Thuy Bieu Eco Village Hue, Vietnam

Thuy Bieu Eco Village- Culture Pham Travel

Thuy Bieu Village Introduction

Thuy Bieu Eco-Village, a gentle and beautiful village located at the southwestern gateway of Hue city. It gets alluvial deposits every year by the Perfume River so that a semi-mountain area has been formed with the shape of a gourd. And the name Thuy Bieu was born from there.

Thuy Bieu Eco Village- Culture Pham Travel

Traveling to Hue, you must check in the Thuy Bieu village to listen to the echo of the green rural and enjoy the most delicious dishes made by the locals.

What to see at Thuy Bieu Village?

Not only being “embraced” by the Huong River, but Thuy Bieu is also an adjacent point of the highlight attractions such as Vong Canh hill, Tu Duc Tomb. Looking across the river is the famous spiritual Hon Chen temple. Drop your eyes from Thuy Bieu village to the other side of the river, which is the Temple of Literature, the scenic beauty of the ancient and sacred Thien Mu pagoda.

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Not only known by the peaceful natural landscapes of the countryside, but Thuy Bieu Eco-village also preserves the unique architectural monuments of the Nguyen kingdom, especially the famous Tiger arena and Elephant temple. Just stop by to take a look, you can partially recreate the fierce battles of the beasts in the past.

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Traveling to Thuy Bieu village, you will have a chance to admire the hundreds-year-old ancient garden houses. These houses all made of ironwood following the unique architecture of the Nguyen dynasty garden house with elaborate hand-carved patterns by ancient artisans.

Hue countryside

We all think that lilies are only grown in Da Lat or Hanoi. But it’s really good that this kind of flower also charming in Hue and Thuy Bieu is the only place where this flower can be grown. Wandering on the village roads, among the pristine white lily fields and green rice fields. Visitors will feel relaxed and immersed in the peaceful space of the real village.

Thuy Bieu Eco Village- Culture Pham Travel

The final highlight of the ancient village of Thuy Bieu Hue is the rich, sweet taste of the pomelo gardens. Each season of pomelo brings Thuy Bieu a rare beauty of its own.

Thuy Bieu Eco Village- Culture Pham Travel

In the spring, the white flowers of pomelo and their fragrance are lingering all day. In the summer, the green of the fruits dangling overhead or every winter, Thuy Bieu is quiet again, waiting for the sunny days. But regardless of the season, visiting the Thuy Bieu eco-village at any time will give you a sense of peace and simplicity of Hue.

How to get there?

It is very easy to travel to Thuy Bieu village, you can ride a bike, drive a scooter with helmets or taking a taxi. But if you would like to explore Thuy Bieu eco-village with other nearby attractions such as Tu Duc Tomb; Thien Mu pagoda, Tiger Arena Hue. You should book Hue City Tour by private car or Hue Countryside Tour via Culture Pham Travel.

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