Vong Canh Hill- a fabulous landscape in Hue

Vong Canh Hill- Culture Pham Travel

Vong Canh Hill Introduction

Vong Canh Hill is famous for its perfect beauty combining the natural rivers and mountains. Possessing a peaceful, romantic, and fresh space, this sightseeing site is a great destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, you should put Vong Canh Hill on the list of must explore places.

Vong Canh Hill- Culture Pham Travel

Vong Canh Hill Hue History

Vong Canh Hill Hue used to be a stopover for the resting and sightseeing of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. Surrounding the hill is the system of Royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty such as Dong Khanh mausoleum; Tu Duc Tomb, Thieu Tri Mausoleum, Xuong Tho mausoleum, Thanh Cung mausoleum, etc. Through many up and down of history, nowadays, It is still an impressive attraction for a lot of visitors to explore the history of the famous Vong Canh Hill.

Vong Canh Hill- Culture Pham Travel

Where is it?

This attraction is about 7km from Hue city center. Located a few kilometers from Ngu Binh mountain, this place is another scenic spot of Hue. The road to Vong Canh Hill Hue is flat with green pine trees shading.

Hue city, Vietnam

The hill is about 43m high in the southwest of Hue city by the Perfume River, overlooking Ngoc Tran Mountain. From here, you will see beautiful views of the green gardens, pine trees, tiled roofs of some villages such as Huong Ho, Hai Cat. Especially, from here you can also see Hon Chen Temple and other wonderful landscapes. And going about 300m downstream is the Van Nien clean Water factory.

What makes Vong Canh Hills attractive?

From here, visitors can enjoy the green orchards of areca, longan, oranges, tangerines, pomelo… mixed in the pine sequence, gray tile roofs of temples, ancient mausoleums. In particular, visitors will admire the poetic beauty of the Perfume River around the bottom of the hill – a symbol of Hue nature.

Vong Canh Hill- Culture Pham Travel

Along the way to the Vong Canh Hill Hue, you can admire the beauty of the trees on both sides of the shady road. Visitors can relax in a cool, peaceful space and just walk to see the surrounding scenery.

Hue city, Vietnam

The hill is in the middle of the most attractive bend of the Perfume River. Looking down from above to a gentle space of the afternoon or dawn, the Perfume River appears beautiful; making an unforgettable feeling for those who have ever set their feet in Hue. Or you can see the scenery of the Nguyen Dynasty royal tombs.

Vong Canh Hill- Culture Pham Travel

This place is one of the famous sights in Hue and is an ideal destination for tourists to date, take wedding photos; or hunting pictures of vivid, beautiful natural scenery here. In addition, you can also camp here with a lot of joyful experience.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hue, you must definitely take the time to explore the mysterious beauty of Vong Canh Hill. In addition to this attraction, in Hue, there are many attractive places for tourists to visit such as Thuy Tien Lake; An Hien garden house, Ngu Binh Mountain, etc.

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