Cam Nam Island – The Unique Countryside Beauty In Hoian

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If you visit Hoian, do not ignore the gorgeous beauty of Cam Nam Island. This island has a reputation for being Cam Nam Island- The small pearl of Hoi An. Moreover, it is considered one of the must-visit spots when traveling to Hoian, Quang Nam.


The island is located in Cam Nam District, Hoi An City, Quang Nam province. It is surrounded by the water flow of the Thu Bon River. Moreover,this island used to be called by the name Pho Cam Village. It is near Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoian. The distance is about 2 kilometers, which is quite close.

How to get to Cam Nam Island?

There are so many ways for you to visit Cam Nam Island (Hoi An). You can rent a bike, or a motorbike, or take a taxi to reach the island. However, we highly offer you to book our Hoi An Car Rental. This service will guarantee your safety and you can experience the best service ever at a reasonable price.

Hoi An to Cam Nam Island Hoi An map:

If you are in the city center, let’s leave and go to Cam Nam Hoian Bridge. Go through this bridge 200 meters in length! In the end, you will meet the small island belonging to Cam Nam District.

Cam Nam Island history

As we mentioned above, in the past, the island was called “Cam Pho Village” according to the long-standing generation and historical stories here. This island appeared sooner than other islands in Hoian.

The dune was situated in the middle of the Hoai River had soon become the birthplace of the citizens in the 14th century. those citizens originated from the North of Vietnam. Most of them made living by farming and fishing.

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If you take notice, you will realize that most destinations with the names: Xuyen Trung, Chau Trung, Trung Tin, and Nam Ngan had a strong connection with the legendary ancestors such as the Tran, Huynh, Le, and Nguyen tribes between the 15th century and the 17th century.

What to do at Cam Nam Island Hoi An?

Admire the natural beauty 

First of all, you should get to Cam Nam Village to explore the beauty of nature with bamboo houses. Plus, there are so many bamboos and coconut trees and boats around. Hence, tourists will have a chance to experience countryside life with thatched roofs and feel the scent of areca flowers.

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Try delicious foods 

Second, you cannot ignore the food when traveling to this island in Hoian. Let’s come by local cooking areas that specialize in cooking fresh corn! Then, you will have an opportunity to enjoy tasty, glutinous corn soup.

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Furthermore, there is also the sweet flavor of colostrum milk that you cannot deny trying once in your life. This dish is known as one of the delicious specialties in Hoi An Ancient town.

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Next, the rice paper and fried mussel shops with Cam Nam Island clams are other irresistible dishes that we cannot miss here. You can find rice paper everywhere in the hut shops along the riverside of Hoai River. We ensure that these dishes are so good and flavorful. Moreover, if you want, you can try Quang noodles and Cao Lau. These dishes are also good and you will be exactly satisfied.

Make a bicycle tour

Finally, rent a bike and admire the beauty of majestic landscapes as well as feel the peaceful atmosphere and quiet place in the countryside of the island. Moreover, if you want to stay overnight, there are some Cam Nam Island Hoi An hotels for you to take a rest.

Cam Nam Island - Culture Pham Travel

Cam Nam Village Hoi An Projects

These days, Cam Nam Village Hoi An has been processing tourism projects. The village is trendy to be a garden resort and becoming the typical icon of Hoi An countryside and central Vietnam. Plus, you can discover the Cam Nam Island Hoi An beach resorts here.

Cam Nam Island - Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, there is an investment project called “Vietnam Country Village” to construct a garden resort along the Hoai River. The project location will be situated on the west of Cam Nam Bridge. The scale of it is on an area of up to 12,000 – 15,000m2.


In conclusion, Culture Pham Travel has just introduced to you Cam Nam Island in Hoi An. We hope that this article can provide you with useful information to have the best Hoi An City Tour.

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