How Much Time To Spend in Hue?

How much time to spend in Hue?

How much time to spend in Hue imperial city? That is the common question that many tourists ask before traveling to Hue city. So How many days should you spend in Hue?

How much time to spend in Hue
How much time to spend in Hue

Is one day in Hue enough? In my personal opinion, traveling to Hue city, at least you should spend 3 day. Why should you spend 3 days in Hue?

The first, Hue city was the capital city of the Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945. So the first day you should visit some highlights (The complex of Hué Monuments – UNESCO World Heritage). It is a complex of historical monuments includes Thien Mu pagoda, Hue Citadel, Hue Royal Tombs. To visit them the best way is booking Hue City Tour 1 Day, or Hue City Group Tour – Deluxe Group Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

To answer more for the question “How much time or how many days to spend in Hue city”? As you know, when you travel to a city or a country, food is the big part and the must explore to understand the local culture. Hue was the capital city of the Nguyen dynasty so food in Hue is the best in Vietnam. As you know, a long time ago, in the morning for breakfast, the emperor had 18 dishes. Lunch 36 and dinner 18 dishes. In some important ceremonies, he had 54 dishes. Not only for eating but also seeing. So the second day in Hue, you should do the Hue Street Food Tour. 

Time to spend in Hue city
Hue foods

Hue is beautiful, poetic and famous for history, relics but also the fabulous nature. Visit Hue city, you should not skip exploring Bach Ma nation park. If you love wildlife, wild animals and nature, you should spend a day to do trekking Bach Ma National Park.  

Time to spend in Hue
Bach Ma national park

Moreover, in Hue imperial city you should spend time to visit the handicraft villages such as Sinh folk-painting village; Thanh Tien paper making village; Incense making village; Hue Bronze casting village…

There are more and more beautiful and interesting places that you should visit in Hue so at least you should spend 3 day in this beautiful city.

For more information about Private Tours/ Transfers in Vietnam, please visit Hue city Tour. If you do not know what to do in Hue city, please read the following article: Hue things to do

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