Mooc Spring Phong Nha, Vietnam

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel


Mooc Spring Phong Nha, go to enjoy the freshness, the wild beauty of nature in Quang Binh province. If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Binh, do not miss visiting the Nuoc Mooc spring Eco-Trail.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel

Coming here, you will be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery, bathing in crystal clear spring water; participating in adventurous swimming games, kayaking with friends, relatives, etc.

Mooc Spring Vietnam Location

Located in the subdivision, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park system. From Dong Hoi city, you follow the East branch of Ho Chi Minh road, about 60km, you will meet Khe Gat fork. Continue to follow the West branch about 5km, you will come to Mooc spring resort, located in Thuong Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh.

From Hue, Danang, or Hoi An, you can easily get to Mooc Spring Phong Nha by book Hue to Phong Nha private car, Da Nang to Dong Hoi by car, or Hoi An to Phong Nha Private car with English speaking drivers.

About its name “Nuoc Mooc Spring”

At first, everyone was curious to hear about Mooc Spring. According to the local language here, “moc” means “to grow” which means to grow from the bottom up. And the name has shown a miracle at this tourist destination.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel

At the head of the water source, people will admire the strangeness of the stream with low water columns rising from the ground and flowing into the Nuoc Mooc spring to merge with the green Chay river.

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According to British royal expedition experts, after surveying the unique phenomenon of Mooc lake, the lake is about 90 m2 wide. The survey team added that the phenomenon of water rising from the ground here is very special that they still cannot explain. The depth of the lake is still a mystery that challenges human exploration.

The source of the spring is a steep cliff, the water keeps gushing up from the ground, geologists believe that this stream may originate from underground veins in those towering cliffs.

What makes Mooc Spring Attractive?

Fresh and cool weather

Enjoy the fresh air of unspoiled mountains and have wonderful relaxing moments while immersing in the cool blue water of Mooc Spring. The sweltering heat of summer days seems to disappear, the spring water is clear and the temperature is always below 20 degrees Celsius.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel

Hidden under the murky, dense jungle in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs, the Nuoc Mooc stream is like a mysterious clear jade bringing a cool breeze for the land of Quang Binh.

The diversity of fauna and flora system

This ecotourism route passes through a dense limestone forest, along the small murmuring streams of Mooc Spring and Chay River. In addition to the opportunity to learn about the National Park and its biodiversity. Visitors can also admire the unique beauty of several species of birds, dragonflies, and the diversity of flora including all the famous orchids.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel
Wild Butterflies at Mooc Spring Phong Nha

Especially, every year from mid-March to the end of April, Mooc Spring is adorned with the yellow color of bright Vang Anh flowers. Visitors coming here at this time will not help but be surprised and captivated by the poetic beauty of the golden yellow flower clusters.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel
Typical Vang Anh flowers at Nuoc Mooc Spring

Mooc Spring Vietnam is also attractive with white butterflies fluttering everywhere. The time from April to the end of May is the time when Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is as beautiful as a fairyland because butterflies enter the breeding season.

Butterflies chase the treetops, tangerine tangerines surrounded by wildflowers, fluttering on the deep blue water and chasing footsteps, landing on the shoulders, clothes, and hair of tourists.

Fabulous little streams and waterfalls

Following the Nuoc Mooc spring path, the space seems to open up, the sky is cloudy, the mountains are overlapping, the stream is gently flowing, stretching at the foot of a small waterfall. Big and small rocks are scattered along the stream.

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The clear green stream fascinates your footsteps, follows the forest path to go deep, and then it’s like getting lost in a world of trees, clouds, and water.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel

The beautiful, slender bamboo bridges reflect themselves into the winding water. The rays of the sun danced and played with the blue water, one side is the majestic cliffs, the other is the jungle, the dreamy scene is hard to describe by words!

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel

At times, the stream mysteriously disappeared into the crevices of the rocks, leaving only the murmuring sound of water flowing from the ground, and then suddenly gushing out like it was rising from another rock crevice. From the wooden bridges, visitors can comfortably watch the clear blue water and the herd of small fish floating in the stream.

Various adventurous water games

There is nothing better when you can hang in a hammock swinging under the forest canopy, listen to the stream flowing by your side.

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Plus, you can cool off, play, fish, or row a boat under the crystal clear Nuoc Mooc stream full of big and small rocks. Under the canopy of primeval forest trees, only the sound of birdsong, the sound of flowing streams, and cool breezes will bring visitors a truly relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park Entrance Fee

Mooc Spring Entrance Fee

Nuoc Mooc Spring ticket price is divided into 2 seasons

Low season ticket prices: from January to the end of March and from October to the end of December are applied as follows:

Package service ticket: 110,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 adult (Including Stream bathing, Jumping, Kayaking, Life jackets, Paddles, Rescue). Children: 45,000 VND/ time.

Admission tickets: Adults and children from 1.3m and up 65,000 VND/ person.

Children under 1.3m in height are exempted from admission.

Mooc Spring Phong Nha Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel
Mooc Spring Vietnam Entrance Ticket

Peak summer ticket prices from April to the end of September:

All-inclusive Suoi Mooc ticket: 180,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 person (Including Stream bathing, Jumping, Kayaking, Life jackets, Paddles, Rescue). Children: 100,000 VND / child / time.

General admission ticket: 80,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 person.

Children under 1.3m will be free of charge.

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