The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel


In Hoi An, you may be surprised because of the ancient vibe and unique architecture of houses with red proof as well as the traditional values here. Besides the Japanese Covered Bridge, the Tran Family Chapel Hoi An is one of the most famous places in Hoi An to explore all the aspects.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel
Tran Family Home Chapel Hoian – Culture Pham Travel

Culture Pham Travel would like to introduce to you the Tran Family Chapel, Hoi An, Vietnam in today’s article. Let’s take a look!


The Tran Family Home Chapel is situated at 21 Le Loi, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam. At the same as other ancient chapels in Hoi An Ancient Town, it also belongs to the complex of Hoi An’s architectural heritage system.

Ticket Price And Opening Hours

When visiting the Tran Family Chapel Hoi An, you have to buy a ticket. The entrance fee including Hoi An Ancient Town Ticket will be a bit different between Vietnamese and foreigners.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel
Hoi An Entrance Fee and Opening Hours – Culture Pham Travel

For Vietnamese, it will cost 80,000 VND per person. International tourists have to pay 150.000 VND per person. The Tran Family Chapel opening hours are from 07:00 to 9:00 pm weekly (Mon to Sun).

Nhà Thờ Cổ Tộc Trần (Tran Family Temple) in Hoi An is not only well-known for being a worship place for Tran’s ancestors but the most ancient chapel in Hoi An hundred years old.

How To Get To The Tran Family Chapel?

There are many ways to get to the Tran Family Chapel in Hoi An. If you are in Danang City, you can book a taxi or ride a motorbike to get to the chapel. The distance from Danang City to Hoi An Ancient town is about 35km (60 minutes) to the south.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel
How to get to the Tran Family Chapel? – Culture Pham Travel

Are you the one who loves adventure? So, riding a motorbike is the best option for you. Go to the south and let’s follow National Highway 1A! About 27 kilometers, you will get to Vinh Dien street and turn left to Huynh Thuc Khang street. Then, you will reach Hoi An Ancient Town.

If you want to save time and avoid losing your way, you can take a taxi from 450,000 to 500,000 VND per car one-way. It takes about 60 minutes from Danang to Hoi An.

  • Danang to Hoi An map:

Moreover, we also provide you with private transfer service with English-speaking drivers at a reasonable price. For example, you can refer to our services after your lovely stay in Hoi An such as

The History Of Tran Family Chapel, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Plus, the Tran Family Chapel, Hoi An Ancient Town was built at the beginning of the 19th century, over 200 years ago. It was constructed under the expect of Tran Tu Nhac before going to China following Gia Long Reign’s assignment.

Tran Family Chapel Hoi An history

The Tran Family Chapel’s area is up to 1,500m2. It possesses the unique architecture of Hoi An Chapels with a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese styles.

What To See And Explore?

Unique Architecture

The first thing that makes the Tran Family Home and Chapel (Hoi An) special is its unique architecture. It has the typical style of Vietnamese aristocracy and expresses the traditional values of Vietnam. Also, its style has reflected Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese architecture.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, the chapel is surrounded by plants, flowers, and fruit trees. It is made from wood with a roof covered by pan tiles with woody columns. These columns are carved very carefully and beautifully. 

When coming into the chapel, visitors will feel the holy vibe with 2 main parts. The first part is the main worship space. There is a lavish altar having a big airy roof with a Buddha statue on the left.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel

The second one is the living room. The living room is divided into three entrances. The left door is for men and the right door is for women. And there is also a door in the center often used for Tet holidays. Moreover, you can discover the backyard with many fruit trees. Hence, don’t forget to visit Tran Family Chapel in Hoi An City Centre.

Valuable Antiquities

Moreover, the Tran Family Home and Chapel in Hoi An has a strong influence on Feng Shui when the decoration and location follow the rules and features of Feng Shui. Additionally, there are many old pictures of the Tran Family hanging on the wall corners.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel

The most particular one is a sword and a seal inside the chapel. Behind the altar, people show the antiquities which has existed for a long time since the eras of the Minh Mang King and Tu Duc King. These objects are preserved inside a glass cabinet.

Humanity Values

As soon as coming through the main door, visitors will see a doorway blocking. It is to remind the visitors to show respect to the chapel’s owners. Annually, all clan descendants will come to visit, worship, and express their respect to Tran’s ancestors.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel

Especially, when there are traditional festivals like Tet Holidays or ancestors’ death anniversaries, they always appreciate the traditional values: “Drink water, remember the source”. It is not only for Tran family members but for the whole country – Vietnamese as well.

Travel Tips

  • The price will sell the following combo for 4 places selected in the top 21 tourists attractions in Hoi An (valid only 24h);
  • If you visit the Tran Hoi An Chapel, let’s dress politely because this is the holy chapel;
  • Tourists can go by bike or on foot when getting to the chapel because it is located in Hoi An Center, which is very easy to move if you are in the city center.

Conclusion: The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An

In conclusion, the Tran Hoi An Chapel is truly an ideal place for tourists to experience the traditional values and customs of the Tran Family. Furthermore, if you would like the majestic vibe with a comfortable and calm space to bring back the piece of peace in your mind, you can get to the Tran Family Chapel Hoi An with hundred years of architecture.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An - Culture Pham Travel
Hoi An Lantern Making Tour – Culture Pham Travel

We hope that our above article can give you more information about your Hoi An City Tour. If you want to get more experience in Hoi An, you can refer to our Hoi An Street Food tour, Hoi An Lantern Making Tour, or Hoi An Walking tour to have the best schedules.

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