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If you visit Hoian, don’t miss one of the most interesting tourist attractions here: Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An! This place is renowned for its long-standing tradition of making pottery.

In Vietnam, pottery is not only just a normal art form, but it also has a worldwide reputation as well as a livelihood for many Vietnamese. Moreover, Thanh Ha Pottery can be considered the gallery presenting so many exquisite pottery artworks.

Today’s article will introduce to you the famous village: Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoian. Let’s refer to this article to get more information!

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Address and entrance tickets

Thanh pottery village- Culture Pham Travel

Thanh Ha Pottery Village: Cultural heritage along Thu Bon River, is just about 3  kilometers to the West of Hoi An ancient town, next to the fish market. So, it is quite easy to get to the ancient pottery village. From Hoi An ancient town center to Vinh Dien, following Duy Tan street, you will see the sign showing the way to Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

Thanh Ha Pottery map:

You can find Thanh Ha Pottery Village’s address at Pham Phan road, Street block No.5, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. So, when to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village? The opening time will be from 8 am to 5 pm every day, which is quite flexible for your schedule to visit.

Visiting Thanh Ha village will cost you 30,000 VND (adults) for an entrance ticket fee and 15,000 for a child under 10 years old.

How to get to Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoian?

It is not far to get to the village – just only 3 kilometers from the city center. Hence, to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Making Village Hoi An, there are so many means of transport for you to choose from.

Culture Pham Travel

For example, if you love discovering beautiful nature and observing the peaceful life in Hoian, it will be a good idea to ride a bike or rent a scooter with a helmet for your journey.

However, if you want to be faster and not time-consuming, you can take a taxi. Additionally, you also can book the Hoi An ancient town and countryside at Culture Pham Travel for the best schedule. We ensure that you will have the best trip ever.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village History

In the 15th century, people from Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, and Hai Duong provinces came to choose Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An, to settle down. Before, Vietnamese had used all cooking and daily life stuff made from Porcelain and clay.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

The above information is the reason why Thanh Ha potteries were kind of popular. In the past, there was a total of 100 households working in the village, but nowadays, there are only 8 households still keeping their jobs.

These days, every year on the Lunar new year January 10th the locals here hold the Spring Worshiping ceremony to show their respect to the ancestors as well as the gods wishing for a prospective and happy year. 

How to produce a Thanh Ha Pottery product?

The process of making pottery in Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An Vietnam is very strict, through the talented hands of skilled, experienced artisans to produce beautiful products.

Thanh Ha Village Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

Firstly they have to choose the good clay and filter them carefully, then break it down into different parts before starting to shape it. Before you embark on shaping, you have to polish, especially when it takes two people to perform (usually women will do this).

In it, there is a person standing on one leg, using the other foot to step on the turntable, and using both hands as the earth. The other uses the technique to take the soil and putting it on a turntable, then rolling it into a deep cocoon and using a scallop, ring, and rag to shape the product.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village- Culture Pham Travel

When you’ve finished shaping the product, you have to dry them under the sunshine. After the pottery dries already, we stamp, and decorate them with many unique patterns of Thanh Ha Hoi An pottery village

Finally, after the ceramic is thoroughly completed, put it in the furnace to heat! After about 7-8 hours of heating when the smoke was gone, our potteries started to burn so loudly that the fire stopped.

Moreover, remember to check the surface of the products! In 12 hours, you can get beautiful products, and normally, the process lasts 15 days.

What to do in Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An?

Learn how to make pottery

Visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village Vietnam, you will have a chance to learn how to make a product. After that, you can make yourself.

Thanh Ha Village- Culture Pham Travel

Plus, you will be guided by experienced pottery artisans to get the most beautiful works. In the end, participants can keep what they made to be meaningful souvenirs. The price for taking part in making pottery is 30,000 VND per person (Thanh Ha Pottery Museum).

Explore Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

In the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park (Thanh Ha pottery village museum), miniature pottery works are created based on the world wonders and famous landmarks of Vietnam.

Terracotta Park at the village- Culture Pham Travel

Besides, you can find it in a live museum with extremely valuable resources. Here, visitors can get to know more about traditional pottery, as well as the life and production of local people.

Buy beautiful souvenirs

Buy a product at the village- Culture Pham Travel

The main souvenir products of the pottery village in Hoi An are everyday household items. There are bowls; cups, vases, fish pots, flower vases, pots, … the funny animals. Traditional souvenir products are breathtakingly modern which has made visitors unable to leave.

Discover Thanh Ha Pottery Museum

Thanh Ha Pottery Museum was constructed in 2015, so it may be quite new for some people visiting here. When you get to the museum, you will be surprised due to its open-air building atmosphere. Numerous pottery products are shown and a lot of artisans are working in front of your eyes, Hence, this is a chance for you to experience the working space of pottery artisans.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoian - Culture Pham Travel
The Ancient Pottery Village of Thanh Ha – Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, tourists really enjoy this place with diverse exciting things. There is a workshop for them to try making pottery, and a gallery to admire artworks and understand more about pottery history. In addition, tourists also can go to the terracotta market and gift shop to buy some presents for people at home.

Free Pottery Classes

Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoian - Culture Pham Travel
Free Pottery Classes – Culture Pham Travel

Here, many free pottery classes are open to tourists. However, afterward, the artisan will ask you to buy souvenirs such as incense burners, ashtrays, etc. The souvenir price ranges from 20,000 VND ( roughly 0.86 USD). Nevertheless, is it pretty cheap that you only pay 20,000 VND for a pottery class?


Culture Pham Travel has just introduced to you a wonderful village in Hoian: Thanh Ha Pottery Village. If you are into art and beauty, you absolutely cannot ignore this masterpiece place. We hope that you will have a great Thanh Ha Pottery Village tour as well as the most memorable Hoi An city Tour. If you have enough time, you can visit Cam Nam Island to admire more beautiful sceneries in Hoian Ancient Town.


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