HUE Entrance Fee Monuments in 2023

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As you know, Hue imperial city is a must-visit destination in central Vietnam. If this is the first time you have traveled to Hue city, Hue entrance fee monuments in 2023 are updated information you must know. The Hue Imperial city entrance fee for 2023 will have some adjustments.

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1. Hue Royal Tomb Entrance Fee


The venue, tourist route

Hue Imperial Citadel Entrance Fee

 (Both for international and Vietnamese tourists)



(age: 7 – 12

or 0.8 – 1.3m)




Hue Imperial City (Citadel – Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities)

200,000 VND

(8.63 USD) 

40,000 VND

(1.73 USD) 


Single Royal Tombs ticket: Emperor Minh Mang’s tomb; Emperor Tu Duc’s tomb; Emperor Khai Dịnh’s tomb

150,000 VND

(6.47 USD)

30,000 VND

(1.29 USD)


Royal tombs and other constructions: Emperor Gia Long’s tomb; Emperor Thieu Tri tomb; Emperor Dong Khanh’s Tomb; Hon Chen Temple; An Dinh Palace; Nam Giao Esplanade

50,000 VND

(2.16 USD)



Tourist route


Combo of 03 venues: Hue Imperial City – Emperor Minh Mang’s tomb – Emperor Khai Dinh’s tomb

420,000 VND

(18.12 USD)

80,000 VND

(3.45 USD)


Combo of 04 venues: Hue Imperial City – Emperor Minh Mang’s tomb – Emperor Khai Dinh’s tomb, Tomb of Tu Duc Emperor

530,000 VND

(22.87 USD)

100,000 VND

(4.31 USD)


Tickets of all venues (visit all of the above-mentioned venues)

580,000 VND

(25.03 USD)

110,000 VND

(4.75 USD)

Update the Hue entrance fees in 2023: Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC)

Note: Expiry date for all tourist route tickets.

  • Combos of 3 and 4 venues: 02-day validity
  • Tickets of all venues (visit all of the above-mentioned venues): 02-day validity.

2. Hue Pagoda Entrance Fee

3. Hue Imperial City Guide:

If you join the Hue Tours of Culture Pham Travel. All the entrance fees will be included in the tours.

4. Imperial City Hue Map (Hue Citadel)

5. Transportation and Opening / Closing Time

You can move by some means of transport such as cars, motorcycles, dragon boats. Please contact the Dragon Boat Station (Toa Kham wharf, 05 Le Loi street, Hue) or Culture Pham Travel.

Hue Dragon Boat
Hue Dragon Boats

The weather in Hue city changes in the summer and winter, so there will be a separate operating time schedule. For your convenience in accessing the heritage in Hue, the opening hours at Hue heritage sites are as follows:

Hue Imperial City (Hue Citadel) opening hours:

  • The daily opening time: from 07:00 AM to 18:00 PM
  • The daily time of ticket selling: from 07:00 AM to 17.30 PM

6. Hue Sightseeing Regulation

Hue entrance fee monuments 2019- 2020- Culture Pham Travel
Regulation in The Complex of Hue Monuments

Regulation when visiting historical sites in Hue:

  • Buy an admission ticket before going to historical sites. Each person must present his or her own ticket at the entrance.
  • Read carefully the regulations on hygiene, security, and fire prevention. Do not carry explosives, flammable substances, poisons, or weapons.
  • Wear polite and quiet attire in palaces and solemn places. Photography and video are not allowed in the palace’s interior.
  • No smoking in palaces, pine areas, and other flammable areas.
  • No picking of flowers or twigs, hunting, or painting on historical sites.
  • Do not lie, sit, or touch artifacts.
  • Persons traveling in vehicles are required to disembark, stop the engine and remove sunglasses and masks (if any) for security checks and specific instructions.

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