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Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel

Hue Festival Introduction

The Hue Festival In Vietnam is held every 2 years, and it is an important cultural event in Hue in even years for the purpose of remembering traditional values in Hue citadel. Join in this festival, you will enjoy the performances of street art, reciting poetry, colourful exhibits, concerts, as well as watching the historical films. In this article, Culture Pham Travel will update the latest news of Hue Festival 2020.

Hue festival- Culture Pham Travel

Hue Festival Vietnam History

As you know, the first festival in Hue is celebrated in 1992 and until in 2000 was renamed as Festival Hue.

Hue Festival Scale

As one of the great festivals, the Hue Festival Vietnam with a lot of community festivals programs is reconstructed with a large space both within and outside the city. It is contributing to the reliving of the cultural values of Hue. In the term of Hue Festivals, there are a lot of interesting programs such as Imperial Palace Night, Nam Giao esplanade ceremony; The festival of Lo and Vinh Quy Bai To; Long dress Festival, Sea festival, Kite flying festival; Poetry excitement festival, Countryside Day market, Chess competition, Boat racing taking place.

Hue culture and art- Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, Hue City also established other handicraft festivals. From these festivals, there are many traditional crafts are slowly recovering; creating a quite visible unique mark that contributes to enriching the land of the capital.

Main programs and festivals at Hue Festival 2020

Hue Festival 2020 Date

The XI Hue Festival (from 28/8/2020 to 02/9/2020) is the milestone that marks the 20-year history of the formation and development of a national cultural-arts and Tourism Festival, which carries international stature.

Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel

Overcome difficulties and challenges caused by Covid-19 disease (Coronavirus). Hue Festivals continues to be held as a testimony to the intense vitality of Hue imperial city. Where the convergence of the culture of the country. It is also the opportunity to promote a friendly destination, the safety of Hue and Vietnam. Plus, it helps create motivation, restores socio-economic development, especially tourism economy of Thua Thien Hue.

Hue traditonal culture, custom and art- Culture Pham Travel

With the theme “Hue Cultural Heritage with new integration and development“, Hue Festival 2020 will bring attendees new experiences, uniqueness in culture; history, and art, which is the convergence of attractive performances by special art groups. Which are typical on the main area such as the Noon Gate; the National square and the performing venues on the walking routes in the centre of Hue City. They are taking place nightly between 29/8 and 02/9/2020.

Opening Art Program

The opening art Program will take place at 20h00 on 28/8/2020 at NGO Mon (The Noon Gate) Square: Honoring traditional and contemporary cultural values of Hue, Vietnam. The program will introduce a Hue city with endless beauty, a city of complete harmony; four radiant seasons, green, environmentally friendly city.

Opening art performance

The Street Festival “Cultural Colors”

Taking place at 16h30 from 29/8/2020 to 02/9/2020: Together with the form of street promotion of the art unions. This year’s Street Festival will honour the culture of the countries in the region through the performance of traditional costumes and the typical dances of ASEAN countries.

Hue Street Art Festival- Culture Pham Travel

Hue’s Drama Mask ceremony festival, a unique form of art with a long history and brilliant development under the Nguyễn dynasty. The festival of Thua Thien Hue Folk Culture introduces several festivals and shows that have been gradually restored in the localities in the province. Combining the Hon Chen (Hue Nam ) Temple Festival on the Perfume River will show cultural value, the rich identity of Hue citadel.

The Festival “Culinary Capital Hue”

Takes place from 29/8 to 02/9/2020 in the commercial park, organized by the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association, coordinated with the Thua Thien Hue Tourism Association. The rich culinary heritage and exquisite cultural cuisine of Hue are considered “Culinary Capital” will be introduced at the festival with many famous culinary specialities in 3 main lines: Folk cuisine, Royal cuisine, vegetarian cuisine.

Hue cuisine- Culture Pham Travel
Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel

Trinh Cong Son Music Show

Hue Music Festival takes place at 20h00 on 30/8/2020 at the stage of the Ngo Mon Gate, introducing the music heritage of Trinh Cong Son with the theme of Hue diary “Hue is my lover, my dream”. The program gathers the famous artists who are tied to the songs of Trinh Cong Son; the young talented artists with the new style.

Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel
Trinh Cong Son Music show- Hue Festival 2020

The program “Who named the River”

At 20h00 on 31/8/2020 at Nghenh Luong Dinh: an art program inspired by the history of the Perfume River. It opens again the mysteries of Hue Imperial Citadel, the Perfume River. The program promises to bring interesting surprises to viewers thanks to a very new stage, attractive storytelling in the language of the performing arts.

Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel

Electronic Music Festival (EDM)

Taking place at 20h30 on 01/9/2020 at the free stadium. EDM festival is the sound and Light party for the youth; the followers of electronic music with the participation of the top artists, DJs in the country and the region.

Closing Art Program – Long dress Festival

At 20h00 on 02/9/2020 at Ngo Mon Square, the program consists of 3 chapters: “Urban poem”; “Hue Always New” and “Hue City Brilliant Flower” will be the highlight of the Hue Festival 2020. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate nature, people as well as honouring the beauty, the value and location of the Vietnamese long dress in life. With the long dress collections of famous designers from Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Hue Festival 2020- Culture Pham Travel
Hue Festival 2020

Besides, community cultural activities, the sport takes place continuously before, during and after the festival period including events in the series of activities of the long-day festival; National Art CLUB Festival, Kite Festival, Beer Festival; Trade fair, Traditional boat race, SUP Racing; VNExpress Marathon Hue; Exhibitions and fine art exhibition… will bring unique experiences to the public and visitors.

Hue Festival 2020 Tickets

At the Hue Festival 2020, the organizers will also exempt, reduce fares for many objects. The People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue has issued a decision on the regulation of fares for the art Festival of Hue 2020 in the centre of Hue Festival Management.

Accordingly, the Festival opening program cost 200,000 dong/ticket; The festival of long dresses is VND 150,000 /ticket; Art program at Hue Imperial Citadel costs VND 100,000/ ticket; The art program at An Dinh Palace costs VND 50,000/ticket; The closing program of the Festival is VND 150,000/ticket. Children under 1.2 meters are free of charge.

Hue Festival 2020 with a lot of new and attractive features promises to be the place for attendees to enjoy the vivid intersection between tradition and modern. Join Hue Festival 2020 to experience the colours of art, culture and immerse yourself in the space of an ancient city. It brings the beauty of a green- clean- bright heritage; the city of four seasons of flowers, peace and happiness.

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