Cam Kim Island – The Pristine Beauty In Hoi An

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel


Cam Kim Island is known as one of the must-visit destinations for tourists when traveling to Hoi An Ancient Town. Especially, if you are under depression due to the hustle and bustle of life, this island will be the most effective remedy for you. This small oasis is surrounded by green trees and beautiful nature like an ink-wash painting.

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel
Cam Kim Island – Culture Pham Travel

Plus, Cam Kim Island is a peaceful place of Hoi An City, so you can recharge your battery and take a rest here. Today’s article will introduce to you Cam Kim Island, Hoi An. Let’s take a look!


Cam Kim Island is situated on the south side of the Thu Bon river. And the distance between the island and Hoi An city is about 3,5 kilometers. So, it will take about 15 minutes to get to the island from the city center. Furthermore, Hoi An has a total of four suburban communes and Cam Kim Island Hoi An is one of them.

How To Get To Cam Kim Island?

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel
How To Get To Cam Kim Island?

As we mentioned before, it is about 3,5 kilometers from the city center to the island. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to get there. There are many ways for you to go to the island. For example, you can go by bike or motorbike. However, you can refer to the common means of transport below to reach the island.

By Bike

First, tourists can visit Cam Kim by bike, which is considered the most exciting way. You can enjoy the fresh vibe and breathe cool air on road. Moreover, it is incredible when immersing yourself in natural beauty.

Cam Kim Island Hoi An Map (Cam Kim Island Map):

When cycling, you will go through Cam Kim Bridge. The bridge is located at the end of An Hoi from the south. It is on Nguyen Phuc Tan street. On road, you can take a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee or sugarcane juice. Those drinks are the most popular in Vietnam, so you can find them anywhere you go.

By Ferry

Second, you can go to Cam Kim by ferry. If you want to experience the ferry, you should go to the pier east of the market alongside the Bach Dang first. Here, you can hire a ferry and begin your journey.

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You can get to the island by ferry

Most especially, we would like to recommend you get a bike or motorbike. Then, you can discover more wood-carving shops prolonging the island’s pier road. It is not expensive to rent a bike or motorbike. You just need to pay about 35,000 VND (1.50 USD).

Cam Kim’s New Bridge

Nowadays, there is a new bridge linking Cam Kim and Thanh Ha Village. Since the bridge was built, other means of transport like motorcars, jeeps, or private buses have been able to commute between these two places more easily.

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What Makes Cam Kim Island Special?

The first feature that makes Cam Kim different from others is its green beauty. At the first sight, you will be overwhelmed when seeing nature here. There are so many hedges of vines and grasslands. The space is surrounded by wildflowers and cornfields. Hence, the island can be referred to as a beautiful masterpiece painting.

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The island can be referred to as a beautiful masterpiece painting.

In summer, the weather is boiling in the center of Vietnam. Cam Kim can be considered an “alien” place because the atmosphere is extremely cool here. We should thank mother nature who created a wonderful flora like this on the island.

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Next, you will have the chance to witness the most peaceful and stable image of Hoi An countryside. There are many children playing football on the grass ground and the cows graze under the sunset sky in the afternoon. Isn’t the most stunning moments in life?

Besides, Cam Kim has not been touristic. Most tourists will visit Kim Bong carpentry village first and not many people care about Cam Kim. That is the reason why the village has still preserved its pristine beauty until now.

What To Explore?

So, what things to do in Cam Kim Island Hoi An? Although it is pristine, Cam Kim Island has a bunch of interesting things for you to explore.

Admire The Stunning Natural Beauty

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel
Admire The Stunning Natural Beauty

The first activity you should and will do here is to admire the beauty of nature. You can wander around, enjoy the peaceful vibe and breathe the fresh air here. Moreover, Cam Kim is an ideal destination to take photos because you will have a cool background. It is covered by green corn fields, glorious rice fields, and wildflowers.

Rice Paper Making

Let’s walk or cycle to the end of Cam Kim Island bridge and go to the wider road on the right! You will see an unbelievable image. There are a lot of rice papers drying under the hot sunshine.

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel
Rice Paper Making

If you are lucky enough, you will have an opportunity to try making rice paper. Or you can come, say “Hi” and ask for experience. They will be friendly to give you a spot to be an artist making rice papers.

Enjoy Fresh Beer

After that, you can drink a cup of fresh beer and taste some delicious food cooked by local chefs. We will sit on the riverbank of Thu Bon River, and feel the countryside wind and breezy atmosphere. Maybe, you will love this peaceful place more.

Discover Kim Bong Carpentry Village

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Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Honestly, Kim Bong Carpentry Village belongs to a part of Cam Kim Island. The village has a reputation for being an ancient craft village in Hoi An. When visiting here, tourists can see a lot of finely carved and chiseled wood products. There are famous products like wood-carved tables, chairs, and Buddha statues.

Cycling Tour Of Cam Kim Island

If you want to make a bicycle tour to Cam Kim Island, we would like to introduce you to the Cam Kim Island cycle route – The main attractions. Triem Tay Village and Kim Bong Carpentry Village are two main attractions you should visit on the cycle route.

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Cycling Tour Of Cam Kim Island – Culture Pham Travel

While Kim Bong Carpentry Village is famous for its traditional crafts, Triem Tay Village is well-known for its long-standing homes, hedgerows, and pagodas. Moreover, Triem Tay also has community gardens for you to explore.

Additionally, from the bridge, let’s move onto the southeast to get to boat-building yards here next to the ferry dock! You can meet the scenery of several fishing vessels moved out to the sea and landing.

Cam Kim Island - Culture Pham Travel
Cam Kim Bridge – Culture Pham Travel

Near the ferry dock, it is convenient for you to explore a small market here. If you do not know what to buy in Hoi An, let’s visit this market! The market sells a lot of local handicrafts as also other knick-knacks. The residents here are very hospitable and always welcome tourists.

However, as tourists, it is difficult for you to discover all the beautiful spots on the route. You should have someone who gets to know the island well such as residents to experience the best Cam Kim Island bike tour.

Travel Tips

There are some noticeable things to know when visiting Cam Kim Island;

  • The best time to visit Cam Kim Island will be from 16:40 to 17:30. This is the most beautiful time to admire the beauty here. Moreover, from May to August, it is quite hot here. The degree can increase up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • On the other hand, it will rain regularly between December and February. Therefore, you should visit the island in March and April. The weather will be stable, not too hot or too cold during this time.
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Travel tips to Cam Kim
  • When taking a boat to Cam Kim Island, you should ask the ferryman for the time of the last ferry for the day. The last ferry for moving from Can Kim to Hoi An is normally at 19:00. However, the time can be varied due to the weather and the passenger number.
  • You should avoid using big vehicles due to the small village lanes. Moreover, pay attention to pedestrians like locals or children on road, especially at intersections. They can come out accidentally. Don’t crash into them!


We have just introduced to you Cam Kim Island. If you have a chance to visit Hoi An, don’t neglect this destination! Moreover, you may be interested in our Hoi An Lantern Making Tour, Hoi An City Tour 1 Day. By booking Culture Pham Travel‘s tour, our local guide is willing to share with you everything about Hoi An Ancient City and Cam Kim Villages.

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