Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park – Things To Do In Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Things to do in Ba Na hills-Culture Pham Travel

Bana Hills Fantasy Park Introduction

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park is the only indoor Ba Na Hills amusement park in Vietnam and the world. Where is Fantasy Park’s location? It is located on a mountain peak in Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort. The Sun World Group built it right on the campus of the Bana Hills resort area in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang. It is about 30 km from the city center and takes about 40-45 minutes to travel.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Things to do in Ba Na hills-Culture Pham Travel
Ba Na Hills Da Nang Vietnam – Culture Pham Travel

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park is a famous tourist destination in Da Nang known as “the way to fairyland” or “paradise on earth”. It is a place that everyone wants to visit at least once to explore and experience. Let’s explore Fantasy park Ba Na hills with Culture Pham Travel!

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

The Sun World Group built the fantasy park based on the inspiration from two famous novels by French writer – Jules Verne. Those two novels are “Adventure to the center of the earth” and “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. With a total area of 21,000 m2, Ba Na hills Fantasy park has been recognized as the largest indoor amusement park in Vietnam. Therefore, Fantasy park has international class and stature.

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel
Inside the Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park – Culture Pham Travel

They divided the park into three floors, following the boy Jules Verne and his girlfriend Claudette – the two main characters in the two works above. Besides, they arranged each floor in a different style. With ample space and creative design, visitors entering here will start the journey to conquer and explore many different types of attractive and exciting entertainment.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Things to do in Ba Na hills-Culture Pham Travel
Bana Hills Fantasy park Danang – Culture Pham Travel

You will have the opportunity to explore exciting games for children to adventure games for adolescents and adults. Hence, exploring Bana hills Fantasy park is one of the top things to do in Ba Na Hills.

Best Time To Explore Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

Since all of the games at Fantasy Park are indoors, you may visit any time of the year. However, according to the travel experience of Culture Pham Travel, visitors should come here in the summer (from March to August every year). That is when the weather in Da Nang is sunny, with little rain. Hence, exploring, visiting Ba Na Hills, and jubilantly playing at Bana Hills Fantasy Park is convenient.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Things to do in Ba Na hills-Culture Pham Trave
The outdoor game at Ba Na Hills Fantasy park

In addition, if you do not like crowds, you do not want to wait in long lines to buy tickets. And above all, save money; you can go to Ba Na hills theme park in the low season (from December to January).

How To Get To Fantasy Park Da Nang

Currently, many tour operators organize the Ba Na Hills private tour. With only a meager price, visitors will be taken care of the package, including cable car tickets, private car transfer, Ba Na hills buffet, tour guide, and play at Fantasy Park, which is very convenient and quality.

Hoi An to Bana Hills Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

On the other hand, if you want to have a private transfer from Danang/Hue or Hoi An to Ba Na hills. You may need our Hoi An to Ba Na Hills private carDa Nang to Ba Na Hills by private car, and Hue to Ba Na Hills private carAlong the way to Ba Na hills fantasy park, you can ask the driver to stop at any place to admire the landscapes and take photos or take a short break.

Ticket Price For Fantasy Park Bana Hills Danang

Fantasy Park Bana Hills is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily. In addition, the Fantasy park price is included in the Ba Na hills cable car ticket price. That is to say, when buying a cable ticket, and visitors can experience the cable car route that holds four world records.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy park-Things to do in Danang-Culture Pham Travel

Plus, travelers can admire the majestic mountains as well as visit all the places in the Bana hills. For example, there is Love Flower Garden, Debay wine cellar, French village, Golden Bridge, Linh Ung pagoda, and so on.

Paradise Of Games At Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills

Fantasy Park can meet all the entertainment needs of all ages, from funny and slight games for children to thrilling games for adults. Those games are included in the Ba Na hills entrance fee, so you are comfortable playing.

Bana Hills Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, Fantasy Park converges more than 100 games. From light games to thrilling games for adventurous and challenging people. Hence, discovering and experiencing the fantasy park in Ba Na Hills, Vietnam, is one of the top things to do in Danang city. Typical games here are:

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Things to do in Ba Na hills-Culture Pham Travel
Super speed slide game at Fantasy park Ba Na Hills

Climbing The Man – Made Mountain

If you are a fan of heights and climbing activities, you should not miss the artificial climbing game at Ba Na hills Fantasy park. This is considered an adventure game, challenging many tourists. It will give you the feeling of climbing a mountain.

