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Thieu Tri Tomb Introduction

Thieu Tri Tomb, also known as Xuong Lang, is one of the famous Hue Royal Tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. It is a relic in the complex of Hue monuments that was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage on December 11th, 1993. This is the resting place of Thieu Tri Emperor- the 3rd Emperor of the last Vietnam feudalism.

tomb of thieu tri-culture pham travel

Although there are many similarities in setting and architecture among Gia Long Tomb and Minh Mang Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb still has its own unique features.

Tomb Of Thieu Tri Location

Thieu Tri Tomb, whose literal name is Xuong Lang, is located in Cu Chanh village, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district, about 8km south of Hue citadel.

Thieu Tri Tomb-Culture Pham Travel

How to get to the Tomb of Thieu Tri?

Located quite close to the center of Hue city, it is not too difficult for you to find the Royal Tomb of Thieu Tri Emperor. You can get to the mausoleum by bicycle, taxi, motorbikes, Hue Private Car, the following road:

Starting from Dien Bien Phu road, you go straight ahead to Nam Giao esplanade. At the intersection, you turn left to Minh Mang road. At the Hong Duc pagoda junction, then turn right, keep going about 2km, you will see the Thieu Tri Tomb Hue on the left.

You can go to Thieu Tri Tomb by riding a bike or driving a car. For more convenience, you may also book a Hue City Private Tour 1 Day to get the full enjoyment of your Hue day trip.

Thieu Tri Emperor Biography

Thieu Tri is officially called Nguyen Phuc Mien Tong (1807 – 1847) – the third Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, the eldest son of King Minh Mang. After ascending the throne for 7 years, Thieu Tri King fell ill and passed away on November 4, 1847, at the age of 41.

When he was alive, he did not think about building a mausoleum for himself, so when King Thieu Tri passed away, his body was laid to rest at Long An Palace, Bao Dinh Palace for 8 months. Tu Duc Emperor (the son of Thieu Tri) ascended the throne and built a royal tomb for his father.

Thieu Tri Tomb Construction History

Regarding the history of Thieu Tri mausoleum, according to the old records, after being on the throne for 7 years, Thieu Tri King fell ill and passed away on November 4, 1847.

When he almost enter the afterlife, the king admonished: “The land for making royal mausoleum should be chosen on high ground at the foot of the mountain. That makes it convenient for the militia to build the royal tomb”.

Thieu Tri Tomb-Culture Pham Travel
King Thieu Tri’s Mausoleum Hue still retains its rare pristine beauty.

“As for the underground tunnel to take the coffin to the grave, starting from Hieu Lang, you should imitate it. As for the temples which are built for the purpose of worshiping, should make them as simplest to not waste money on the resources of the people.”

tomb of thieu tri-culture pham travel

Tu Duc Emperor wrote an epitaph of over 2,500 words and had it engraved on the stele “Thanh Duc Than Cong”. It was erected on November 19, 1848, to praise the merits of his father. Thus, from the date of construction to the date of completion, the Thieu Tri mausoleum was constructed in less than 10 months.

tomb of thieu tri-culture pham travel

After many ups and downs of history, nowadays, Thieu Tri’s Tomb Vietnam has deteriorated heavily. This situation makes the royal tomb not visited by many tourists as the tombs of Minh Mang Tomb, the royal tomb of Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh. In March 2006, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a decision to restore and embellish Xuong Lang, with a total investment of more than 106 billion VND.

Thieu Tri Royal Tomb Architecture

The royal tomb of Thieu Tri is considered a combination of two architectural models of his two predecessors’ tombs. Xuong Lang is similar to Thien Tho Lang in that there is no La Thanh (surrounded wall), and the burial area and the worshiping temple are separate, parallel to each other.

thieu tri tomb-culture pham travel

Xuong Lang is like Hieu Lang in the way of burial and the construction of Toai Dao (the axis). Buu Thanh is round with a semicircular lake of Ngung Thuy wrapped in front.

The structure of King Thieu Tri Hue’s mausoleum includes 2 main areas: the burial area on the right, and the worshiping area on the left.

