Tan Ky Old House In Hoi An Ancient Town

Tan Ky Old House

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An Overview

Tan Ky Old House is located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam. The front of the house faces the wide and busy Nguyen Thai Hoc street. The front of the house is also used for business. At the rear, it will be towards the Thu Bon River to facilitate the import of royal goods.

Tan Ky Old House- Culture Pham Travel
The Front Of Tan Ky Old House

The Old House Of Tan Ky In Hoi An has become a popular destination for young people. Therefore, this quickly becomes a famous check-in place you cannot ignore every time you visit Hoi An. Let’s explore it with Culture Pham Travel.

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Opening Time And Ticket Price

Opening hours: 08:30 – 17:45

Admission ticket price: 35,000 VND / person/person

Tickets are only valid for the day. And free on-site explanation and instruction fee for groups of 8 members or more.

Tour duration: about 20 minutes

How To Get To Tan Ky Ancient House In Hoi An

Before reaching Tan Ky Old House, you need to go to Hoi An before you can continue to move the following distance. The distance from Da Nang to Hoi An is about 35km in the South direction. The driving time is about 60 minutes. But there are also many ways to get to Hoi An, and which are those?

How To Travel To Tan Ky Old House

– You can ride a motorbike from Da Nang city along National Highway 1A to the south, about 27 km to Vinh Dien street and then into the center of Hoi An city.

– From the central bus station of Da Nang, with a fare of 30,000 VND / way, the driver will take you to Hoi An Ancient Town within 80 minutes.

– You can take a taxi if you want faster time, about 450,000 – 500,000 VND / time/view, it only takes 55-60 minutes.

– But the best way for you to have a great trip experience is by using our private car transfer service Culture Pham Travel. We provide many transportation services such as

Story Of Tan Ky Old House Hoi An

Tan Ky Old House was built in 1741, and this is a private house, not a government building. The owner is still living on the upper floor of the house, and the ground floor is for visitors.

Old House Of Tan Ky

With more than 200 years of age, this house has experienced many historical events and is a living witness to many events. Although it has been 7 generations living here, Tan Ky House Hoi An is still kept almost intact.

Mr. Le Cong was the first owner of the house, a Chinese-born merchant who made his fortune by trading agricultural products at that time. He used a boat to go up the Thu Bon River to the highlands to import goods and bring them to Hoi An for sale. Thanks to that, he became rich and a celebrity in the area.

He has been building the house since 1741, and the generations of his family have lived there for 7 generations. After his death, in his son’s life, the house was named Tan Ky – meaning prosperity in business.

The house was built with two doors on two sides to facilitate trading and business. In front of the house is the busy Nguyen Thai Hoc street, trading and doing business. Behind the house is the gentle Thu Bon river for convenience in importing goods.

In the 20th century, the alluvial deposition of the Thu Bon River made the estuary narrow, and large merchant ships could not enter Hoi An anymore. This led to the weakening of the once famous trading port, and the Le family was also affected, increasingly dying.

Old House Of Tan Ky

Tan Ky ancient house has witnessed many historical floods and experienced many events. In particular, the peak was in 1964, flood water flooded up to the roof of the first floor of the house, but the house was still unharmed. Up to now, Tan Ky Old House is still almost intact.

The Architecture Of Tan Ky Old House

The ancient house has 2 floors and 3 compartments built in the architectural style of interference between 03 cultures Japan, China, and Vietnam.

Japanese architectural style: The living room is built according to feng shui, five elements, Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. The tiled roof is roofed in a harmonious yin-yang style, creating a cool and airy atmosphere in the summer, while the winter is cozy and not cold.

Tan Ky Ancient House In Hoi An

Chinese architectural style: Inside Tan Ky Old House is divided into many compartments and separate rooms. Especially the house has no windows, but not so that the space is hot and stuffy. Because in the middle of the house is a skylight that makes the most of light and air.

Tan Ky Ancient House
Tan Ky Old House – Culture Pham Travel

The architectural style of Vietnam: The house is designed according to the three-room house by traditional Vietnamese style. The main highlight of the house is the truss pillars, piercing and delicately carved with typical images. For example, there are Dragons, Carp turning into Dragons, Dao Tien, Bats, and many other exquisite images carved on the pillars.

Tan Ky Old House in Hoi An

Besides, the material used to build this house is wood. Because the owner is a wealthy merchant, the types of wood used to build the house are rare woods such as ironwood and jackfruit wood. Besides, floor tiles and exterior decorative stone are bought from Bat Trang, Thanh Hoa, and young stone.

An interesting point of this old house is that no nail is used, and the columns and trusses are linked together by mortise and tenon. That unique factor attracts many TV stations to film and report.

Antiquities Inside The Old House

Besides the unique and ancient architecture, the old antiques displayed in the house have created a strange attraction for visitors when they hear anecdotes of them.

Tan Ky Old House

In Vietnam, there is only one extremely unique cup dating from the time of Confucius. According to recorded history when dating, the cup “Confucius” dates from 550-600 years ago. This cup has existed in the Le family since 200 hundred years ago.

Tan Ky Old House
Confucius Cup

This cup has a strange shape and looks straightforward, but it has a deep meaning. When the water is only filled with 8 out of 10 of the cup, the water will automatically flow out if you pour more. The goal that the ancients aimed at was that each person should control their behavior and keep their mind pure. According to the Le family, this priceless cup was bought by the great-grandfather from wealthy merchants from China and brought here to trade.

In addition to the old nostalgia in the house, the management board spends two beautiful little corners to display badges and unique souvenirs for visitors to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

Although years have passed, under the wear and tear of time, the 200-year-old Tan Ky ancient house still stands there as a witness through the ups and downs of history. Culture Pham Travel, thank you for taking the time to read our Tan Ky Old House article.

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