Bana Hills Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

Most importantly, people were equipped with ropes and protective gear before participating. Then, you will climb a 30 m high cliff with relatively steep slopes and roughness. But you can rest assured because the arranged points grip hands and feet to help players conquer the wall.

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Each person will be fastened with a seat belt and have a caring guide when playing. This activity is not only for entertainment but also helps visitors improve their health, exercise endurance, and flexibility. However, this game requires a lot of exercises, which is quite laborious!

Free Fall 360 Ferris Wheel

The free-falling swing at Ba Na hills Fantasy Park is the tallest free-falling tower in Vietnam, up to 29m. This game promises to bring truly unforgettable entertainment moments for you.

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

If you are a strong person and like stimulating games, do not hesitate to let yourself “free fall” when playing this game! Note that this is not a game for the faint of heart with low physical strength.

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Before playing, you will sit in a chair around a circle and attach it to a large shaft. Then the staff came to fasten the seat belt and check everything. When ready, the system will control this circle to run up and down highly sensitively. It takes the player from the ground to the highest height and then releases free-falls.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

The Cog Railway Train To The Mountain

The climbing cog train belongs to Fantasy Park Ba Na hills. It is provided by Garaventay (Switzerland) and was first presented in Vietnam. Visitors can sit on this train to go to the Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, Debay wine cellar, or Linh Ung pagoda if desired.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

It will be a great feeling to experience the feeling of climbing on the side of the cliff. You also get to admire the majestic mountains of Ba Na hills resort in Vietnam.

  • Operating time: 8:00 am – 4:45 pm – there will be 1 train every 15 minutes.
  • Service time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (in peak season, serving until 6:30 pm).

Super Speed Slide Game

If you feel the indoor play area is not enough for your experience. Or if you want to find a new feeling and space, move to the outdoor area.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Fantasy park’s campus is vast, so there is a space outside for outdoor games, most notably the super speed slide game. Plus, participating visitors will be able to breathe in the fresh air and admire the view of Ba Na from a different perspective, which is very comfortable and exciting.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Therefore, this is one of the most beloved games when traveling to Ba Na Hills Da Nang, Vietnam. They designed this game like a skateboard car with two seats, players can control it to their liking, and the maximum speed is 30 km/h.

Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

Besides, the track has different slopes, and the vortex system creates undulating movements. So that is enough to give visitors a strong feeling but not too shocking. In addition, there is a solid fence around the track, ensuring absolute safety. Hence, you can rest assured when playing this game at Bana Hills Fantasy park.

Jurassic Park

Coming to Ba Na hills Fantasy park, you should not miss the opportunity to explore Jurassic park. Here, visitors seem to be transported back to 150 million years ago to see a giant world of different species of dinosaurs like the real.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

In addition to dinosaurs, you can see other ferocious animals. Furthermore, here you can also learn about the earth of previous centuries. Realistic, vivid images are sure to interest you, especially children.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy park-Things to do in Danang-Culture Pham Travel

Skiver Pilot

Indeed, when they were children, many people often dreamed of becoming a pilot and flying an airplane in the sky. When you come to Ba Na hills Fantasy park, your dream will become a reality with the Skiver pilot game.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy park-Things to do in Danang-Culture Pham Travel

This is a simulation of the journey of astronauts in space. Players will freely control the flying spaceship as they like and enjoy the feeling of adventure. At this moment, you will be transformed into an astronaut, controlling the plane in the air. They were especially listening to the strange sounds of things around them. Wow, such a delight that sense of adventure is.

