ma National Park Hue, you have to buy an entrance ticket at the Bach Ma National park entrance. The entrance fee here is quite reasonable with 60,000VND/ person and 20,000VND for students or children.

How to get to Bach Ma National Park?

From Hue city, you should drive on the HA1 highway from Hue to Da Nang. In Phu Loc district, you will see a sign “Way to Bach Ma National Park” so you should turn right and keep going straight to reach Bach Ma National Park.

From Da Nang city, you also drive on the main AH1 highway, go over Hai Van Pass or Hai Van Tunnel. Keep going straight ahead to Phu Loc district. You will see a big sign “Bach Ma National Park” on your left-hand side. You should turn left and go straight until you get to the Bach Ma National Park entrance.

Moreover, if you would like to trek this imposing jungle, and don’t want to be lost, you should book a Bach Ma National Park Tour.

If you want to explore Bach Ma National Park without guide; you can book Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park by private car; Hoi An to Bach Ma by private car. These are the door-to-door service to help you have a wonderful day trekking to Bach Ma jungle.

What to see there?

There are some famous attractions in Bach Ma National Park Vietnam that you should trek are The Sea Watching Tower; The Five Lakes, Do Quyen Waterfall, French villas.

French villas on Bach Ma
French Villa on Bach Ma National Park Hue

Hai Vong Dai

The private cars will take you through 20 km winding roads around the mountain to get to Vong Hai Dai (the sea watching tower), the first attraction, the highest place in Bach Ma National Park. The building was built by the French at the height of 1540m.

Bach Ma National Park
Hai Vong Dai- Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

From this position, you can have a panoramic view of Lang Co Bay, Truoi Lake, and Bach Ma mountains in the clouds. This is an easy sightseeing route for visitors of all ages.

The Five Lakes

Then, you get in the car and continue for about 5 km to the Ngu Ho area consisting of 5 large and small connecting lakes. The lakes are not deep, with clear, cool water.

Things to do in Hue Vietnam

This is a favorite stop for lunch and bathing for many tourists after walking about 30 minutes on the forest road to the lake.

Do Quyen Waterfall

Continue the itinerary, Do Quyen waterfall (The Rhododendron waterfall) is the next attraction. It is about 2 to 3 km from the Five Lakes. From the top of the waterfall with a height of up to 300m.

Hue City Tour By Private Car
Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Visitors often sit on the cliffs where the water flows down to the waterfall and see the panoramic view of the mountains looming in the clouds even on sunny days. You can follow the signpost to the foot of the waterfall with nearly 700 steps to admire the majesty of this waterfall.

The best time to visit Bach Ma

From December to April is the right time to explore the mountains here, at this time the weather is sunny and convenient for traveling.

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