Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue

Paradise Cave

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Paradise Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the cave system in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. And if you are looking for a service that can take you from Hue to Paradise Cave, then use the Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue City service of Culture Pham Travel. You don’t need to travel many steps to Phong Nha town or from Dong Hoi to Paradise Cave. We will take you to Dong Hoi directly from Hue.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue

Travel From Hue To Paradise Cave

The distance from Hue City to Paradise Cave is about 235km, and the time needed to travel will be about 4 hours and 30 minutes. It will be a long trip, so we have tried our best to provide the best services to ensure the best experience during the trip.

In this Paradise Cave Tour, we will provide you with everything you need for a great tour. The first is that you will have a guide to guide you to visit Thien Duong Cave.

Next will be a new generation car with powerful A/C and comfortable seats for you to enjoy your trip. In addition, there will be water and cold towels available on the carriage for you to use when needed.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue

During this journey, Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue, we will also stop to visit some other places on this journey. Some examples are La Vang Church – La Vang Holy Land, Hien Luong Bridge to see more about Vietnam War and the remaining relics in Quang Tri. But if you don’t want to stop to visit, the guide will briefly introduce these places in the car.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue

Paradise Cave has many other names to describe the natural beauty of this cave. You often see “Underground Palace”, “Paradise on Earth,” and many other beautiful phrases. This is enough to prove the beauty of Paradise Cave, so Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue will be a tour you cannot ignore.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue - Culture Pham Travel

Paradise Cave Vietnam is surrounded by a highly diverse jungle ecosystem, from creatures to plants. Thanks to that, creating a fresh, natural atmosphere and relaxing feeling for those who come here. Inside the cave will open a whole new world, a world of stalactites with diverse forms that you will never forget.

Paradise Cave Day Tour

Thien Duong Cave has a length of 31.4km, is the longest dry cave in Asia and was once the largest cave of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang Caves System. But that was before Son Doong Cave was discovered. Although it has a length of 31.4km, in reality, you can only visit for the first few kilometers because the deeper you go, the more dangerous it will be.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue - Culture Pham Travel

Before visiting Paradise Cave Tour, you will be taken by tram from the parking lot to the foot of Thien Duong mountain. You will walk about 15 minutes along the mountainside to reach Paradise Cave. And in front of your eyes is a new world waiting for you to explore.

Paradise Cave Day Tours - Culture Pham Travel

Other Services

Also, if you want to explore more about Paradis Cave and Phong Nha Cave, you can consider our Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour. Or, if you want to explore and camp at Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, you should visit Ma Da and Abandoned Valleys 2 Days 1 Night.

In addition, we also provide other transportation services for you to come to Dong Hoi cities, such as Hue To Dong Hoi Private Car or Hoian to Dong Hoi Private Car. Visit Phong Nha Caves Tours for more details on our company’s various tours and choose the suitable tour.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue Itinerary

In The Morning

6:30 – 7:00 am: We will pick you up at your hotel or homestay in Hue to take you to Paradise Cave – Quang Binh Province. Our driver is amiable, will assist you with luggage storage, and can converse with you in basic English.

On the journey lasting more than 4 hours, if you want, you can ask us to stop at some Vietnam DMZ to visit. The first place is La Vang Church – La Vang Holy Land, or you can stop at Hien Luong Bridge. But if you want to get to Paradise Cave as quickly as possible, you can skip it and continue moving.

11:30 am: After more than 4 hours of continuous travel, you must have felt hungry, so after arriving in Phong Nha town, you will stop for lunch. Lunch will be local dishes, and they will be the energy source for the afternoon tour of Paradise Cave.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue - Culture Pham Travel

In The Afternoon

12:30 – 3:00 pm: After lunch, we will continue our journey to explore Paradise Cave. This is one of the most beautiful caves in the system. Over the years, tectonics has created many stalactites with diverse shapes.

Paradise Cave - Culture Pham Travel

You will be lost in an underground palace with many unique shapes, such as Champa Tower, Rong House of Highland Vietnam and many others.

On this journey, visiting and exploring the longest dry cave in Asia will be a great experience. But before that, you will need to climb 519 steps before reaching heaven. This will surely be a fantastic experience you can’t afford to miss.

Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue - Culture Pham Travel

3:30 pm: We will finish the Paradise Cave Tour and continue to take you back to Hue City. We will arrive at your hotel in Hue city at around 8:00 pm and finish the Paradise Cave Day Tour From Hue. Culture Pham Travel hopes you will have a great experience with our services.


  • Private Car/Bus new air-con vehicles
  • Tour guide
  • Lunch
  • Electric golf car
  • Entrance fees
  • Mineral water


  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Beverages
  • Gratuities tip for tour guide and driver
  • Other services not mentioned in the itinerary.

Children’ policies

  • Children under 6 years old are free of charge.


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