Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

Phong Nha, Quang Binh

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Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave are the two most beautiful caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. And Culture Pham Travel will provide Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave Tour so that you can explore these two caves’ beauty.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

We provide the most comfortable private tour for you to discover all the beauty of Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave. You can enjoy all the best services such as a new generation car, tour guide, a person to carry your stuff, lunch and many other things.

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Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

Paradise Cave Tour

The first natural wonder we will discover is Paradise Cave in Vietnam – Paradise On Earth. Not only is it a beautiful cave, but the surrounding natural environment also creates a fresh atmosphere.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

Many people believe that Thien Duong Cave has a healing effect on the soul. You will feel more peaceful when witnessing the beauty and breathing fresh air.

Before being discovered in 2005 by the Royal Cave Association of Great Britain, Paradise Cave had undergone many years of tectonics. Also, with a length of up to 31.4km, this was the longest cave before Son Doong Cave was discovered.

Paradise Cave

It is said to be one of the most beautiful caves in Quang Binh and is also known as the “Underground Palace”. Through thousands of years of tectonics, Paradise Cave has created many stalactites of various shapes.

The stalactites with many shapes and angles reflect light. Making the whole cave always look like it shines bright like a diamond. The cave stretches 7,729m throughout the cave, and the stalactites will bring you the most relaxing and peaceful moments when enjoying the mystery here.

Phong Nha Cave Tour

After completing the tour at Paradise Cave Vietnam, we will have a break for lunch. The next place on the journey of Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave Private Tour will be Phong Nha Cave – the cave is said to be the most beautiful.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

Phong Nha Cave is also known as “The Most Beautiful Cave In Vietnam” when it became the first point to be implemented for tourism in Phong Nha Ke Bang, Quang Binh. The cave entrance is 20-25m wide, 10m high, and 83m deep, including 14 smaller caves inside.

Phong Nha Cave Tour

Phong Nha Cave owns many stalactites with many shapes. Beautiful round roofs, for example, are incredibly fancy stalactites like lions, thrones, and Buddhas. In addition, this place also has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which is very popular with tourists.

Seven Best Things In Phong Nha Cave In Vietnam.

1. The cave with the longest water cave – 28 km

The first thing about Phong Nha Caves is that it has the longest water cave. Hang Vom belongs to the Phong Nha Caves system and is the longest water cave, with a length of up to 28 km.

2. The cave has the highest and widest cave entrance today.

The second thing is about the gate of the cave. It has a width of 25 m and is 10m high. It is the cave with the highest gate today. The door of the cave is also an intersection of light. When looking from above, the boats seem to disappear when entering the cave.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave

3. The cave contains the most comprehensive and beautiful sandy beach and reef.

Inside Phong Nha Cave, you can see sandy beaches and rocky beaches stretching throughout the cave, with many unique and beautiful shapes.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave

4. The cave has the most beautiful lake

The underground lake with deep blue water, a length of up to 13,969m, is a charming point when traveling to Phong Nha cave. With such a large lake, visitors can freely kayak in Phong Nha Cave and enjoy the cool water.

5. The system of stalactites in the cave is beautiful and majestic.

After a long time of construction under the hands of nature, Phong Nha Cave now has a beautiful and majestic stalactite system. They are very diverse in shape; you can see shapes such as thrones, Champa towers, Buddha and many others.

Paradise Cave And Phong Nha Cave Tour

6. The cave owns the longest underground river in Vietnam, 1,500 meters.

The underground river in the cave has a length of up to 1,500m, a journey where visitors will discover the magnificent, unspoiled beauties and witness them with their own eyes. See the magical scene where the magical shimmering light blends with the darkness.

7. Cave with cave widest and most beautiful dry

Thien Duong cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is a dry cave with a length of 31.4km and is the largest and most beautiful dry cave.

Paraidise Cave Tour

Tour Itinerary

07:45 – 08:00: We will send a car to pick you up at your hotel in Dong Hoi city or Phong Nha and take you to the first place in Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave 1 Day Tour. The first place you will discover is Paradise Cave – the longest dry cave in Asia. This cave is 75km from Dong Hoi city and 25km from Phong Nha city, so that the travel time will differ.

12:30: After completing the visit inside Thien Duong Cave, we will continue to move to Phong Nha village to enjoy lunch. Here we will serve local specialties, which are sure to be delicious.

13h30: After finishing lunch, we will continue on the way to discover the next place in Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave Full Day Tour, which is Phong Nha Cave. This cave is said to be the most beautiful of all the caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, so that you will like it.

17h00: After spending about 3 hours exploring Phong Nha Cave, it’s time for us to take you back to the city. We’ll drop you off at your hotel, pick you up in Phong Nha or Dong Hoi and end your journey.

What to Bring: Hat, sunscreen, camera, towel, sports sandals/shoes, 01 swimsuits if you want to swim, power bank to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of battery when taking pictures, and a waterproof bag for your phone.

Note: Pregnant women over three months are not allowed to join this tour because of safety problems.


  • Pick-up and return transfers in Dong Hoi City and Phong Nha
  • English speaking guide 
  • Mineral water
  • Wet tissue
  • One lunch (Vietnamese style dishes) 
  • Entrance tickets plus the boat and golf car (Electrical car)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Service Charge.


  • Personal expenses, tips.

Children’ policies

  • Kids below 1,1m are free.
  • Kids from 1,1m – 1.2m: pay 50%.
  • From 1.3m and up full of charge as adults.


Group Tour: 1,300,000 VND/Pax from 2-12 people.

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