Elephant Springs Hue, Vietnam


1. Introduction of Elephant Springs Vietnam

Hue has gained a reputation for not only stunning landscapes, ancient palaces, hidden treasures but also the fresh Eco-tourism areas. One of the places for a traveler to have a dip bath; have much fun, and enjoy quality time is Elephant Springs. If you want to see many waterfalls, florist composition and climb up to the hut to eat a piece of salty grilled chicken. Elephant Springs is a destination that you cannot miss.

elephant springs in Hue City
elephant springs in Hue City

2. How to get to Elephant Springs

Travelers feel curious about this famous picnic spot in Hue. In fact, this location is conveniently located on the road between Hoi An, Danang, and Hue. If they travel from Hue, they just need to cross Phuoc Tuong Pass for about 3 km and then look for km 879. After finding that sign, turning right and going straight to Suoi Voi are what they will do.

In terms of travelers from Da Nang, it will take more time with a distance of about 55km. Again, it is important to pay attention to the 879 km road segment, then turn left to go to Suoi Voi to avoid getting lost.

Plus, you can book our Hue to Hoi An Private Car, Hoi An to Hue by car transfer, or Hue to Hoi An by Jeep so you can request our friendly driver to stop at Elephant springs, Lap An Lagoon, Hai Van Pass, and Marble Mountains.

Elephant Springs Vietnam
Elephant Springs Vietnam

3. Its unique name

Many passengers wonder why this stream is called the elephant stream, and they guess it has many elephants. In fact, when they come here, they can admire a giant stone elephant lying on the edge of a stream that is spouting with water. Furthermore, the locals often call it “ Suoi Me “ which means “ colossal elephant “

4. Why is Elephant Springs Hue so popular?

4.1. Its unique water

Vietnam Elephant Spring
Vietnam Elephant Spring

Coming here, visitors can also immerse themselves in the clear natural swimming pool of Dam Voi lying between two large waterfalls up to 30m2 and 2m deep.

Unlike other streams, the Elephant stream is also special since the water of the Elephant Stream is clean and clear. In particular, no matter how many people bathe, tourists can see the colorful big stones at their feet. 

Amazingly, the water is clearer and the stream will have a steady depth when we go to a lower position. Noticeably, the stone seems very slippery; thus, we need to be careful.

In addition, no matter how well tourists swim, they should rent a life jacket to reduce the case of an unfortunate slip, because the bottom of the stream is covered with small and big stones.

4.2. An ideal relaxing spot

elephant springs in Hue City - Viet Nam
Elephant springs in Hue City – Viet Nam

While taking a bath, tourists can rent a hut to contain their clothes, belongings and have a perfect place to rest. To be specific, for food and drink, travelers might order at the stall; there will be a package of catering services.

4.3 Some dishes at Elephant Springs Vietnam.

It is a great chance for tourists to enjoy the local cuisines in Elephant Springs. Specifically, grilled frogs, fish, snails streamed in many different ways from boiling and stirring are the cuisines. Both of them are quite good and not really expensive.

Food at Elephant Spring Hue
The food at Elephant Spring Hue

In addition, tourists can also bring your own prepared food. However,  it is wiser for them to not miss the unique dishes here.

4.4 Games at Elephant Springs

Games at Elephant Springs
Games at Elephant Springs

Besides, when coming here, the traveler can also participate in fascinating experiences such as catching crabs or snails in the cliffs. Additionally, when they come to Vung Du, clinging to the roots and hanging to swing across the stream is an interesting activity. In fact, they are able to enjoy the thrilling feeling and take a selfie with vivid and gorgeous pictures.

5. Elephant Springs Vietnam ticket price

Elephant Springs Vietnam
Elephant Springs Vietnam

With the ticket price of only 50,000 – 220,000 VND / person, travelers can rest, and watch the big waterfalls, and the majesty of a diverse primeval forest. Coming to this tourist destination, visitors can see the beauty of the mountains with many forest flowers, and along the streams are ancient trees.

According to many people going to Voi stream, visitors only take about 300,000 VND to get a hut along the stream. Furthermore, a delicious grilled chicken, chicken organs are cooked with vermicelli, which is enough for 2-3 people to eat.

Elephant Springs is a must-see destination when travelers come to Hue and Danang. To fully discover this wonderful place, tourists can book Hue Tour Full Day/ Hue City Tour By Private Car via Culture Pham Travel. We wish we would have a great time!

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