Thieu Tri Mausoleum-Culture Pham Travel
The Mausoleum of King Thieu Tri Hue

The Burial Area

The burial area is located on the right, in front is Nhuan Trach lake connecting with Dien lake. Behind the lake is the screen, then to Nghi Mon (the bronze gate of a dragon playing with clouds) leading to Bai Dinh. If the worshiping area has Dien lake, then the axis of the burial area has Nhuan Trach lake in front of it.

Thieu Tri Mausoleum-Culture Pham Travel
The ancient beauty of Thieu Tri Mausoleum.

On both sides of the royal courtyard are two rows of bluestone statues of horses, elephants as well as civil-military servants, typical of the art of statue carving in the first half of the 19th century in Hue.

Right behind Nhuan Trach lake is a bronze Nghi Mon gate cast in the style of “co-pillar dragons” leading to the large Bai Dinh courtyard. Next is the Bi Dinh and Duc Hinh Pavilion located on a curved hill in the shape of a tortoiseshell.

tomb of thieu tri-culture pham travel

Bi Dinh, also known as Phuong Dinh, has a bluestone stele engraved with 2,500 words written by King Tu Duc about his father’s bio and merits.

Worshiping area

This shrine area is 100m from Duc Hinh floor to the left, built-in its own way. To get to Buu Duc Palace (where the king’s tablet is worshiped and Tu Du – the King’s wife). You will pass through the marble Nghi Mon, and through Hong Trach Mon.

thieu tri tomb-culture pham travel
Temple – A place to worship the King.

Thieu Tri Tomb Hue Features

La Thanh has a rural identity

The Tomb of Thieu Tri is not built like other Hue royal tombs. Instead, it uses natural mountains and artificial mounds in the area around the mausoleum to serve as its front and rear occipitals. It can also be said that the tomb is surrounded by rice fields and green gardens. Creating a rural serene, and peaceful space.

Culture Pham Travel
A semicircular lake surrounds the Buu Thanh building, where the king’s tomb is located.

Unique mausoleum direction

The tomb was built facing the Northwest, a direction never used in major architectural works in Hue at that time.

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In addition, Vong Canh hill is located about 1km away from the mausoleum, with Ngoc Tran mountain on the left side facing the mausoleum. Giving the mausoleum the position of “the left Dragon, the right Tiger”. The “prejudice” for the Thieu Tri tomb Hue Vietnam area is Cham mountain about 8km away, and Bau Ho cave is located closer as a natural screen for the impregnated area.

The terrain surrounding the tomb of Thieu Tri

Surrounding the tomb of King Thieu Tri Hue is a peaceful scene of the countryside, verdant trees, and green fields stretching. Along with the system of tombs of the mother, wife, and children of King Thieu Tri.

The tomb of Thieu Tri-Culture Pham Travel
The resting place of King Thieu Tri has a peaceful landscape, making people feel peaceful when visiting here.

Moreover, to the front of King Thieu Tri Hue’s mausoleum is the tomb of Hieu Dong (of the king’s mother – Mrs. Ho Thi Hoa). Behind the left is Xuong Tho Lang (of the king’s wife – Ms. Tu Du). In front is the grave area is the resting place of the children of King Thieu Tri, who passed away at a young age.

Thieu Tri Tomb Entrance Fee & Opening Hours

Currently, the latest updated ticket prices for Thieu Tri Tomb are as follows:

– Adults: 50,000vnd/ticket.

– Children from 7-12 years old are free.

The mausoleum is open to visitors on all days of the week, from Monday to Sunday (7 am – 5:30 pm).

The Best Time To Visit?

According to Culture Pham Travel’s travel experience, the weather in Hue is most pleasant from January to April every year. Because this is the right time for you to visit the mausoleum as well as other tourist places in Hue. The mausoleum complex is also quite small, so you can only spend 1-2 hours exploring it all.

tomb of thieu tri-culture pham travel

In conclusion, Culture Pham Travel hopes our sharing of the Thieu Tri Tomb will help you on your upcoming discovery trip! Let’s book a Hue Royal Tombs Tour to explore ancient tombs in Hue city.

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