Wax Museum

Ba Na hills wax museum is a favorite attraction of young people when coming to Ba Na Hills Fantasy park. It depicts celebrities worldwide, such as politicians, movie actors, singers, athletes, etc. The statues are made very delicately by the hands of Italian artisans. Lifelike wax figures give visitors the feeling of standing next to your idol.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel


For those passionate about watching movies, you should go to Ba Na hills Fantasy park. There are up to 3 cinemas for you to experience. Firstly, Mega Cinema 360 degrees is designed with the most modern and unique technology in Vietnam and the world. Therefore, it will bring visitors vivid movies like real ones.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Most especially, this technology is exceedingly rare, only available in some countries such as Japan and Korea. Thus, you will enjoy the pinnacle of art by coming to this cinema. Additionally, 4D and 5D cinemas also bring impressive movies to you.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Visiting the 4D and 5Di cinemas, you can watch movies with cutting-edge technology. When wearing 4D and 5Di glasses, the sounds and images of blockbusters are very vivid. Sometimes you even think you are the character in that movie.

Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

Skill Games

Visitors can also experience more skill games such as shooting and racing at Fantasy amusement park. These games tend to use electronic devices and computers. Hence, if you are a person who likes video games, you will like them.

Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

In addition, the game of picking up stuffed animals is also highly entertaining and dramatic, as thrilling as the adventure game. In just a short time, you have to be flexible and use your skills to try to grab the stuffed animal into the hole.

Journey Into The Earth

The whole family can play this game, so don’t forget to experience it together. The journey will take place with the cars going through the ground, where darkness covers everything, and danger lurks everywhere.

Fantasy Park Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

The most exciting thing is that you will be equipped with a special weapon to destroy anything that attacks you anytime. Let’s work together and overcome fear to conquer this challenge successfully!

Fire Hero

Children who have a dream of becoming firefighter heroes will love this game. Nothing is better than being transformed into your favorite character and driving a fire truck.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Then, using a water cannon to extinguish the fire. Most importantly, letting children try this game is a way to help them practice reflexes, agility, and vivacity.

Young Explorers

This will be a world for children between the ages of 3 and 6 that parents with young children should not ignore. When coming to the young explorer, your kids can participate in many exciting games. For instance, there are slides, climbing, wriggling through obstacles, basketball, throwing the ball, playing basketball, and so on.

Fantasy Park Da Nang-Culture Pham Travel

They all possess unique designs from countries worldwide, giving them the most excitement and safety. Hence, parents can rest assured of spending time watching their children discover their childhood world. Plus, your children will be shown and reveal many new creative skills.

Bana Hills Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

Plus, with more than 30 completely new games that require you to apply your skills fully. Thus, those games can help you prove your ingenuity and agility.

Your achievements will be recorded and accumulated. Therefore, you can immediately exchange them for an attractive gift. However, different gifts will be awarded based on the points level. That means the higher the score, the bigger your reward!

Fire Racing Track And Electric Vehicle

In the area of ​​a fire racing track and an electric vehicle playground, nearly 600 m2 (the largest in Vietnam) to help you and your family have moments of relaxation. Become a professional driver, control the car yourself, and avoid other drivers’ attacks and high speeds, like in a racing match.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park-Culture Pham Travel

In addition to those games, Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills also has countless other games that, if you have time, you should try to experience—for example, exploring the horror house, windmills, dragons and snakes in the clouds, fairy gardens, etc.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy park-Things to do in Danang-Culture Pham Travel

Notes When Traveling To Fantasy Park Bana Hills

To have a complete journey at the Fantasy park Danang – a paradise of entertainment, please note a few more things:

  • As mentioned above, in Ba Na hills Fantasy park, there are hundreds of different games, from light to thrilling. Therefore, if you do not have time to experience it all, you should consult and have a choice first.
  • Besides, there converges a lot of challenging games, adventure games, and speed games. If you are a person with health problems such as blood pressure, weak heart, fear of heights, or dizziness. Please consider before participating to ensure safety.

Culture Pham Travel

  • For families with young children, you should choose games suitable for your baby’s age. Otherwise, you can choose games for the whole family to have memorable moments together.
  • Moreover, the area of this play area is extensive. You must pay attention to each other. Especially keep an eye on the children to avoid getting lost.
  • Preparing snacks and drinks to recharge your body when playing games would be best to avoid tiredness.

Fantasy Park Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

Are you ready to enjoy exciting games at Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park? Let’s come and experience it firsthand right now! Culture Pham Travel guarantees you will want to come here many more times after your first trip. And they will be great memories in your Da Nang travel itinerary.

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