As you know, when you travel to another country, you should get your guide to know more about the local cultures, traditional customs, cuisines, and history.

Some people told me that, well, I would like to save money, I can travel and visit by myself, I can read the information on the internet, in my Guide books or I can watch youtube about the destinations and attractions.

YES, you can do that and you should do that before you travel but REMEMBER that, that information is just the personal ideas of one or groups in different parts of Viet Nam or from different countries. It bases on their personal knowledge, their personal thoughts, their point of views and their travel experience.

Culture Pham Travel from Viet Nam. We are the locals, we were born here and we classify carefully to welcome the best experienced and excellent English speaking tour guides, drivers who have a good and clear attitude at work, who are not only working to make money but also working with their hearts, loving their jobs. With deep experience and enthusiastic and conscientious attitude in tourism, we promise to provide great service to make sure you would have a wonderful time in our homeland.

Below, there are some reasons why should you need a GUIDE and you should GET YOUR GUIDE from our Travel Agency:


1. When you have very little time.

An excellent tour guide can be a laser pointer to focus on any sightseeing visits, and this may never be so precious as when you have very little time in each place. The great tour guide can give you a customized and advised itinerary through the destination of your choices.

2. When visiting ports on a cruise.

When you take a trip on a cruise ship, normally you don’t have much time and you would like to visit some places with a little time. You should get a tour guide. He will help you arrange a tour following your requirements and with his advice, you can visit more and understand deeply the history of the local attractions and local foods.

3. When revisiting a destination or an attraction.

If you are visiting an area you have visited many times before. For example, you visit the same place but now with your girlfriend or your family members or you just come back to the same city you have been visiting 12 years ago. Hire a tour guide who can give you an offbeat look at a familiar place. A talented guide with a heap of local knowledge will have something new to offer to you.

4. When visiting dangerous or chaotic locations.

If your destination has a reputation for dangerous or unpredictable street life. Hiring a good tour guide can not only save you time but also keep you safe and out of tight spots.

5. When visiting extremely popular locations.

A good tour guide will always know the best hours to visit attractions. When prices are best, which places you can skip. Where are the great foods? How to bargain at the market. How to avoid rush hour, which is closed or under construction. And any number of tricks and tactics that will help you get the most out of a heavily visited location. Moreover, he will take you to wild places only the locals know.

6. On long stays.

When you are staying for more than a few days in the same location. Let’s say you have a two-week vacation in Viet Nam. Consider hiring a tour guide for the first couple of days to help you get your bearings early on your trip…Or perhaps merely to get all the touristy stuff out of the way. Alternately, you can hire a guide late in your stay. When you have exhausted the obvious attractions and want to seek out a deeper, more informed or more intimate knowledge of a place.

7. When visiting historic destinations.

In places that are exceptionally diverse history or cultural significance. An educated tour guide can offer a depth of experience and knowledge that goes beyond guidebook snippets or plaque-reading. Some of the rare or ancient myths are valuable because they are not on the internet commonly. A good tour guide can explain the stories behind what you just see by your eyes.

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Mr. Hoa Van Pham.

The Director.

Culture Pham Travel

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