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1. Introduction about Abandoned Water Park Hue

Hồ Thủy Tiên or Thuy Tien Lake is located on the outskirt of Hue city around 8km, near Thien An Hill and on the way to Khai Dinh Emperor Tomb. According to the post on Huffington Post, this place has another name “Abandoned Water Park”.

Abandoned water park Hue
The overview of Thuy Tien lake

1.1. Thuy Tien Abandoned Water park before closing:

Built-in 2000, Thuy Tien Lake costs a big-budget for building. As a plan, it would have a great variety of entertainment areas including Aquarium Palace (Thuy Cung), A Thrilling Games area, water park, Musical Fountain Stage, Restaurants… and became an ideal destination for local people and tourists with visiting, camping, entertainment, etc.

The huge dragon at Ho Thuy Tien
The huge dragon at Ho Thuy Tien

1.2. Why Thuy Tien Lake is closed?

Thuy Tien Lake is closed in 2011. There are several factors lead to closing, but the most remarkable reason is low-efficiency, decreasing profit. Some people supposed that: because when Thuy Tien Lake was opened to the public, many constructions had not completed yet, only half to two-thirds plan, this idea probably contributed to its death.

1.3. What is Thuy Tien Lake now?

Although not working anymore, this place is such a great attraction for taking photos even wedding photos because of its fabulous landscapes. Enter into the entrance around 50 meters. If you turn right, you will go to the Musical Fountain Stage. If you turn left, walk about 150 meters, from far away, you can see a giant dragon on the lake, turning his head back to the mountains and its reflection on the beautiful lake makes the Water park become fabulous and mysterious.

The Aquarium at Thuy Tien ababdoned water park
The Aquarium at Thuy Tien abandoned water park

There are many ways to become “the real photographer”. At Thuy Tien abandoned water park, there are a lot of scenes and views for you to get excellent photos following different styles such as Classic, outdoor, horror, etc. Going up to the head of the Dragon, inside the dragon body you will see the frame of huge dragon bones.

The dragon bones at Abandoned water park Hue
The dragon bones at Abandoned water park Hue

Get to the dragon mouth is a good idea to get the best panoramic view. Exploring Thuy Tien lake is an interesting activity besides visiting the historical sites in Hue. After mentioned by the magazine Huffington Post, a lot of tourists curious to come here to explore what makes this place so mysterious.

The beautiful view from the dragon mouth - Thuy tien lake
The beautiful view from the dragon mouth

Maybe from then till now, no one invested to re-build or plan a new project. Over time, humidity, and the weather condition in Hue, everything inside Abandoned Water Park was rusted. It has become more creepy and thrilling. There is a lot of broken glass, a broken wall on the floor. The Aquarium is dark, and some places covered by moss. Other places are similar, lots of garbage, dried-tree, moss. The aquarium where crocodile lives, now it is pretty dirty and no crocodiles anymore.

Abandoned water park Hue, Viet Nam

Walking a bit further, you will get to the three remaining water slides rise through creeping woods, and the specter of abandoned crocodiles once still alive somewhere in the lake visiting the backpackers.

2. Abandoned water park Hue opening hours

Thuy Tien Abandoned Water Park opens 24 hours every day. However, the best time to visit this place when it is still sunshine from 7 AM to 5 PM or 6 PM.

Because this place has been closed so there are no entrance tickets for this area. For security and safety, tourists can not get in. But to get in to visit, you have to give The Security Guard from 20.000VND (roughly $1) to 50.000VND (roughly $2.5) to get inside

3. Thuy Tien Abandoned Water Hue Vietnam photos

  • Thuy Tien park Culture Pham Travel
    Thuy Tien park Culture Pham Travel

4. How to get to abandoned water park Hue?

There are many ways to go to Abandoned Park, including taking a grab bike and also walking. To explore more sights you should book Hue City Tour at Culture Pham Travel

You can also get more information about Hue sights and beautiful landscapes such as Royal Tombs, Citadel… on our website.

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