Vietnamese Pancake – Vietnamese Crepes

Vietnamese Pancake-Culture Pham Travel

1. Vietnamese Pancake – Vietnamese Crepes in Hue City

Vietnamese Pancake-Culture Pham Travel
Vietnamese Pancake- Culture Pham Travel

The world contains plenty of pancakes (Banh Khoai) and most people love them so much. In Viet Nam, we also have a pancake (Vietnamese Pancake or Vietnamese Crepes). It is a special fried cake only available in Hue imperial city with Vietnamese named “ Banh Khoai”. Bánh Khoái has the round shape. The cake is made from the main ingredient of lean pork, shrimps, rice flour filled on top, served with raw vegetables and Vietnamese pancake dipping sauce. Anyone visiting Hue for the first time just hearing this dish is already eager to enjoy it.

2. Vietnamese Pancake – Vietnamese Crepes Recipe

Vietnamese rice pancake-Culture Pham Travel
Vietnamese rice pancake- Culture Pham Travel

To make Vietnamese Crepes, the bakers use a small cast iron pan, a flat bottom about 15cm in diameter, 2 to 3cm thick. The ingredients for making the cake include rice flour, shrimp, mung bean sprouts, turmeric, 1 free-range chicken egg forming a paste of thick paste. Moreover, the dough phase is a very important step to make the delicious crust. Whether or not the cake is delicious depends on this stage.

Put the cast iron pan on the stove and wait until it’s hot enough. After that, add one a spoon of cooking oil into the pan, use your chopsticks to check if the oil is hot enough or not, then spread a big spoon of the flour mixture into the pan. Next, spread pancakes evenly over the surface. Normally Hue people use shrimp, chicken egg yolk, bean sprouts, pork rolls … to filling the cake. After adding the filling, close the lid and wait about 3 minutes, add green onions, wait for the yellow crust and then the pancake can be taken away.

Vietnamese Rice Pancake is delicious or not it depends on the sauce of pancakes. Hue people make the delicate dipping sauce. The sauce is made from more than 10 spices, with special ingredients including pork liver and lean milled meat with spices such as onion, garlic, roasted sesame, peanuts, soy sauce, shrimp paste

3. What does Banh Khoai taste like?

Vietnamese pancake
Hue Pancake- Culture-Pham-Travel

Vietnamese Pancake is delicious when frying is fragrant, yellow in color. Moreover, pancakes are often folded in half on a white porcelain plate. Pancakes served with small lettuce, herbs, fig, and star fruit as well. All the flavors of fat, sweet, sour, and mint flavor, etc. will blend together on the tip of your tongue, making you remember forever, impressed with this dish.

4. Vietnamese Pancake – Vietnamese Crepes Ingredients.

Hue food tour- Culture Pham Travel
Vietnamese Crepes- Culture Pham Travel

As you know, the materials to make Vietnamese Pancakes include 100g rice flour, 150g water, 1 bowl flour, 2 balls duck eggs (chicken eggs), 150g fresh shrimp, 100g grind meat, 100g live rolls (spring rolls), 50g pig liver, soup peanut, sesame, 150g bean sprouts, 100 g straw mushrooms, 10 Scallion, 1 tuber garlic, turmeric powder, and 1/2 cup soy sauce.

Plus, to enjoy Vietnamese Crepes, we always eat them with vegetables. The salad to enjoy with pancakes includes 1 acrid banana (green banana); 1 green star fruit, 1Small cucumber, 1 fig, as well as a bunch of small lettuce.

5. Where can you get the best Vietnamese Pancakes in Hue?

Hue street food- Culture Pham Travel
The best Vietnamese Crepes- Culture Pham

In Hue city, there are many places where you can get Vietnamese Pancakes. But in the real-life, many people don’t know where it is. Some questions we often have such as Vietnamese Pancake near me? Where is the best Vietnamese local food in Hue city? So, Culture Pham Travel will give you the best recommendations related to Vietnamese Rice Pancake.

The No. 1 Vietnamese Pancakes in Hue is at Lac Thien restaurant at 06 Dinh Tien Hoang Street. Another option is Hanh Local food restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue city. The last but not least is the Hong Mai restaurant at 06 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hue city. Plus, they all open from 10 am to 10 pm. The price for 1 dish/ cake is about 25,000 VND roughly 1.4 USD.

Moreover, if you not only want to taste Vietnamese Pancake (Vietnamese Crepes) but also enjoy 5 more best Hue Street Foods, you should book Hue Street Food Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

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