How To Make Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee and how to make

1. Vietnamese coffee Introduction

As you know, Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producing country in the world. Moreover, Vietnam has a rich and creative coffee culture appearing in all aspects of life. Vietnam is famous for the hustling pace of life and fairness to say that the country’s passion for coffee must be at least partly responsible for awakening its energy sources. Coffee is a huge part of the daily life of Vietnamese people. Today, Culture Pham Travel will guide you How to make the best Vietnamese coffee.

How to make coffee

2. Vietnamese coffee history

Vietnamese coffee and how to make- Culture Pham Travel

The French introduced Vietnamese coffee in 1857, with production soaring in the Central Highlands in the years following the Vietnam War. Since the mid-1990s, when the Government stepped up a large coffee production program, Vietnam has quickly become the second-largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil. One of Vietnam’s biggest exports is instant coffee, made from robusta beans that are well developed in the region.

2. How To make the best coffee?

2.1. Vietnamese coffee recipe

The best food in Vietnam

The best way to make good coffee will include the following steps: buy The best coffee beans, choose equipment and proceed with brewing. Before you go into making a passionate, bold coffee filter, please refer to how to choose a delicious coffee bean and use the right preparation equipment because these are the decisive factors to the quality of the drink.

Vietnamese coffee and how to make- Culture Pham Travel

First, it must be pure coffee not impregnated with any type of soybeans, cornstarch. It is a good preparation to proceed with making delicious coffee. You need to have a good, medium-sized filter to fit just enough 1 cup of coffee. Do not use too large filters. Sturdy grip, filter lid, and coffee squeeze must be hard, stainless steel filter is better.

2.2. How to make coffee with Coffee Filter

The coffee filter- Culture Pham Travel

To make the best Vietnamese coffee, firstly, We rinse the filter with hot water to clean, disinfect, and heat the filter. After that, we add 25gr of coffee to the filter and then place it on a ceramic cup. Then, slowly pour 30ml boiling water to cover the surface of the cafe. After 2-3 minutes, when the coffee powder has absorbed all the water, expanded evenly, compress the lid with a moderate force and then add 50ml of boiling water, cover and wait for the coffee to extract. When the coffee extraction is almost finished, press the lid firmly again to remove the remaining coffee. Gently press the lid to extract all the coffee juice.

With the same amount of boiling water and coffee, you will get about 40 – 45ml of coffee juice. How to make pure caffeine will be done when you add a little ice and sugar to the glass if you like.

2. 3. Vietnamese Coffee Condensed Milk

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As you know, some people like drinking coffee in many different kinds. From pure coffee juice, you can make various kinds of coffee such as Vietnamese coffee with condensed milkVietnamese coffee with eggVietnamese iced coffee; and Yogurt coffee, etc.

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