Tra Que Herb Village- Vegetable Paradise in Hoi An

Tra Que herb Village- Culture Pham Travel

1. Tra Que Village Introduction

Hoi An countryisde

Tra Que herb village or Tra Que Vegetable Village is famous for its vegetable cultivation, especially the aromatic herbs that are typical of Vietnamese cuisine. This is the most popular destination for travelers to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life to try an exciting “farmer day”.  Additionally, visitors can learn how to grow vegetables, fertilize, sow seeds, and especially experience the fun with their labor results.

2. How to get to Tra Que Herb Village Hoi An?

Hoi An countryside beauty
Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Herb Village is located in Tra Que Village, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City. To be exact, it is about 2km northeast of the city center and lies between the De Vong River and Tra Que Village. To visit Tra Que village Hoi An, you can ride a bike, take a taxi; or drive a scooter.

3. Why Tra Que is so attractive?

Firstly, the villagers grow many herbs with over 20 more types of herbs appearing in the daily meal. The village associates its name with the vegetables that bring their own unique flavor like places like perilla, basil, and so on.

Tra Que herb Village- Culture Pham Travel

Secondly, Vegetables bring together five flavors ranging from sweet to bitter and sour, which explains the reason why it is so special. Furthermore, thanks to fertile soil, the vegetables have a special flavor and are always fresh without any chemical fertilizer.

Besides, the locals are extremely hospitable and friendly and they always give tourists a hand willingly. The above reasons create the uniqueness of Tra Que Herb Village.

4. What to do at Tra Que Village Hoi An?

4.1. Being a farmer

In the early morning, visitors stand the chance to take a walk in the vegetable garden to breathe the fresh, peaceful atmosphere. In addition, they can admire the fresh, green, full of life, the gentle scent of herbs fragrant with the gentle breeze. Sometimes it helps travelers to feel relaxed and take a rest.

Tra Que Village Hoi An
Tra Que Village Hoi An

In Tra Que vegetable village, many households provide sightseeing services and participate in planting clean vegetables. To be precise, travelers will transform into true farmers with slippers, and conical hats that local people often convey. For visitors who do not live and grow up in the village, this experience will certainly be extremely new and interesting.

In addition, the beauty of this special village is so rustic; therefore, it is perfectly suitable for photographers. Travelers are able to capture the marvelous moment in green paddies fields and green lakes. These kinds of activities help them expand their creativity.

4.2. Enjoy Hoi An specialty Foods

Apart from it, passengers can choose the garden restaurants to enjoy the specialties of Hoi An such as Shrimp meat, pork rice paper, stir-fried mussel rice with chopped vegetables, and fried onions. Most of the food use herb in Tra Que Village and this is why Hoi An specialty food eaten in Tra Que is so much better.

5. Tra Que Herb Village Hoi An entrance fee

According to the People’s Committee of Hoi An City (Quang Nam), from 1.1.2020, tourists have to buy an entrance ticket price of 35,000 VND to visit Tra Que Village.

6. When should you visit Tra Que Culinary Village?

Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An is located in the transition zone between the North and South climates. So the weather is quite considerate.

Tra Que Herb Village Hoi An
Tra Que Herb Village Hoi An

According to the experience of many visitors to Tra Que Vegetable Village, the best time to come here is from May to July or from September to December. The reason is at this time, the weather is not normally changeable. It means that it does not often rain. On lunar January 7th every year, the Cau Bong festival is helping to pray for nice weather and fruitful seasons.

7. The best way to visit Tra Que Herb Village Vietnam

To enjoy Tra Que Herb Village as well as have a great experience in Hoi An. You should book the tour Hoi An Countryside Tour or Tra Que Village Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

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